Podcast: The Power of Simplifying and Networking with Chelsea Foster

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In this episode, Angela and Chelsea discuss:

-Simplifying and automating in the wedding industry.

-Using the grid method to figure out what to outsource. There is a benefit to letting go. You don’t have to do everything yourself.

-The importance of digitizing to make sure your clients can be taken care of should anything happen.

-The power of in-person relationships in a digitized media world.


Key Takeaways:

-Evaluate everything – where are you struggling, what tasks do you procrastinate – and figure out what can be outsourced or automated.

-Step back, get organized, and think ahead. Don’t try and do everything in one fell swoop.

-To build your workflows, just write down what you’re doing on a project.

-Find conference options that focus on what you want to learn more of, no matter where you live, and take advantage of the networking sessions.


“Having systems in place – it changes everything.” — Chelsea B. Foster 


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