Podcast: Flourishing with Claire White of White Ink Calligraphy

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In this episode, Angela and Claire discuss:

  • How Claire began her Calligraphy business and how she got started in the industry.
  • How Claire balances her intellectual side and creative side with the type of work she’s doing as a lawyer and as a calligrapher.
  • What an invitation suite means and what the different options look like (i.e. outer envelopes, inner envelopes, spot calligraphy, etc.)
  • Challenges that Claire faces in the industry and her business and what she has learned from those experiences.
  • Tips, tricks, and things to know when working with a calligrapher.

Key Takeaways:

  • Calligraphy is an art. Every calligrapher’s hand is different. They may be able to do something similar, but it will never be identical to someone else’s.
  • It doesn’t have to be expensive to get gorgeous calligraphy. There are ways to save costs, but still get the glamour that you want from your wedding.
  • The first wedding anniversary is paper, you can do creative things with calligraphy as an option (i.e. having your wedding vows written out and framed).
  • Don’t get overwhelmed with social media. Pick one platform, post regularly, and it does work.


“Other than wedding calligraphy, I’m always looking for ways to continue serving my clients.” — Claire White 


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