Rave: Lindsey & Zach (Wedding Wire)

This woman is a God send, and is the only person I have met who could pull off what she does.

Responsiveness: Regardless of what she has going on, she's always accessible. She worked hard to make sure I knew she was there for me when I needed her.

Professionalism: Angela has the perfect balance of establishing a professional and personal relationship with you. I felt like she was someone who would go to bat for me and would do anything she could to make the day amazing. And it was MORE than amazing. It was perfect. People commented all night on how they would watch her, and that she was so on top of her game the entire night. I never had any doubt of this, and it was nice to see that my guests recognized the hard work she was putting into the party. I actually cried at the end of the night because I was just overcome with gratitude.

Value:  I was one of those brides who really thought that I could do this on my own. I WAS WRONG. SHE WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY. One thing we regret the most was not having her just do the whole thing. It really would have been worth it. Also, when you work with Angela, you have access to the most amazing vendors in the entire world. They are amazing, and will make your day perfect. Yes, you are able to work with them without Angela, however you will never get the same result. It is evident to me that they are all close friends, and with it comes great communication on their part. Angela brings it all together. The value of her product is priceless.

Flexibility: I changed things right up until the day of. Angela had absolutely no problem with this. She was so amazing. Literally, I would ask her if something was possible, and she'd always be able to make it happen. Wow, I just can't say enough. Really.

I saved Quality of Service for last because I feel like all of the other things tie into that.  Absolutely the best wedding planner in the world. I mean it. Angela, I cannot thank you enough for what you did for us. Zach, myself and our parents spent the entire day today talking about how amazing it was, and what a privilage it was to have you as our wedding planner. We all cannot thank you enough. We will keep trying though! 🙂

To anyone who is thinking of hiring this amazing woman, don't think about it for one more second. Just do it. You will never regret it.

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