Podcast: Mentorship Partnerships – How, Why and What to Look For with Kimberly Allen and Jennifer Charles

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Back when I started my first business, mentors did not exist, it wasn't cool to share your knowledge or best business practices, social media didn't exist. It truly was fall on your face, get up, brush yourself off, and do it all over again until you find a better way.

A whole decade into my business I finally was introduced to my first mentor, and it changed EVERYTHING! He was like 80 years old and ran nursing homes and I was like what the hell is this old man going to teach me about business and the creative industry? Now that I'm another decade in, I am older, wiser and I have more life experience, I totally get it now!!

In this episode, Kimberly Allen and Jennifer Charles, Chief Experience Officer and Chief Creative Officer for Something Fabulous Event Management & Design share roles as a mentor, how mentorships help grow a business and how to mentor and be mentored.

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