Rachel & Jim at Schermerhorn Symphony


There are no words to describe that wedding. You're amazing. Our friends and family were overwhelmed by the beauty of that day. The photos are stunning, even the ones taken with cell phone cameras, so the professional ones will be out of this world. Rachel and Jim were so precious, and your planning made it possible for them to take everything in and enjoy every moment. We, along with our family and friends, felt honored and blessed to have been a part of it. Thank you for helping us with the rehearsal dinner–you went above and beyond, and we can't thank you enough. You are truly talented, and the work you do brings so much joy to people's lives. It was a pleasure to have worked with you!

You made everything so easy for me. I wish you could hear all the comments I hear every day about this wedding. One friend told me that the cocktail hour was so beautiful, that she thought she had seen it all, but then as they walked into the hall, she and people all around her were gasping as they got their first glance. She said it was like seeing fireworks. Anyway, the wedding was truly like a dream, as my daughter describes it. It went by so quickly and we didn't want it to end. And we'll be reliving it forever with the photos and video….Just hope you know how much we appreciated how lovely it was. You are truly amazing.


Ellen Darter
Mother of the Groom

Photo: Kristyn Hogan

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