Gigi (Past Intern)

Today I will take the time to thank one of the best wedding planners in the industry. Starting a wedding planning business was always my dream! When I was six years old I knew I was born to be a wedding planner. As a result, six years ago, I set out to plan weddings. Before my appearance on national television I was using my natural talents and passion to create & orchestrate many weddings & events. Gratefully, I not only had the opportunity to be on network television but with that I was able to form a relationship with someone I will cherish for the rest of my life! That person is Angela Proffitt. Many industry professionals would never give someone the opportunity she gave me. She poured so much into me; always with an open heart and ready to educate! Even though I was experienced before working with Angela, she made sure I learned something new each and every day.

Angela taught me that it is ok to be “orange” and push the limits with ideas that many would call crazy and far-fetched. Angela taught me that it is ok to be nice, a “Yes Person” and that I shouldn't be ashamed to always go above and beyond. From the beginning Angela & Alison made it known that they were there to teach me and they did so much more than that. Angela and Alison made my experience in Nashville with Vivid Experiences one of my greatest yet. Angela always made sure I learned the business side of things; she took me to networking events, introduced me to industry professionals, and put me in contact with the awesome Julie Albaugh of Wedding Market News! So today, I dedicate my blog to give a special thank you to Angela Proffitt for teaching me to be comfortable using my natural talent, creativity and personality!

As Jay-Z says, “we all have genius level talent we just have to find out what we’re genius at and apply ourselves in a way that supports that genius.” Event planning is my mine and everyday I am blessed with the opportunity to wake up and do what I love. Whatever you aspire to do and be is possible, just work at it. However, success does not only come from hard work and passion; don’t be afraid to reach out to a professionals you look up to and ask them for advice or to shadow. While many professionals are not as open, you will find someone who is confident and kind enough to support your journey. Find someone who inspires you to reach your highest potential. Mentoring is a way of leaving your imprint on the world. Thank you Angela, for inspiring me and pushing me to be the best I can be and leaving your imprint on my mind and my heart. I look forward to what's next!

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