Podcast: Quality Experiences for a Quality Life with Leah Weinberg

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In this episode, Angela and Leah discuss:

·        How prior careers give strengths to new business building.

·        Understanding the pros of non-refundable deposits.

·        Making the time for your clients to give them quality experiences.

·        The creative expression in finding your brand.

·        Venues and organization for location.

·        Pop-up shops.


Key Takeaways:

·        Business building is always a learning process, regardless of your background.

·        Research is a core principal to a happy and healthy business.

·        Making good connections with venues can shape the entire experience.

·        Helping your clients build a good understanding of their budget allows for trust and better planning.


“There are so many things coming at you, but you have to take a breath and then go step by step.” — Leah Weinberg  


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