The Best Method to Seating Your Guests

Planning a wedding or event? Wondering what is the best method to seating your guests? Is it important for you that you create a welcoming environment for your friends and family? If you are having a seating chart this can be a blessing and also challenging to place everyone in the “perfect” spot.

We have established a process that we find works well for our clients to create a stress free solution to seating your guests.

The first step is the gather all of your RSVPs once you have your final numbers of who can attend you can begin the next step!

For step two we are throwing it back to the time tested method of using poster board and sticky notes. We have found this is the best way to visualize your guests. First outline your floorplan and where the tables will be placed on your poster board, next write a sticky note for each name or couple. The sticky notes act as a temporary placement for guests and can be moved around as needed before the placements of guests are finalized. This can be used for seating charts that are simply table assignments as well as for more complex table and seat assignments.

Once you have everyone placed at your tables and you are pleased with the outcome you can begin to record your guests in a spreadsheet organized by table. You can customize this spreadsheet and add in color coded dietary restrictions and any additional notes specific to each guest.

This is a proven simple method to seating your guests, give it a try and let us know how it helps you!

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