The Power of Detoxing
  • July 21, 2022
  • GSD Creative

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Everyone knows that detoxing is good for you, but what benefits does it actually have? Detoxing can help improve your mood, increase your energy, and boost your immune system. It can also help you lose weight and keep your body healthy. 

I’m excited to welcome guest, Tim James, Owner & CEO of Chemical Free Body who will be sharing all about the power of detoxing & gut health, therefore improving sleep, as well as, reducing pain and inflammation naturally.


  • The power of detoxing & gut health
  • How to improve sleep naturally
  • How to reduce pain & inflammation naturally


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Tim James is one of those guys that will leave you feeling younger and more energetic just by hearing him speak. His passion flows out of him like a fresh waterfall in a dry desert. He’s turning 48 but feels like he’s 18 (with more energy!) What’s his secret? Tim’s journey led him to a shocking discovery which helped his friend beat cancer and transform every area of his life. Feeling charged with a duty to help others he started sharing his knowledge with anyone that would listen. This led him to producing his own chemical free food products. was born. His story will have you laughing, crying and gasping but most importantly he will give you the recipe to a longer, happier and healthier life.


Hi, y'all. It's Angela, I'm back for another episode of business unveiled. I'm so excited for our guest today. We have been chatting it up, I probably should have been recorded a long time ago. But I mean, we just went right in for it. And you as you can see, if you're watching this, it says health hero in the background. And if you listen to me and follow me and some of my team members, we have some really interesting health journeys. And we like to just learn everything that we can, because some of these things that we've learned from not doctors have been really life changing. And so if you have any thing health wise, you're going to want to listen, or you're gonna want to watch today.

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So Tim James, welcome. Welcome to Business unveiled. Hey, Angela, thanks for having me on here. And thanks for listeners for showing up. And as always, my goal is to give them something tangible, they can take action on and get results in their life. That's why we're here. Absolutely. And I love this because it's so timely, because there's so much in the media about food and about chemicals and pills. And people think it's just, there's so much marketing, and I am a marketer, and I know I can sniff out a scheme a mile away, right? So it's just but I love learning from people's personal journeys. And I'm going to bet that you have some type of a personal journey that led you into becoming the brand the healthy route. So what is it?
Well, I grew up over in Eastern Oregon, on a small cattle on a farm so like, I got a lot of common sense growing up and
I played baseball at high level.
Like I went to college here. Let's see what else you know, we had a big garden I was at nature, I was cutting firewood I put myself through college doing that. So entrepreneur,
early age, which was pretty cool. I'm like, I get my own apartment and get out of mom and dad's house. And I did just cut some firewood so that was cool.
You know, I just like being outside it was in the woods lot. I really enjoyed nature. But then you know, let's fast forward I'm 37 years old, I got two kids a wife and mortgage and all this stuff and I'm coaching basketball and and when I left my gym and moved across town, I left my like support group and I just kind of faded and that was like I gained the weight again was 42 pounds. I had eczema on both of my elbows. I had a huge patch of eczema on my knee. My brain wasn't working. It was like foggy.
I had acid reflux really bad. So I think Tums and Rolaids 24/7 doctor wanted me going Fila sack and take other things and I just never took I just sounded weird. milliseconds. I just I just I'll stick to the Tums and Rolaids.
Yeah. And then then it got worse. Then, you know I started bleeding rectally when I pooped. So that was a problem. That's why if your audience can see my shirt says, love when you poop, right that's
available in the swag store. But
because pooping for me was not fun. It was a painful experience, followed by blood. And that went on for about two and a half years and I'd look at it.
Hope that goes away. And some of the medications it was funny one of the medications for my problem. One of the side effects was rectal bleeding. It's like what are you talking about? Like I already have that I'm not going to take that just I just for thank God I stopped I stayed away from those synthetic drugs. But I still had problems and I didn't know what was going on. I tried high fat, low fat diet, high protein, high carb, low carb. I mean I tried all kinds of stuff. I even tried juicing but I was juicing like carrots and beets and sugary stuff and I didn't lose any weight. So a couple months later, the juices recovered. Finally on a vacation to Northern Peru.
I'm doubled over in pain and on a boat and we're fishing trip out in the sea and her dad who is my wife's dad was with us it was the first time he'd ever taken a vacation. 30 years by the way. He was a medical doctor who had a whole bunch of clients and when he got an opportunity to run a hospital he took
Good, but the quiet clients won't allow him to fire them. A lot of them are like, No, you're still my doctor. So he's like literally doctoring these people and running a hospital now. So he doesn't eat any any. You just work 24/7. So this is his first vacation. And he's like, Oh, we have to get you to the hospital. So we went to the airport, but we missed the one plane flight out of there a day because it's very remote by 2030 minutes. He's like, we can't wait. You could die. And I was like, Oh, listen, good. I'm like bent over to 90 degree angle walking. I can't walk erect. I'm in tremendous pain. I'm sweating. So we rented a van and drove through the middle of the night. And it's bumpy as rode to a town called pura. And let me tell you what, Angela, this, this ride was the most, it was the most miserable experience in my life. It was six hours of bump, bump, bam, bam. And every time a pothole in there was like, get your abs in the gut. Yes. Oh my God, that's terrible. So this this lady that I was on a podcast a while back, she's like, Oh, my God, you know what it's like to have a baby now. And I'm like, well, maybe I don't know. But it was so bad that when I got there to Peoria, and that towns, the hospital, I got out my paper money, my wallet was wet that okay, that's how much I was sweating. And I was exhausted. I'm done. I'm just like, Bro. And they're like these doctors keeping coming in pushing on my gut and like, oh, and then like the inner talk in Spanish. And there's bugs flying around in the examination room. I mean, it's third world, utensils look a little like 1950s and, and I'm like, This isn't good. So he had them Don't be up, put me on a commercial plane flight, which you're not supposed to do. And he's on the phone coordinate with his surgeons. He wants to do the operation in Lima. So we'd go hop on a commercial flight flying to Lima, take a taxi and then I hop out of the taxi. They throw me on a gurney and go right into surgery. And this is where Western medicine is awesome. Because it was born out of crisis care. It's during wartime. That's where it came from. So you know, if you get shot in the gut, or you know, your arms strapped on your face, they'll they'll stitch you back up, right, yeah. And they can save your life. And that's what they did for me. So this is the part of Western medicine. That's awesome. The diagnostic equipment even though a lot of it causes problems. At least he knows what's going on. But they can patch you. Right? And that's great, but taking care of chronic issues like my bleeding rectum, that's, they didn't know how to do that. So.
So I learned a couple of really important lessons from this. Okay, number one, I do not ever want to go get surgery again. Because I realized that my life was out of control. And then you they put that thing on your face and out you go and you're in somebody else's hands. But what if they had a bad morning? Right or a bad week? Maybe they're in the middle of a breakup or? And they're just like, forget about it. They dropped the Judy fruit in there, you know? Yeah. Right. So the second thing was, that my poor health doesn't affect just me, it affects everybody else around me, especially people that I love. My wife and I spent 1000s of dollars planning that vacation was a big thing for us. Her dad, where did he end up back in the hospital, never on a vacation. It's just like, so we kind of ruined the trip for everybody. And then she pushed me back in the United States and wheelchair because I was still healing up. So but I still didn't know what to do. Now fast forward. I had a friend of mine on my baseball team, Calais, who got stomach cancer. We lost him. He did surgery, chemo radiation. He died about 80 pounds under his weight on hospice and left three little boys behind from ages six to 17. So it was a horrible thing. We know insurance. We did a fundraiser for him. And I grandma had died of brain cancer. My aunt had died of lung and melanoma skin cancer. So my experience was you get cancer, you die. That's been my experience. Grandma cat and my friend who was 40 and had a six pack abs. I mean, he was the guy but he chewed tobacco so we figured it trickle down and gotten a stomach. It's probably what given the you know, the deal. Cancer. Then my buddy Charles at age 43 gets diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, which is the supposedly incurable blood cancer he drops the bomb on me and says, Hey, look, I don't want to die. I want to see my son Charlie graduate high school. I want to go the Father Son weekend, and I want to live Tim, I want to live. I found this place in Florida called the Hippocrates Health Institute. Are you familiar with them? No. I've never heard of it. Yeah, so at the time, they were like the oldest alternative health institute in the world. They were 61 years old at the time was actually started by a galleon and Whitmore, who healed herself of stage four colon cancer with like, lemongrass juice and herbs. For grandma. Her grandmother was the village doctor in Lithuania. So anyway, and story and then now it's run by doctors Brian Annamaria. Clement for a long time. And that dude's like, 17 He looks like he's 48. I mean, it's using his wife was great, too. So he said, I want you to go with me and support me. My wife can't get away for the first half of this deal. And I said, dude, whatever you need, I meant I had no idea what I was getting into. And remember I grew up on the ranch hunting and fishing.
You know, it was like the flies, it dies, it's brown. It's down. We were killing everything. And this place was a plant based Institute was actually living foods and plants. And so Charles was smart. He waited till we're on the plane flight, January 1 2011. We're flying into West Palm Beach. He's like, Oh, by the way, there's no meat. There's no dairy. There's no salt. There's no sugar, and there's nothing cooked over 115 degrees and there's no vinegar. And I'm like, What? What do you mean no meat? And he's like, Well, yeah, it's plant based. And I'm just like, dude, because we used to make fun of people like that. Were vegetarians. even heard the word vegan before till I got there. And you know, I'm I grew up, kind of, it's kind of like Montana, right? Yeah. Next, it's like
the country. Yeah, you know what it's like horses and all that stuff and goats and chickens and all that stuff. We grew up. Yeah. Right. So anyway, I'm freaked out. I'm completely freaked out and I'm like, bad if you didn't have cancer. Beyond that. I'd be turned around. So we go there. But guess what, day one my acid reflux is gone. They just had me started drinking purified water with lemon and lime juice in it. We had wheatgrass shots twice a day, these green juices that were half sprouts living sprouts and they juice them. And the in the food was like sprouted nuts, Sprouted Seeds, sprouted grains, sprouted beans and things made of them sauces and soups. And you know, and there's radishes and avocados and all this kind of stuff. And
well, yeah, but I'm still freaked out. Right? Here. It was by Wednesday, because I thought I was gonna die. Right? i You should have seen my first plate of food. It was like five feet tall. And I felt bad because I was getting rid of it. I couldn't even eat half of it. And then by Wednesday, I couldn't even eat food. I wasn't even hungry. So first time in my life, my cells were actually getting saturated with nutrients. So what happened was is on Wednesday, if it wasn't bad enough, that's the day they do liquid nourishment. There's no heavy food if you choose and they recommend that you go just water and juices to give your digestive tract a chance to rest. And I'm freaking out about the food and now you can't even eat. So this doctor on that day, we went to a class called internal awareness. And Dr. Scott justice and comes down this guy is jacked. He's got muscles coming out his ears. And he said I haven't had meat in 10 years. And I'm like, so this guy blew my mind with the whole meat thing because I thought you had to have it for muscles and he wasn't lying. And he looked 10 years younger than he looked like he's 14 he just turned 50 was actually his birthday that they taught that class. So the point of that class was he taught us from the time we eat food, what happens until the time it exits the body. It was really fascinating. And he's the average person has six to 12 pounds of impacted fecal material in the colon. So think about that. You have six to 12 pounds of this nasty funk and gunk and junk. And what's happening is it creates a very low oxygen, high acid environment which is the perfect breeding ground or terrain for viruses and bacteria, mold, yeast, fungus, parasites and mutagens cancers love it. In fact, cancer is anaerobic and cannot live in an oxygenated environment. So what were they doing, they put us on the highest oxygen highest alkaline lifestyle and diet the world. And they started cleaning us out now. This guy said, Look, you have got to get this stuff out. In fact, he looked at me he's like Tim, you got five pounds of crap or 10 pounds of crap and a five pound bag. And if you ever want to get healthy, truly healthy, you have to clean it up. So he was pushing colon hydrotherapy or Kleenex if you've heard of those. Yep. Now, I hadn't heard of it. So I'll explain. If any listeners aren't familiar with it, you basically set on a tube rectally. And water gently goes and now your colon for about an hour and cleans that crap out of there like literally. And I remember elbow and carelessness that hey, look, dude, I came here to help you with this whole thing. But I am not ever, ever going to do that. That's just pushing the limit of the funny story about about it. Like, I didn't know, I'd never heard of like the term and I'm in this really nice SUV with this brown of the screen. We're going to plan a wedding. And she's like, oh, we need to make our whatever it's called collage shimmy, or how Reese? I don't know how to say it. colonic colonic? Yes, she's like, I need to make an appointment for our colonic. And she looked at the groom and I looked at that. So what kind of patient was that? They had a dot and she's like, No, and actually, there's a guy, literally, from my office door. I could spit on his door and I no clue what he ever did. I was in that building for 15 years. And they were colonics. And I didn't know what it was but and then she explained it to me but they probably laughed at me and I and they still this is 10 years later. Or like how's that facial coming? I was like, anyway, go ahead. I didn't mean
it You're saying that because no one has ever brought up a colonic on my podcast in the almost six years. Yeah, well, you know, we love it a lot over here. It's important machines working
Right. So any who's where, you know, I'm not going to do it, but this doctor was smart. So he showed for virtual colonoscopy, three of unhealthy people and one of somebody had been on that Hippocrates lifestyle for a few years. The first person was a 24 year old female that had Hashimotos, which is a thyroid issue. And thrush, which is a yeast infection. Yep, it inside her colon was all yellow and white and nasty and weird. And I was like, Whoa, that's not supposed to look like that. And then they went to a 65 year old male that had colon cancer and parasites now inside of his colon was black tar. And white worms crawling around, Doctor
Josephson transuranic said, Now many of you think that these parasite things are a Third World Fair, far from it. Over 50% of you are going to visually see the parasites coming out of you, bookworms, pinworms, and tapeworms. But he goes, there's other parasites in your body that are smaller, and they're living inside of you and all and you won't see those as they exit because we're too small, but they're in there, he said that all of these parasites are drinking your drinks. They're eating your food. They're urinating and defecating and you having sex and having 1000s of eggs. Yep. And I'm just like, now he's kind of got my attention. Then it goes to the 45 year old female with breast cancer. And he shed like colitis, or Crohn's or gut was jacked up. And he shows inside of her colon black, brown, all that stuff. Now you're exposed to see brown, but it was like tar again. It didn't look right. Then they went to the colon of the healthy person. Yeah, there was some brown waste matter in there. But the lining of the colon was pink and clean. And you can see the blood vessels. And my point was is that the the terrain or the internal terrain of the healthy woman was completely different than the internal trains of the unhealthy people. Yep. And that's when the light bulb went off for me. And I'm like, oh my god, it's an inside job. And then they started talking about like, if you have skin issues like eczema and psoriasis, you don't have skin issues. You got gut issues. Yeah. So I've got busy going inside and working on that gut and cleaning up those little hair like structures, those villi and being gentle them and, and nourishing them and making sure I've got bacteria in there recording as my bacteria make sure I've got plenty of nutrients. And I've been on that path for 11 years. So what happened was, the next day I signed up for the colon hydrotherapy. I do it. They weigh me before and they weighed me after I dropped 10 pounds of impacted fecal material in one one hour session. Now listen to this. The record in 2011 was a lady. Maybe somebody's broke it since then. I don't know. One lady. And they've had over 600,000 people through their doors at this point. But the record, one lady dropped 27 pounds of impacted fecal material in one one hour colon hydrotherapy session and you think about that. I was like, wow, that's like a medium sized dog falling out of her butt weight wise. Like, that's a lot of frickin waste matter. Like, no wonder she wasn't healthy. But even if you got two pounds of it, you want it out. Right? Because it's a it's a your colon is a waste removal system. It is not supposed to be a storage tank. Because of the stress that we have in our lives because of the processed food, the irradiated food, the canned box, the food's all messed with. It's heated at high temperatures. And they do weird things to it. It's glued into us and it's just accumulated over time. And, and then you know, and that's why we have poor health. So the Royal Society of Medicine said that 85% of all health issues start in the colon. And then the last 11 years 600 people that I personally coach and I would totally agree with them. So what happened was we got done with that. And then the next day I woke up, I came out of the detox because I was like irritable for a few days. I had night sweats. I had a metallic taste coming out of my tongue that's heavy metals were exiting my body. You know, some gas and bloating was coming out and you know, all that stuff. And we were doing colonics and
enemas. They taught us how to do enemas. We actually did wheat grass plant or wheat grass implants. So after an intimate weed insert four to six ounces a week rescues rectally and try to hold it for 15 minutes. That's actually one of their most powerful therapies. And that's how Ann Wigmore healed herself. She did it with long grass, she would use long grass because this was back in like 60s 50s. And she would use it and inserted rectally, put it in a poultice over her stomach where her or her cancer was in her colon. And then she was drinking it. So drinking it rectal inserts and poultices. And it's still therapy that used today because we juice grass juice is very powerful. It's got chlorophyll on it and oxygen and it's just it's like, you know, Oregon State University has found over 70,000 phytochemicals that can prevent reverse these in wheatgrass and it's they're still counting. So powerful medicine. And we did all that stuff. And I woke up the next day and I looked at Charles I said, Dude, do you feel as good as I do? And he's like, yeah, man, he goes, I feel amazing. I said, I've lost 11 pounds. I know kind of it was GARBAGE. Right? But about a five days. And I'm like, Dude, you're
We're gonna heal. Like I've interviewed so many people, there's so many people around here that deal to cancer on this lifestyle. And like I said, I can't live, I'm gonna say this, but I'm going to do this with you. I'm going to give up all meat except for bacon. And we're going to do this thing and you're going to heal. And that's exactly what we did. We got back, we got busy living, we started juicing, I started growing sprouts, and that turned into, you know, I lost 42 pounds, 60 days, the 42 pounds was gone, XML is gone and both of my elbows eight months later, that huge patch of eczema was down on my knee, the other skin issue was gone. Feel my ribs again, all my energy is back. I'm I'm like 18 again. And my friend, Charles, in two and a half years healed himself of that cancer. We actually ran the Portland marathon in 2012, technically, before he was cancer free. And that was an epic moment where we crossed the finish line together, it was just kind of like closing the door on like, okay, Charles is fine. Now. Now we can move on and just live, you know, live our lives. And he did he he saw his son graduate, he went to father suddenly, he started playing guitar started a band and now we play guitar together and we're just enjoying each other. It's been 11 years. And now I'm on a mission to, you know, share what I've learned and help other people navigate it. So they, you know, there's a lot of misinformation out there. Oh, my God, there's so much shit out there. And it's funny how all the stars align right now. Because all the stuff you're saying.
I mean, I have a very similar story just with allergies, and itching and rashes, and, but what actually, like woke me up COVID almost killed me. Literally, I'm not being funny. And I am a very sarcastic person. But I was out for 18 days, I had eight days 104 Fever, they couldn't get it under control. They told me a brain damage, I do still think and talk a little slow and I still lose my train of thought a lot.
But, you know, it's just like COVID brain. But what it did for me is I was on a really unhealthy path. Because a lot of bad things happen. My dad passed away of cancer, we knew it was gonna happen. But it sucks when it actually happens. If I had the information and that I have today in that you have today, my father still would not have changed because he valued food in such an unhealthy way. And so even though you know things have everything happens for a reason, but I'm even more passionate about it. But my mother is very healthy. And
I met this lady, this lady hired us to produce her podcast during COVID. And I was sitting at Cane prom with her and she's like, I'm about to go on this journey because I've just been really food has been making me sick. She's like, this is the last steak I will probably ever eat and I'm like, Oh, so you're gonna be vegetarian or she's like, well, they still eat meat. And she's like, but Angela, that the results that she said there were, I think like 35 men, they were all over 55 They all had cancer. Many of them had prostate and colon cancer, which I grew up around healthcare. We most of our clients are doctors. One of my favorite people in the world was a colorectal surgeon and we did all of his branding. He was like the butthole doctor and we gave him Dunkin donut Brown, which is killing me. I mean, listen, y'all all that shit tastes good. And it's like moderation and you hear moderation, right? But when I started going down this path, they were like just acid, I'm not marketing some hokey. Get, you know, get your hands sort of go away based on what you eat bullshit. And she's like, It's not bullshit. She's like, we meet every Thursday night for 90 days to do do a jumpstart. She's like, why don't you just come on on Zoom an hour and just listen, just observe. I'm like, Cool, I'll do it. I started to learn new information. I started watching the documentaries and I don't watch TV or Netflix. I don't use somebody else's account to watch my homework. But it was it was just new information to me. And I was juicing much like you were I had all my stuff delivered. Now I would still go through the drive thru at two in the morning and after an event, which is it was just really unhealthy habits. But then when COVID started, it's like, we didn't go anywhere. It's like, what am I living for? And I just ate everything in sight and gained about 100 pounds in three years. And then when I walked out and I'm like, okay, COVID is not killing me. I need to figure this shit out. Something's wrong and like, Well, my eating I needed to get back in the gym. I was a gymnast, like, I know what I need to do okay, but it's just doing it. And so the accountability of putting the right people around me getting a trainer investing in my health because it is your wealth. You can have all the money in the world but no amount of money could have fix my dad. My sister has ALS. She's been living with it for six years when she was told she had a year. So that was done with stem cell replacement and Russia you know, you go outside of the healthcare system when you hear an answer that you don't want to take, which is exactly what you did. And so I kind of did the same thing. I I listened to all these men talk and their testimonials and I'm like this, it's real. And I'm like, I want to do this but I don't cook I don't even own the utensils on the grocery list, okay, or I don't even I don't even notice that it's I'm not a cook every
thing is delivered. And so they're like, well, there's a lady at our church, and she, her and her husband, they follow our program, she's going to start making food for people. I'm like, Sign me up. So I'm like, it's probably going to taste gross, and it's pregnant. But it wasn't anything. An ordinary, it was just fresh. And she comes once a week, and it's prepared and grown and watered. And so in very specific, right, it's like, not all the hormone shit. So a result of trying to get healthy and just feel better. I didn't care that I was 100 pounds overweight. At that time, I just cared about thinking straight again. And like being able to work eight hours when I normally work 20 hours a day, you know, again, not healthy. So anyway, it's like, but it's all the things right? It's like, you gotta your sleep, you've got to figure it out. And you have to be an advocate for your own health. And so now I'm so thankful people like you talk about I haven't talked much about it, because I needed to have a goal and an end result for myself, before I was gonna go tell anybody else. And then people are like, Well, where can I buy that pill you're taking? I've literally had people ask me, if I had bariatric surgery, literally two people asked me that this week. I'm like, No, I got a treadmill desk. And I work a lot. And I love my work. And I walked at least 10,000 steps a day. So I started and we documented it for a year, and I lost 75 pounds. But it wasn't just the steps. It was the food, because food is medicine. And every time I go outside of that, and I'm like, Oh, just a few bites of this. And I travel for a living. So when people like excuses like I travel is not you cannot give me any excuse. I pack a lunchbox, everyone in TSA in Nashville knows me. Because I bring my food. And I do look look crazy. Or we'll send the recipes ahead of time to wherever I'm going to work or whatever hotel and if they can prepare things with that. That's what we do. It's just making a better choice. And a lot of people just don't know the information. And that's just like, the high level of I mean, everybody on my team, we all have our own thing. My allergies got better skin. So soft, also helps me the mosquitoes don't bite me. But it was also what I was eating, because I was eating a lot of sugar. So it comes down to all that. And I worked in a morgue. I don't know if you knew that. Yeah.
So when you're saying all these things, I mean, I saw probably 1000s of auto autopsies come through. And the just the way that the the mortician is would like explain, I will never eat hotdogs again, because of the build up over your hearts that I have vividly seen. I mean, it's crazy stuff you see. But when when I really started to like learn and get in there actually was probably doing things I shouldn't have been doing, like tissue sampling, but he's explaining to me, this is all fat. And they would laugh about it because most they were all men, they were D A's. They would crack up super inappropriate, but you know, whatever. And but I learned so much just from listening to them crack jokes was like, Look at all that yellow lard in there. And I mean, he YOU HAVE TO CUT and CUT and CUT and CUT. And then they would say like, well, it's a miracle that he made it as long as he you know, it's just like all that he's like, Well, that's just hotdog heart build up. And I'm like, Are y'all serious, like foods doing that, and we have 20 something years ago. So just how it's gotten worse. I mean, it's just, it's killing us. Okay.
The some of the morticians now are saying that because of the amount of genetically modified foods, because what happens is when you genetically modify a food plant stops making glutathione which is good for you and starts making formaldehyde which involves you. And then if you have carpets in your house to synthetic carpets, those are off gassing formaldehyde that, you know, your carbon filters and heifers are not getting out. They have to you have to have a zeolite matrix to get those out. So people are older folks that are eating lots of GMO foods and processed foods and all that kind of stuff. They're kind of already involved when they get there. Yep, it I mean, it's like when I say food is killing you. And food is medicine. It is killing you. And when I whenever I go, if I again, go off the rails a little bit. I mean, the way that I feel I can't even describe it. Like I get sick sometimes. And it's like, is it really worth it? Like, why am I doing that? Because I know it tastes so effing good. But it's like you're you're literally using your gut as a, like you say, a garbage disposal. And you can't just turn it on and off. I mean, it's it causes so many problems. But the number one thing that I do want to ask you about because I had a really hard time with it and a lot of people when I talk about my problems and when I people come back and they're like, oh my god, I had this and this and this, what do you use for this? Right? So it's like sleep. I didn't understand for a long time until Pat Summitt died of Alzheimer's very early. I mean, I went to UT when she was coaching basketball, and she was a great coach. I looked up to her I don't play basketball. I'm five foot but I cheered them on. And so she died so young. And my mom's like, that's going to be you if you don't stop working so much. I'm like shit she's right. You know so I'd start Ambien did not work did the opposite that I took my blood
Turning, which helped Knesset and now there's a lot more things, but you say something that I'm really interested in know how to improve your sleep naturally? How do you do that?
It's a big topic, right? So if we're going to look, if we're going to look at, I look at like your body is a system, okay? And we have to look at the inputs, what's the most important nutrient for the body number one is oxygen, because without it, you die in four to seven minutes. So air, the air quality you're breathing, you're taking 20,000 breaths a day, that should be the first thing you should look at cracking your windows at night, which will also help you with your sleep. Getting an air purification system, especially if you have carpets you have especially in the bedroom while you're sleeping is a must, okay. And then you have to find the good ones, which we have. And we can lead people to those if they want. But so that's number one. Number two is water. Your body is mostly made of that. And most of the water today is polluted and unless people are drinking out of plastic jugs, but it's BPA free, Tim. Okay, so what BPA is is Zeno toxin, and they have BBB B BC, BB D, E, F, G, H, I, J K, L ma P there's like there's seven of them. So Erin Brockovich, bless her heart, she, you know, won that lawsuit and exposed that, but they don't care, they paid a little bit. And they're still making a lot with the other Xeno toxins that you're putting in your body and different types of plastics. So we drink out of glass bottles, these types things, I triple purify my water, I restructure my water, and my water is also charged with molecular hydrogen. So when I drink water, I get high on water, like literally my own water every day. And it's awesome. And then number three is sleep. Well, because without water, you're dead in 11 days, but without sleep, you're dead in 11 days, too. So water and sleep are kind of a tie for number two, that's how important sleep is. So I just wanted to set that foundation on how important sleep is. So things that you can do naturally are cracking your window at night because your house is polluted getting an air purification system. You know, a lot of people don't realize that there's these things called Electric low frequency in the home in your electrical grid. And if I get within three foot of a light socket with a little tester, I'll go
you. So if your head or your bodies within three foot of a light socket, you're getting zapped that's going to disrupt your sleep. Also, with Wi Fi, smart meters that put off 2.4 gigahertz just like your microwave. And microwaves do Zap on the outside when they're running to. That's why we talk we cover clients get rid of them. But there's so many things with 5g and all this stuff going on. That if you have metal springs in your bed, those are conductors. And you're basically it's just bringing in that energy to those metal coils and you're sleeping on high amounts of bad, bad energy basically. So your beds like this is totally disrupting your sleep right. So I do have metal coils in my bed, but my metal coils are individually wrapped and insulated. So they still get the back support, but I don't get blasted with EMFs so I can hook you up with that bed manufacturer and it's yeah, it's ridiculous what they did with the beds so this guy broke away and and built him right but
I mean, I could talk about that bed. But anyway, so the beds awesome.
And let me see what else Oh, okay, so we get the bed. You know, we look at things like weighted blankets, we'd like to have people take a sauna before they go to bed, or at least just go into the shower and rinse off really quick. Just let water cascade over your body and then dry out that will help you sleep. We make sure the room is completely black dark. We get people off the blue lights and that stuff and we have given them a routine to start calming down Dimming the lights, reading, meditating, breath, work doing some gentle yoga, there's acupressure mats that you can lay on for 10 to 30 minutes that will really start reducing or releasing in certain endorphins. It'll help you get into a sleep better. Those are called spook mats, you can get those at spook we refer those usually those I originally was using those for people with low back issues because it's like having a 24/7 acupuncturist on hand for 60 bucks, right? It's not quite as
profound as acupuncture, but it's pretty darn close for and for the availability, right.
So you know stop and drinking liquids at a certain time before you go to sleep. Also, you know food takes different times to digest. So like a melon might take 15 to 30 minutes to digest where fruit might take an hour, half an hour to an hour vegetables two to two and a half hours. And nuts and seeds and stuff made out of those things could take three to four hours meat can take up to 72 hours completely processed. So think about like let's say let's say you have bedtime at 10pm and you have a handful of organic almonds right before you go to bed because you're on health care. Well, those almonds are going to digest from nine to 1011 12 one they're going to be done digesting about one but you went to bed
10, you are not going to be able to get into that rapid eye movement that deep rested restorative sleep because your body has to do something first, it has to process that food. So once that job is done, then I'll switch over and go into sleep. So from 10 to one, you're screwed, because you ate too late. You see, yeah, that's why we have people stop eating. If they're eating at eight o'clock, we start them at 730. And our coaching program we planned, we bump them to seven and the 630 and try to get everybody stop eating at six. And people sleep improves, right? So essential oils, we actually diffuse essential oils at night while we sleep. And we rotate at least four different oils, we don't do the same oil every night, we'll do like lavender, and then Roman camo meal, and then you know, clove or whatever, we just rotate it, right?
Those are just a few. But yeah, there's, as you can see, you can it might be a lot, but you can take one thing and get it right and go to the next and get that right and you just did it, we even have people that will actually have an electrician come in and hardwire. So they have a switch, they can flip a switch and all those ELLs and the whole room are shut off. So there is no, there is no current. And I've had people that are highly sensitive, like this war veteran. And his wife was actually calling as a therapist, they moved way out into a cabin to get away from all the EMFs and stuff. And at night, they'd go outside and shut down the whole cabin. And it was just then go to bed. Right? This is why when people go camping, and they can get really good sleeps, because you know they're out there and getting the fresh air. There grounding, which is nothing I forgot to mention, which is like grounding pads and sheets, that will actually bring the earth frequency into the, you know, so a lot of people don't realize that the Earth puts off a natural frequency. It's like when you hold up a compass that moves the needle, but you can't see it, but it's there. And when you're naked or barefoot, like every other creature on the planet, you're actually grounding, and you're increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. The second you break contact with Mother Earth, which you are nature, we are connected to the earth, no question. Inflammation begins. So what's cool is on the outside of every residential and commercial building, they drive an iron rod down. And there's a copper lead going in, that's the third prong or the foundational to the electrical grid in your home or your office. So they have these sheets as an example with silver threads woven into them with a lead that plugs into that third prong. So when you're sleeping, or like right now, when I'm working, I have a I have a grounding pad on my desk and my feet. I'm grounding right now while I work. So I'm bringing that Earth's natural frequency and then bear contact with my skin while I sleep. And when I work, and I'm increasing blood flow, I'm reducing inflammation in the body. And that is also going to help you sleep.
i Okay, so so like, just want to come to your place, like, do a little video to her and be like, Okay, here's all the things that you can do. And then do you have an Amazon store? Like, can we just get these? You know, because here's the thing, you you've done all that you've done it all? And it's like, why go recreate it? And it's like, I mean, I have so many more questions, we just have to have you back on the podcast, because now it's like, oh, my time's up, you know, but it's like, the I mean, just the sleep portion is amazing, then it's like you talk about energy. And weight loss is a result of doing all this which most people that go to lose weight. Well, it's it's not just that there's all these things that but it really is simple. And then like you said, the pain, the inflammation, it all starts to go away. But if people want to connect with you, because I'm sure that they will, where's the best place for people to go just about this, this part, this coaching program, and then some of the things are so our website, the website is chemical free And we're really trying to bring awareness around that because of the umbilical cord studies are showing that every child being born today has 180 cancer causing chemicals in the womb. And the older we are, the more time we've had to bio accumulate these. So my job in life I believe is to bring awareness to the no CMC is microscopic toxins that are really the root some of the root causes of everybody's health issues. So just go to chemical free I also have a show called The Health heroes show, that's where people can it's on all the major platforms they can plug in and there's tons of one on one stuff that I do and I go deep into fasting and proper food combining and sprouting which I'm a big sprouter I grow about 60 70% of the food I eat
and and then I interviewed tons of cool people and just people have had radical changes and we've just a great place to learn. It's a free place to learn and get good information. And we do have a group coaching community I leave weekly, our Dr. Treadway our formulator. He comes on once a week for talk with the doc as part of the program. And we do one on one coaching. But if somebody wanted to try our products, thanks to you, Angela. We created a discount code. So here's what you do. If you want to try our detox nutrition products, I know they're unparalleled. What you do is you'd go to the shop deal under the shop tab and look at the savings bundles. That's how you get it
discount. So you can do a little jumpstart bundle to stick your toes in the water. If you want to go all in like I do, I do the total energy and detox bundle. And I also take our turmeric tincture and a couple of other tinctures. So you can look at those. They're highly powerful. But then at checkout, they put the code in G S, D for get shit done, which I guess is your trade. They 5%. So they get a double discount, we have a double your money back guarantee and all of our products, I'm very confident we've had it for years.
And if something doesn't work, then just call us get on the phone, myself or another one of our coaches. Because if we don't take a one size fits all food or food medicine approach, everybody's different 95 90% of the time up the middle, our stuff works pretty darn good. But if something doesn't, it might need a little adjustment, we'll even send you to a different company or put you on a different product. Because we just want you to wake up and feel good. That's and get to where I'm at and where our coaches are at because we all had health issues we had like I had all my issues. I've had a coach that was thrown up for five years, five years, she was bulimic. Now she's overcome that she's one of the healthiest people our skin's amazing and she's happy. And so I mean, that's what we were happy. Yeah, we want you to be who
you really are healthy wrote this was so helpful. This is probably just the beginning. We're gonna be friends. So y'all, y'all should be here. And you're like, Okay, well, hey, what we should do is like I did this with quite a few people that I vibed with. It's like, we'll do a 90 day challenge. I'll do some little free coaching with you to some micro sessions, get you on the products and we'll come back and you can talk about your results. And then I'll help you with any other issues you got and we'll get dialed in. That sounds awesome. That sounds awesome. Right here, Angela's in. Everybody loves challenge. I do. I do. I love it. I love it. But thank you so much for your time today. This was so awesome. And if you're watching or listening thank you for your time and be sure to tune in next week to another episode of business unveiled via that's it for this week's episode of business unveiled. Now that you have all the tools that you need to conquer the world and GSD get shit done. Would you share this with your friends and fellow business leaders? One thing that would really really help us and help new listeners is for you to rate the show and leave a comment and Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in and listen to business unveiled. You can check out the show notes at Angela and link up with us on social media so you can share your biggest insights. And I want to know your aha moments. Until next week, remember the profitable shifts and structures you're creating in your business help you be more present in your life. So get out there and GSD


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