Podcast: Creative Business Models and the Power in Knowledge with Kelly Perry

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In this episode, Angela and Kelly discuss:

· Embracing the Entrepreneur lifestyle, knowing when to take the leap of faith on your journey to your dream business.

· ROI, learning about Return on Investment, and how to educate and explore the creative mind while growing your business.

· Finding your passion in business and the benefits to starting a business. Knowing how to balance that passion and the mechanics of a keeping a business.

· Establishing your role with your clients, transparency with what your business offers and how this will benefit their desires. How this communication will prevent burnout.

· How social media can affect the expectations of your business and knowing how to lead your clients through the processes to create their desired experience.


Key Takeaways:

· Be aware of the possibility of burnout. Take care of your creativity and passion by balancing your work and being self-aware.

· You never stop learning. There is always a new, fresh perspective on an aspect of your business that you can learn about. This will help you to better present your business, work with your employees, and improve the experience of your clients.

· The effects of social media have shaped the desires and hopes of clients, creating a chance for growth in businesses. Be open minded and embrace the ideas presented to you.

· It’s important to understand the numbers in business, so that you are charging appropriately for your services. This will maintain a steady and healthy growth of the company.


“Everybody can be a business person if you want to be.” — Kelly Perry 


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