Pivot Virtual Summit

I loved being a part of this year's Pivot Virtual Summit! Weren't able to attend? Check out my presentations highlights below!

Free Your Time & Success Will Follow

– Automate, automate, automate!! Potty train your brain 🤣

– Create systems you remove decisions and reminders. Take it out of your brain and use technology to help you be more productive.
– Google Chrome is a productivity maven for productivity.
The Power of Taking Action
– Don’t be afraid of failure. It’s more important to take action than worry about perfection.
– Align your pivots with your skills. It’s not about doing something new you’re not good at. It’s about a slight shift within your skill set.
– Speak up and take action on things that are meaningful to you. No judgement – we all need to do our best to grow and excel.
Your Brand is Not a Moment in Time…Or Is it?
– Your brand must align with your core values.
– Now is a great time to sunset services or programs you don’t love and focus on services that really align with your core.
– Words are free. Share your perspective on social, your website etc so people can hear your authentic voice.
Meetings PC (Post COVID): Tech Tools for Trailblazing Times
– There are so many tools available, but the best one for you is what meets your goals and budget.
– Cyber security is more important than EVER!! Understand security attacks. Protect yourself. VPNs are a lifesaver.
– 5 layers of protection: antivirus, anti malware, VPN, password manager, 2 Factor Authentication.

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