Angela & Marley’s Pricing and Productivity Webinar


I strongly believe in continued education no matter where you are in life. I am 4.5 years into owning my own business and each year it seems to lead into new and exciting ​opportunities. I follow both Marley and Angela's business and have admired their work for quite some time. To hear the two were pairing up rocked my world and I couldn't sign up fast enough. These two ladies are ROCKSTARS! They will not only listen to your vision and desires for your business, but help create systems and structures that are easy to understand and implement. One of the biggest things I appreciated from both of them was their brutal honesty — I feel like we are in the industry of sugar coating. Everyone wants to paint a pretty picture of perfection and no one talks about the cold hard facts – Are you working efficiently? Are you making any money?? Marley broke down my hourly rate and I almost choked on my coffee. That is the just the butt kicking I needed. I have always known the importance of setting boundaries and limitations but when you put it in terms of income and profit – my brain seemed to hear things differently. I am 100% confident in my planning approach and pricing – confidence is the key to closing the sale. Thank you to Marley and Angela for all the advice and guidance you've given me. This process was wildly successful for me and things are only continuing to get better!

Danielle Papania

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