Project Success Webinar
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A few months ago, the Event Planners Association and I hosted a webinar to help other planners become more productive by using the right technology and communicating efficiently with their clients and their teams. Below is an email we received from one of our listeners, Ivy Hattem. Thank you so much Ivy for your kind words!
Hi Angela,
My name is Ivy Hattem and I listened in on your Project Success webinar presentation this afternoon.  I wanted to personally thank you for all the insightful information, especially regarding all those apps.  I really appreciated how you simply explained each one's purpose and how it was relevant to a planner's daily needs.
Additionally, your “Communication with Colors” system really resonated with me. It struck me as a foolproof way to connect with all types of clients, especially in an industry where brides seem to select a planner based on how well both parties “click”. It also stood out as a fantastic hiring tool, with information gleaned from how candidates fill out a job application or accompanying quiz.  You could use an infographic of all the “colors” in your office and see how the candidate would fit in.
Thank you again for taking the time to give us your insight. I wish I lived near Nashville so that I could shadow you for a weekend and learn more!
Kind regards,

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