Thank you! AIFD Symposium

It was an honor speaking on “How To Be More Productive & Profitable in Business” at the AIFD Symposium that took place in Washington, D.C. Thank you to John Kittinger and Suzanne (Suzie) Kostick for inviting me to be a business leader at the Impact Business Session. They planned for well over a year and it certainly showed as it was put together so well.  I loved being part of the panel moderated by BB Webb as well, with other creative leaders like Shawn Foley, Patience Pickler, Ian Prosser. Loved seeing Tiffany Chalk, who also spoke.  I had lots of great feedback from other business owners there that now know they are “normal”! LOL!   Thank you for helping navigate Laura Parker and Susan Ishkanian and for helping with book sales!  Rachel Schley was awesome in helping with registration, and Kristen Philips with all the contracts .  I know it takes a village to do these symposiums and you all have a wonderful team. I met some amazing and talented people! I even met someone else that uses InfusionSoft, which is SO rare and had a non planned lunch, that was awesome! This was my first time to D.C. where I made time to see the White House; and I even challenged President Trump to take on the ice bucket challenge take 2 (for my sister), but he’s too busy tweeting and running the country I guess. Overall nugget that helped others, using the APP, Marco Polo! Try it. It’s FREE. It will change the way you communicate! Forever!

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