Six Essential Ways to Take Your Planning Business to the Next Level

TimeLine Genius has just announced the launch of their Wedding Industry Insider podcast series, and I had the privilege to be their first guest.

If you’re a wedding planner and you’re looking for ways to build your business, you're going to love my interview!

When it comes to understanding marketing, business and technology, I have a level of combined expertise that I’ve rarely found in our industry. And in this interview, I share my expertise and give you actionable ways to improve your planning business.

If you listen to my interview, you’ll learn all of the following (and more!):

-Six essential ways to take your planning company to the next level
-Why communication is a crucial aspect of the planning business
-How you can use personality profiling to get more clients and give them better service
-Three apps you should start using immediately (if you’re not already using them)
-Two books you should read ASAP if you’re running your own planning business

To hear my interview, you can visit the Timeline Genius blog. Or even better, you can subscribe to their podcast in iTunes.

Thank you to Timeline Genius for having me!

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