Podcast: Sharing Valuable Experience and Helping Others with Christy and Michelle

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In this episode Angela, Christy and Michelle discuss:

*Being as universal as possible

*Discovering what you’re good at, you may surprise yourself!

*Putting the good into the universe

*Finding unique content that appeals to listeners


Key Takeaways:

*Be open and accessible to your audience and engage with your listeners

*Share your experiences to help others learn

*Be sure to be authentically you

*Don’t engage in negativity, stay positive!


“The Big Wedding Planning Podcast's mission is to bring real, honest, experience-based advice to the masses in a grounded, accessible, and entertaining way. We don't judge, we don't shame, we don't discriminate and we don't fan the flames of impossible expectations. We believe a wedding should be an expression of love, and we believe wedding planning can be fun!” – Christy & Michelle


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