Podcast: Marquie Young reviews the book “Empowering Yourself”

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We are so excited to have Literary Advisor, Marquie Young on this episode of Business Unveiled, where she shares her thoughts and analysis on the book Empowering Yourself. Keep reading for an overview of this episode!

*The People Game: It’s all about people; the people you know, the way others perceive you, how you learn to use the people around you to your advantage

*Reading the Environment: Know what is expected

*PIE: Performance – The Entry Ticket-10%

– Doing well is important, but working hard will only get you so far

*Image: 40%

– Think the first 20 seconds of an interview, how you look, what the interviewer sees as you walk in… matters

*Exposure: 50%

– Who knows you are there, are those people influential? Make sure you are seen, but since Performance and Image matter; make sure you are doing a good job and that you look the part (or that others think you look the part)

*The Game Board:

– Whoever is at the top makes the rules

– We live in a class system, 7 classes:

7-old money (think Kennedys, Rockafellers)

6-new money (famous people, athletes, movie stars)

5-SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS, professionals (lawyers/doctors)

For our purposes the 4-6 levels matter most. Moving from working for someone to working for yourself, to (our favorite) working for your business not “in” your business. For this delegation is key, especially for small business owners. You have to make time to get your 50% exposure by delegating tasks (even personal ones) to others. i.e. neighborhood kid to mow your grass.

4-company managers

– Your ability to learn the rules within each class matter if you are change your position. This can be learned and you must be willing to change and adapt.


*Game Skills:

– set goals

– control your emotions

– delegate – it will allow you to free time that is needed for activities that can help move you toward your goals

– Plan


– the ability to influence

– Position Power

– Knowledge Power

– Charismatic Power

– Power by Association

*Why Are Rules Important:

– You are immediately in the game

– You need to know the rules early and parents typically teach but mentoring is important also

– If you do not understand the rules to the game, to each class, to your organization; you will not be able to advance.

*How to Learn the Rules of Your Organization

Reading the Environment

– Observe

– Question – without being intrusive

– Interpret

– Adapt (to the rules you have learned)

*The Challenge:

– The game isn't fair, you not only have to know the rules but be willing to take the risks required to advance. If everyone could be at the top of their perspective pyramid then it would be fair but not everyone knows or learns the rules, thus, they cannot advance.

– You are in control, set the right goals, go for them and never stop growing.

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