How Can an Intuitive Coach Help Me?

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Have you ever thought about how nature and the moon could be working in your business? I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out! I sat down to interview, Jenny Fenig, Intuitive Business coach all about working with the cycles of the moon, lining up your message with the energy of your movement and why more saleswomen is exactly what the world needs!

In this episode, we are chatting about:
-why more saleswomen is exactly what the world needs and how to boost your confidence when it comes to selling anything.
-working with the cycles of the moon, your body and the energy of the seasons to create a magical rhythm you flow and grow with
-lining up your message with the energy of your movement to make a massive impact in the market. 

Here were my Key takeaways for y'all:
-Selling is fun
-Do less, make more (seriously)
-Building a take a stand brand

More about Jenny:
So … who am I and what fuels my fire? Wow. What a question. To sum it up, I’m the woman you’ve been searching for. I’ve walked through the fire of leadership from a young age, loss, trauma, chasing the wrong things, and trying to be someone I’m not. I have the scars to prove it.  MY WOUNDS ARE MY MESSAGE.  I am proud of the wisdom these experiences have given to me.  I have evolved from Florida beach girl to corporate superstar living the New York City go-go-go life to unemployed (yet happy!) yogi to 6-figure coach and spiritual brand strategist living in the quiet, cultured country of the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.  I help you get clear on what you’re here to do, who you’re here to help, and how to design your business, brand and offers to help more and have more.  Doing the inner work is critical to this mission. When you go all in on this, OMG you’ll be blown away at what’s going to happen for you.  No more barely squeaking by. No more saying YES when the answer is NO. No more saying NO because you’re scared. No more dimming your light.  When you hang with me, you embrace the fullness of your destiny. You revel in the magic that is YOU. More peace, more opportunities, more clarity, more adventure, more connection, more truth, more impact, more money.  My tribe is filled with movement-makers, rule-breakers, activists and creatrixes … coaches, authors, experts, consultants, teachers, fitness pros, healers, therapists, creatives, executives, network marketers and side hustlers committed to making an impact in this beautiful world.

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