Rave: Cathy & Darren


There are not enough “thank yous” on the planet to convey our appreciation for your help in making our wedding perfect. Every time I turned around you were going above and beyond what we expected of you.

I could tell in the first ten minutes of meeting you that you were professional and had passion for your work. I quickly found that in addition to that, you are extremely hard working and caring. You should be extremely proud of who you are and the job that you do. You have made a great name for yourself!

If there is ever anything I can do for you, please, don’t hesitate to ask. Darren and I miss you already!

Cathy and Darren


Boo wishes she could write this, but she is running a little late. So you will get my version.

She cannot express how thankful she is for all you have done for her. Every time I talked to her about planning the wedding (which was very frequently) she explained the situation, then was so grateful! You took away so much stress that this planning part became fun and enjoyable for her. The change in her tone from the day before she hired you to the day after was so amazing. Thank you for that.

Also, thank you for being her friend. Going to the YMCA with her, taking care of her dress at the White Room, shoving 100 welcome bags into your little bitsy car, I could go on and on.

She is sad that this day has come because she will not have a reason to talk with you anymore. So, the long and short of it all is THANK YOU a million times over!

Liz, Sister of Bride

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