Podcast: The Power of Personalized, Local Gifts with Shelia Horvath

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In this episode, Angela and Shelia discuss:

  • How Shelia got into the gift box/bag industry and how she made it into a business.
  • How personalization and customization set HeavenlyTreats4U apart from other companies.
  • What local products means and how Shelia uses them in their gifts.
  • The growth of HeavenlyTreats4U and the upcoming exciting things in happening in the industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Find a strategy to be able to multiply and expand your business without over stretching yourself.
  • Know what your budget is – that is, ultimately, the place to start.
  • Find your niche – even in the wedding industry. Find your talents, find your niche, and run with it.
  • You can be resilient no matter what the situation is.


“We are always searching for something to set us apart from whoever is around us. I just keep focusing on what I’m doing and making my clients happy.” — Shelia Horvath


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