Special Series – Weddings Unveiled

Welcome to a special series of Weddings Unveiled. This year has flown by and I am so excited to share something incredibly special with you . Let me start by saying thank you for listening in. You’re going to notice a few changes, things are going to look a little different and sound a bit differently too. Because of your amazing feedback, I wanted to do something outside of the box.

The next 11 episodes are going to be candid, topical and real. I’ll start with a snapshot into my 20 year old self and share exactly how I went from working in the Healthcare Industry to planning and designing personalized events, facilitating productivity workshops, publicly speaking, attracting my ideal clients, growing my business and most importantly, doing what I love- FULL time!!

I share these little nuggets of knowledge to serve as inspiration on your journey and to remind myself of how far I’ve come. There will be lots of laughs, some WTF moments, and those “aha – got it” moments. This is for you and I am so excited to be part of your journey. I see you, you’re amazing, now let’s start!


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