The importance of staying true to who you are and how you want to grow
  • November 10, 2022
  • GSD Creative

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As we begin to wrap up our series of lifelines, we will be chatting about years 25-30 and how those years were crucial to learning about who we are and want to grow into. We talk about life in business and personal life and how at times it can get a little crazy but sometimes the best lessons are learned and memories  are made in the process. 

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  • The importance of staying true to who you are and who you want to be
  • Always being open to learning more about yourself and renewing your mindset
  • You grow as you go and experience more


Embrace the memories you have made

Be proud of the steps you have taken to get to where you are

Time is precious


Okay, after a quick detour to be a circus
act, we'll split for you 25 to 30.

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I'm 28. So this is about three years of time. I'll be 29 in about six months. A lot of reflection happening nowadays. But I will say one of the biggest things is, you know, 25, we just had like a lot of events and stuff going on. I feel like you were so we were so busy that year. And yeah, I would say all my focus was just on what we were doing. And then of course, just like everybody else, COVID happened in 2020, I was 26. And I will say one of the biggest blessings. And I don't know that all of my family would agree with this, but my grandfather was sick. And the last trip I took was in February, he of 2020, he passed away. And it was kind of sudden, because we didn't really know how sick he was. That was not something that he really shared with us. But I will say stubborn. Anyway. I will say one of the biggest blessings of that is if he was going to go and 2020 I'm glad that he did when he did because our family was able to come together and have the funeral and be together. Because it was before the world shut down. And so yeah, in 2020, we just kind of you know, it was an unknown for everybody. There's also a lot of like, personal stuff happening with me and like, people I was dating and just not good situations. And so it was a lot of just learning about myself. And I would say that I have learned a lot about myself in the last two years especially, really majorly taught me about some core things as far as trust and belief systems and true colors. Not everybody is who they say they are. And we'll just leave it at that. I don't think that I really had ever like I've always been so go go go. My mom calls me the Energizer Bunny. And just like everybody else, I think that you know, COVID gave me an opportunity to slow down and like yeah, and to really figure out who I am, what I want, what my beliefs really are. What I'm willing to bend on what I'm not willing to bend on. Yeah, this year has just been, I can't believe it's the end of July. Like it's it's crazy. Like we've, we've done so much. I mean, you've hardly been here. But we've still done so much. And yeah, I mean, we're rockin I mean, it's, it's great and personal life is great. I'm dating a wonderful person now who's very, we're very good for each other. And it's very accepting me of each other. And I will say the number one thing that I appreciate about him is patience. So thank you for the next couple of years. And Tom 30. I don't know. Like we'll see what happens what's in store. There's some personal things that in two years if we do another lifeline I'll let you know if they panned out. But I'm just excited for the future and just things that are coming up and just growth in life and personal life and business and in everything so I'm just excited for it and I don't have any expectations. I just want to live a happy healthy and life full of love and memories and people that I love so much so yay. Okay. Oh my god. We're gonna call this interlude in the sunset. Do some spins it Sure feet, do some spins it your feet, get the heat off of them. Do some dance moves, Shake that booty.
So 25 to 30 Oh, there's just so much. Okay. So I was married on paper, but he was in our rack. I still taught gymnastics, I still worked at the hospitals therapist. I think I taught aerobics and a few classes at the hospital gym as well. And then I had this wedding planning business was just for fun and turned into this huge business. And so I think by the time I was 25, I had, I don't know, we were doing so many events. And it's like, I started to hire my friends and that we went through a recession. During that time, I was in the middle of building a second house. Kind of by myself. I got Lily and Pepe. I became a mom, a dog, mom.
I became a dog mom at 18. He is the first freaking love of my life. Do y'all want to see him?
So much love that she loved?
And he's so cute. Look at that baby. He is so good.
He's so cute. But of course, yeah, Lily and Pepe, there are mascots, yeah, became a dog, mom. And I moved into new house, and just kept growing the business. And then I think the biggest transformation for me during that time is one of my best friends Blake who owns a lighting company that lights all of our events. We just kind of started in the industry together and like grew up together in the industry. And a lot of people thought that we were like, together or dating or there was like some secret because like he was married and I was married at the time. And like, no, Blake and I were literally best friends like, this is what how, you know, it just your mindset sets you apart. Men and women can be friends. When it comes to entrepreneurship, and you bring value to each other's lives, men and women can have relationships and truly be friends or business partners. I mean, why does everyone think that? You know, anyway, I just I don't get it. So he kept telling me about this entrepreneur group, and I'm like, I don't have time. And he just wouldn't, wouldn't shut up. And at the time I was I was in so many different, you wouldn't shut up? No, he wouldn't shut up about it. There were so many organizations I was in so many boards I was on and one of my mentors said, What purpose? Are all of these organizations? How are they bringing value? Like, what purpose does it serve, and it really made me think, oh, shit, because it feels really good to bring value, right? Like and when you start to becoming like hoarding yourself as an expert, and like you've had more than a decade, more than 10 years experience like I don't know, but finished up on my terms. And I got out of everything, because it wasn't really bringing me value. And I started catalyst, which is like the pre program before you do EO which is an entrepreneur organization. And it's an 18 month commitment, and you can't miss any classes and you can't miss your forum. And it's very strict. And this was right around the time, our town flooded in 2010. And that was very 2010 was a very pivotal year for me, personally and professionally because that's the year that I plan Kelly Pickler is wedding, we were doing TV show for TLC, and a month before the wedding, which it was like a Christmas wedding. She's like, I don't want to do this anymore. I want to go to a private island where no one knows who the fuck I am. And it's about me calling God and she's like, I'm so sorry, I know, you're gonna be angry. And I'm like, no, no, why would I be angry? Like, I don't think this is you either. So and that was really important to them that they stay true to who they were and not fake it for TV. And I really respect that. Because I feel the same way. I don't give a shit about being on TV. But if it's going to be impactful and educational and a little entertaining with a little fun drama, always. You know why? Like, yeah, if you can reach people with the right kind of message and help people Hell yeah, you know, blast it on on TV. But I didn't even know what a private island was y'all. So like, I've been to a conference. Thank God and send out some emails and And somebody knew somebody who knew somebody from this conference I'd been at. And it was New Year's Eve. And somehow we got there, me the video God photo. And then and that's it. And that changed my life because it was this little bitty private island, there were like 18 estate homes, and she looked at me as the fireworks were going off New Year's Eve. And she's like, we're the poorest motherfuckers on this island. Because everyone on the island was like, one of the founders of Google and his yacht, and the Prime Minister of England and George Foreman, and like, really, really successful, successful people internationally, international success, and no one really knew who she was. So it was it was really fun. But I learned a lot about customer service. And the staff everybody kept asking like, How are you so chill and calm because wedding planners get a bad rap. Like, they're like, Wait, you're not crazy. But that, that kind of kicked off my consulting career for like teaching the psychology methodology that everything we do is foundational on with communication. And I started like sharing. And that's when I really started speaking to but also with the business, our town flooded. And at that month, we had eight displaced weddings, it was a fucking nightmare. And I had just made the decision to completely to leave my healthcare job, I could always go back. But I left that to go on and do Kelling house wedding. And then when the show didn't happen, you know, some people can have the mindset of like, oh my god did they realize like, I love my entire healthcare career for you and your stupid TV show. But like, that's not the mindset that I have. It gave me the opportunity and the confidence to jump. And I always knew that I could go back to that if I needed to, or I could like Teach gymnastics forever until I kept breaking shit. But there's always something that you can fall back on. And it's like, you just have to take risks sometimes. And the really messed up thing is, I didn't tell anybody. I didn't talk to my parents. I didn't talk to my husband who was fighting for our country. And then I fought for divorce. Because I knew that wasn't going to work. Like we were just so different. I mean, FaceTime, zoom, texting, no, that should existed. But even if it did, it wouldn't work. Like we're just such different people. And I mean, he's a he was a good guy. And he's married, I think as kids now and I'm very happy for him, but it just wasn't for me. And that's okay. So this is 25 to 30. Right? Yeah, I think by the time I was around 30 I was about to sell my house. And I sold everything. And I moved downtown to the icon to condo and downsize. And I just wanted to get away from the everyday life of the white picket fence. And like that I started traveling a ton and speaking mainly just to like, be away from like, all the bullshit and all the drama. I was being followed by undercover PR, they were like taking pictures of me with like mail. Like trying to show me doing something right. It was clients, you know, or vendors or, I mean, I had no relations with with any of those people. And so it was just nasty. Um, and there was no, there was no reason for it to be nasty. But I was so disconnected it had there was no emotional ties to it at all. So it was just fine. But it's still, you know, kind of sucks. I think that's all when I was 30. I mean, because then from there, it's the next lifeline. That's it for this week's episode of business unveiled. Now that you have all the tools that you need to conquer the world and GSD get shit done. 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