The Driven Woman Podcast

The Driven Woman Podcast

I am so excited to have been a guest on the Driven Woman Podcast with Diann Winger! In this episode we talk about Leveraging ADHD as a Serial Entrepreneur. Learn more in Diann's show notes below:

Today I am joined by Angela Proffitt,  who describes herself as “a southern gal with a potty mouth” (so you know I was taken with her instantly) and is the founder and CEO of Angela Proffitt, LLC a consulting firm out of Nashville, Tennessee.  Angela is a productivity consultant, speaker, author, online course creator, podcaster, 8-figure serial entrepreneur, AND a driven woman with ADHD.

Her story is full of twists and turns, good luck, and bad choices, but what is most impressive to me about Angela is her mindset and how she made over her life from being a total workaholic on the verge of burnout to one where she is in control of her time, energy, clients, and money.

Angela Proffitt just may be one of the most inspiring women I’ve met, with or without ADHD, and whether you are an entrepreneur or not, you will learn a ton from this conversation.


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