Podcast: Know Your Worth and Marketing with Media with Matt Andrews

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In this episode, Angela and Matt Andrews discuss:

·        How the introduction of social media has changed the process of learning and making connections in the creative world.

·        How do you pick the best person for the job you are looking to have done, what kind of research you should do to make the best choices.

·        How social media has affected the marketing of businesses with creative aspects, how to demonstrate the need for your company and its services in your social        media marketing.

·        Understanding how pricing changes with the increase of demand for services. Knowing how marketing improves this demand.


Key Takeaways:

·        Social media is shaping how we advertise our businesses as creatives. It has changed how we approach, explain and market our skills.

·        Learning how to maintain deadlines and make sure that those deadlines are met is critical for the relationship between you and your clients.

·        Time blocking allows you to maintain a schedule that is doable and helps to prevent burnout while keeping deadlines and producing quality work.

·        Know your own value. Don’t be afraid to voice your worth and show that your service is the best there is to offer. Be confident!


“You’ve gotta be positive!” — Matt Andrews 


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