The Truth About Starting a Business
  • March 30, 2023
  • GSD Creative

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Are you ready to take the plunge into entrepreneurship? Are you looking for the signs to get started? Starting a business is an exciting journey that comes with its own set of challenges, but you have to remember that nothing is impossible!

I met today’s podcast guest recently at a 2 day workshop in Chelsea, Michigan at The Collins Off Main. Brennan Stanford is the owner of Premier Pour Bartending, the ultimate mobile bar and bartending service. He’s sharing how he made the decision to change paths and start a business and the journey that has gotten his business to where it is today. 


  • The turning point in business
  • The importance of having policies and procedures
  • How to identify life changing health factors


How to get started when building a business

How to know when it is time to bring on team members to help

How to make your business unique and set apart from others in your space


Brennan is the Owner, Founder, and CEO of Premier Pour Bartending. While bartending in college at Bowling Green State University, he had the bright idea ???? to start this company! Outside of bartending, Brennan spends his time hot air ballooning, traveling, sailing, and playing with his super cute goldendoodle, Kona.

Favorite Travel Destination: British Virgin Islands and León, Guanajuato, Mexico
Favorite Color: Cerulean Blue
Favorite Holiday: 4th of July
Favorite Cocktail: Kentucky Mule with fresh grated ginger

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This is crazy what he's about to show y'all just so you know, like, oh, Mike, will you please tell everyone this because this kind of guy thing is gonna save your life.

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So enough of you have it right now to be able to least share with everybody else that's around you if they don't see it. But in recognizing that I have ADHD, I actually just figured this out like January, I ended up started meditating, doing a couple other things to actually like help with like the focus and the calmness and everything. And previous to like, actually in September, I had left my full time job as an area sales manager with a local beer distributor. Most of you guys know putting Bay Lake Erie islands, you know, big party island that was part of my territory, the place was crazy. After I started meditating, I actually got a notification from my health app that my respiratory rate had changed. So like it's showing me the good things that I'm doing to actually like help with the focus and help with the coldness and all that. But then I started looking at some of my previous trends as far as my heart rate goes. So if you look at those photos, you will see my average resting heart rate, like when putting bass spikes in the summer, my heart rate is like through the roof, like my average resting heart rate. And then you see it all just calm right back down. So there are two years in there. And then there's one single month in there. Were I actually pulled the data because I'd use a control point to figure out whether or not like this was that job? Or was it like all of the other events that we're doing because you know, for my bartending business, we're doing 150 events a year. So I pulled a Saturday that we were doing five events that day. And if you look at that month, that is the lowest that my heart rate was the entire month, because I was calm, like I'm running around like a psychopath trying to make sure that everything's going well with these events. But that was the calmest that was the entire month. So like those actual data points on there, like are incredible to actually see the sleep to my love to sleep. I have not messed with it that much. As of right now, like not I realized that like not having that job plus the bartending business like I now have a lot more free time. So like, I will wake up at five o'clock in the morning. And then like, I just can't go back to sleep now. So it's like the like, I have to realize that like, I need the exercise, I need to do all of the other cognitive stuff to like help with the ADHD to like, be on a normal schedule and a normal routine and actually have goals that are accomplishable.
Tell them about the fire engine in the blood, like the machines.
Oh, yeah, there was. There was one day that I actually got, I had I actually had to take an airplane from putting Bay to middle bass Island to set up this promo, whatever else for this event that was just beyond my control. And the whole day was just crazy. And I realized that day like that was a like, I recognize that like my blood pressure was through the roof. As soon as I got off the island and drove back home. I drove straight to the mommy fire station, where I had the deputy chief hooked me up to the blood pressure monitor and my blood pressure was 156 over 117 And then the next day I went and tested it. And it was like 121 121 over like 79. So like back to normal, but like, if you have a job that is like actually killing you, like you have to, like Be very mindful of like your health and everything else that's going on, especially like in the event industry, because everything is high stress, high pressure, and you're doing a lot of people pleasing,
he was showing me several graphs of like, the different days. And those are the types of things that like a watch or your phone, but you have to turn it on, and you have to set it up. And the thing that sucks with Apple is they make you think, at least again, this is what I believed in my head that if you go by computer or phone or a watch, like it'll just magically be set up in the cloud, and it'll magically turn all this shit on right? Until your computer crashes, and you have nothing and then you go to And then the rep on the phone says, Well, did you have your time machine mapped to a hard drive? Or to the time capsule? And I'm like, What's that? You know, I learn all this stuff the hard way? Like, why don't they tell you these things when you walk out? And so these are the types of stories that make people pay attention differently, where it really could save your life. I do encourage you watch the keynote on YouTube, from Apple because they start off with the watch. And like it's was that your watch? Or was it just your phone that told you that,
um, it was a notification from the Health app that the respiratory rate had changed. And that was with all the like the meditating and everything else that I had been doing?
Welcome. It's Angela. I'm back for another episode of business and video. And I'm so excited. I'm in Chelsea, Michigan today. And if you're wondering why we have a backdrop of a bathroom, I'm going to show you up close and personal details later, but it's all about the wallpaper. It's not about anything. You're not coming to the bathroom with me, but you are coming to the bathroom to me, okay, you'll see later. But today we have a special guest. We're doing a workshop here in the community. And I'm excited to have a business owner and operator Brennan he was great. I could tell immediately on our zoom, you can just tell who the oranges are. And I'm like, okay, he's so orange. I mean, you cannot be not orange and own a bartending and like a mobile bartending company at that. So it's not just like bartending, it's, it's a whole nother ballgame when you're moving things back and forth. So I'd like for you to tell everyone who's watching and listening. If you are here, thank you so much for your time. How did you start your business?
So I was actually in college, I was bartending at a local bar. I ended up having two of our regulars it was a Monday night dark league. I mean, a couple real cool guys that Chad was actually the first one they got married down in Mexico, asked me to bartend the wedding. So I was like, okay, cool. Not a problem, I can do that. And then I also still was able to make my shift at the bar later that night because I didn't start that night until like midnight. So I did Chad's wedding. Absolutely. So I was able to do Chad's wedding. They you know, at the end of it, you know, when all of a sudden done, like, I made some great money, I had a ton of fun with a lot of people that I already knew. And then really kind of realized that like that's, you know, outside of working in a in a facility in an actual, like foreign restaurant, I'm able to actually go out and serve people at venues that don't traditionally have, you know, services on site. So we're really kind of saw a business opportunity there.
And how did it all start if you saw a need? And today, it's like, Who do you service? It goes back to what did you do first? And you saw that burning desire of like, Oh, this feels good. This feels right. Like, let's do this. So how'd you do it?
So you know, when uh, after I'd done Chas wedding the first time you know the the next one I did Mars kids wedding. That was a ton of fun as well. And then I was like, okay, like, we can really do something with this. So I'm, you know, I've always I've always done a whole bunch of different entrepreneurial stuff when I was younger, from selling T shirts, to mowing lawns to, you know, basically anything and everything I could do to make some money. And, you know, after that second wedding, I had gotten some business cards made up. It was just, you know, Brennan, Stanford, professional bartender, like, here's my personal email. Here's my phone number. I had done a couple word of mouth events, you know, through that, and I was mind you, I was still in college at the time. So then, the year after that, I literally just bought Brennan Okay, I promoted myself as a professional bartender. We booked 16 weddings that you're
so what was it because of the website? Or did you even put up a website or you just bought the URL? So I
bought the website built the website, okay, I was in when in high school and into college. I had some I originally went to school for management information systems, okay. And then realized that I didn't want to be tied to a desk for the rest of my life and sitting there programming databases. So I ended up you know, buying the website, just doing that and then with all of the SEO stuff, and I mean, mind you I started this business 16 years ago. So the Internet has changed
Facebook and before all the social media,
we actually were one of the first universities to have Facebook. Yes, Bowling Green State University was one of like, the first 50 or something like,
really? Oh, gosh, so I was able to do a little bit of
like, self promotion on there. Yeah, and like a little bit of that stuff. But getting that website and really pushing that kind of kind of turn things around, you know, like I said, I mean, and then it just kind of organically grew from there. Yeah. Now after that, I ended up with a job with a beer distributor, up in, you know, 11 and a half years, they're eight and a half years and management. But, you know, just really realizing, like, you know, not only having a full time business, or full time job with benefits, and all of that, which is great. And then just the bartending business was just organically growing at that point, you know, so just the social media aspect of it, you know, the, the web aspect of it really kind of drove a lot of it. And then also really realizing that there wasn't a lot of other services in the area at that time anyway. And we kind of, you know, really were the the leader on at the beginning of the whole thing, especially,
there was a need, you saw a need. So what was what was the breaking point where you're like, Okay, I need to hire people. And I need help, and I need other bartenders, and I can't do it all by myself. What what did that look like? What was that shift in your life? Like, what did that look like?
It's been kind of back and forth a lot. Because, you know, the, the service industry is hard in itself, because you get a lot of people that they want the quick cash, they want the, they want all of that. But they also want to have lives outside of that they don't want to be stuck behind the bar every night. So, you know, I started to lean on friends, I started to lean on my family members, my, I'm the oldest of four boys. And then the next one in line after me, is a tremendous help with everything that we do. I mean, he does a lot of our operations stuff and a lot of the time. But really kind of, you know, figuring out that, like, the bigger the events, get, the more people that you're going to need. And then to figure out that a lot of people, you know, a lot of events, I mean, at this point, we're doing up to like five weddings on a Saturday in any given, you know, busy month. But really realizing that, like you need those other people that are very, very good at what they do that can can fill in, you know, where, where I might not be as strong. You know, I can manage all of the craziness, you know, but I need other people to handle the stuff that I can't necessarily or don't necessarily want to do.
Do you assign people to do those tasks that you're like, I'm not good at or I'm just shouldn't be doing this like? Or you're still like, I just need to do it, right. So
I'm learning. I'm absolutely learning how to let go of that control of my baby. I mean, like, I've been doing this for 16 years now, to let go of that control and give it to some other people at times. It's been a little difficult, but I'm realizing like other people's strengths, and kind of where where I need to utilize people in the tasks that I need them.
What's like the I mean, being bartending, alcohol, like, What is the craziest story or the craziest thing? Because, you know, I mean, every event we do, I feel like, I mean, we I keep a note on my phone. And by the end of the night, I'm like, damn. I mean, the books and the stories and the podcast that we could just share. But was there something that was just like completely out of your control? Or people who just drink too much or anything crazy?
Um, we I mean, I've seen tons of stuff at weddings, I mean, wedding specifically. Usually people get rowdy. I've been in keg tossing competitions with bridal parties. I mean, I've I've seen everything under the sun. No, but, you know, at the point that I'm in my life now and just everything that I've learned over the years. You know, I am very, very big on all of the insurance and all the liability and so much of that because unfortunately, like when I was bartending when I was in college, I was 21 years old, ended up having to deal with some potential legal action because a kid that was his 21st birthday, he came out with, you know, our DJ and some of his friends. They were bouncing back and forth between a couple bars. And unfortunately, he died of acute alcohol poisoning that night, so I had to deal with police statements and all this other stuff. So
you were young. Oh, my God, were you freaked out?
I was terrified. I mean, you know, kid just went out to go have a good time on his birthday and yeah, ended up dying because he drank too much. Yeah. So you know, on top of that, I also had I've testified in DUI cases, I've been subpoenaed to, you know, to deal with that stuff. And then I bought my first house in August of 2017. Closed on my birthday. So happy birthday to me. Yeah. Moved in mid September. And then November 11, month and a half after I've been there, I had a drunk driver come to my backyard doing $90,000 worth of damage to my backyard. And then had a contractor steal $17,000 from me and fell bankruptcy. So, yeah,
okay, y'all. First off, thank you for sharing all of this, because when it rains, it pours. And I mean, just, you know, looking at you and like, your energy is like you would never know. But if someone comes to you and says, like, Oh, we don't have this license, or we don't have this insurance, but it's shit like that, that happens to us, we're like, never again. And it forces us to look further and to put policies and procedures in place, where's not the fun part, but it's needed? Very much. So very, very much. So is that why you're I mean, I'm assuming why you're such a stickler about specific things is because you need to make sure it will, obviously, that your business is covered legally. But I mean, that's pretty impactful, very much. So what what changed in your business, when these things happened, other than the paperwork portion, with the people portion,
just making sure that everybody is very aware of what can actually happen. A lot of people, you know, they see, alcohol is the fun side of it, you know, because it really is, I mean, it's it's fantastic. I mean, we were high volume, you know, big personality, you know, big event, great time, you know, style business. And, and people also have to realize that there is, you know, there's a, there's a fantastic side to it. But then there's also like, you still have to talk about the important stuff that is like, this is what can happen. And you just want to make sure that you're covered and prepared and everything. We make sure that every single one of our bartenders goes through ServSafe training, to make sure that they know you know how to handle people that are intoxicated, or to notice the signs of intoxication. But you also have to combine that with still making sure that people go out and have a great time because you're there to celebrate a special event. I mean, that's, that's what we want to do is want to celebrate the special events. But also while understanding that like there's still a there's still a liability aspect to it. Yeah, it's very important.
I would say one story. There's so many, but I'll never forget this venue owner and this client, they had to have bottled beer. And they had a policy at this venue, no bottled beers. And I mean, it was everywhere. Like no bottles, no bottles, they wanted to have kegs. And this family was like, Absolutely not, we're not even putting beer in a glass. They wanted the bottles and they wanted these koozies. And so because of who the client was, and because the owner of the venue really liked the client, and he kept on and on and on. He's like, the reason we don't is because people throw their bottles. And then if our they have this big John tractor, John Deere tractor, they run over the bottles. It ruins it a glass goes every it's just about and so after he told me that it was like, Oh, I get it. And of course the cleanse like my guests aren't gonna do that. Guests will never throw the bottles out into the grass or the pool. It was around a big pool. And he was like things going up in the pool. It's ruined our I mean, they had stories, right of why this was a policy, but he chose the owner to break the policy. Now on Monday, when the guy comes to do his, like, whatever weekly mow the grass, guess what, exactly what happened before happen. And so when you're the planner, they're gonna come back to me and say, I know you we had many discussions about this, but at this point, now I need your client to buy me a new chapter. Yeah, so it's like, the whole point of the story is like sometimes you should tell people why there's something and so that they understand where it's like we're professionals. We've been doing this nearly I mean, you for almost two decades of maneuver. We just kind of know at this point, but it's still important to like communicate to people why you you don't want to do those things. And so then it I mean, it got it didn't get super ugly, but it could have gotten ugly if my client had not been so gracious to say, You know what, I totally understand. It was a policy you broke it for me. And so what can I do to like, make it right, so he totally took ownership of it. And then he's like, who did it because they had camera?
Oh, yeah. You're gonna have a hard time not getting caught up.
So you know exactly who it was at what point and then the person's like. And I'm like, okay, clearly we're all drinking. Let's just take ownership that there is a reason that we don't do it. these things kind of thing. So, you know, it's it's those types of situations that when someone tells you there's a process, like there's a reason, you know, and to ask why, what What is the craziest request for any party that you guys have done for like a signature drink? Or like what, what's like really impactful or
crazy? We've done some fun stuff where we'll I mean, we had to get, we had to do a Paloma for a client. which I absolutely love Pologne especially fresh palomas. I think it was like, the guest count was like, upwards of like, right around 300 super hot wedding in July. So it was in a barn. So it was just it logistically challenge challenging in the first place. But then I think we ended up having to get it because they wanted everything fresh. So we had to get like, five gallons of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, we had to get like three gallons of fresh squeezed lime juice. I mean, I had to, you know, we had to jump through all these hoops, you know, not only did you take a bar and and turn it into a wedding venue. Now we've got to take, you know, high end specialty cocktails and make them in a barn that we turned into a wedding venue. Yep. So you know, stuff like that. I mean, but that's fun, though. It's challenging. I mean, it's, it's something that's unique and different, that we really enjoy doing.
That's awesome. Yeah. Do people want you to do that? Like do the signature drinks? Is that like, Are there new trends for the upcoming year and like drinks and Mixology and cocktails, and there's some cool shit I've seen?
There really is, we see there a lot of different ways you can do it. You know, some people want to do specialty cocktails for just the first hour of the event. Yeah, do they want to just feature something and then everybody else can go to go to drink and whatever else they would normally drink throughout the rest of the evening. And then you have people that want to select like a very basic signature cocktail, they want a feature at all night long, they might take a vodka cranberry and add some fun garnishes, and then name it after their dog. We actually see we see a lot of that people taking like their favorite drinks, naming it after their pets and animals and everything. Yeah. And it's even more fun too, because our portable bars that we actually use, we have a large format vinyl cutter in our warehouse, and we can actually take and customize the front panels of all of our bars. So we've taken you know, like, we did a wedding in an airplane hangar. So we did like cocktails there. And then we had we ended up taking like a vintage airplane. And cutting that out of vinyl and slapping it on the front of the bar and your love is in the air is on there. And the groom was really, really cool. He's actually both the bride and groom are great. But the groom is a pilot. So you know,
totally played into the whole thing, then. It's so fun. Like, do you see you this year, like growth wise? What do you see the company doing?
I'm almost scared for how much we're about to grow. Because I no longer have my other full time job. I now have complete focus on all of this. And
let's talk about that. How what was the final like, Okay, this is time to choose and go this way and commit both time. What was that breaking point story, what happened?
That was when we started doing 150 events a year, and I still had a full time job and realize that, yeah, I couldn't necessarily manage both of them at the same time and give all of my full attention to all of the clients and all of the stuff that actually needed to happen. Yeah, I had some awesome people in place that were helping out tremendously with a lot of the stuff and then now you know, I'm able to at least focus on that and grow the business going going from there. We've changed some of the things that we do. And we're now also offering some some different upgrade options and a whole lot of stuff that we weren't necessarily offering before because, you know, we just didn't have time to do it. But now, you know, the world is your oyster, essentially. I mean, yeah, there's so much almost too much customization that we can do.
Yeah, it can get it can get a little nutty. Sometimes it's just too much. It's like, okay, let's pick and choose, let's not do like everything because it's just too overstimulating for people. It really is.
I mean, especially when you're doing an event bar, you know, you want to kind of you want to give that the guests a good amount of options, but you don't want to overload them with options, because at that point, you know, they're, they're gonna walk up, they're gonna see a massive menu and all of these things, and they're still gonna say, you know, oh, just give me a miller lite. Oh, just give me a Bud Light. Like, you just gave them too many options. Like, Oh, that's too much. Like, I'm just going to select one thing.
Yeah. Yeah, so not don't give too many options. But in life, right. It's just not a bit but think of it if you walk up to a bar, and there's too many options not only to stall the line, that's where I'm thinking. I'm thinking about the logistics of like, no, and we're not putting a cute little sign just down here. I'm like, we're Gonna put a big cube sign up here. So people will first off, it's like, I don't like lands, but it's like how do you avoid them? When you're doing like mixology, and like all this special stuff, which is so fun and so cool, but do clients, do you guide them through that, like, we need one per this if you're gonna have this type, because if you're just doing beer and wine, you might not need the same thing that you need, if you have people making specialty drinks, right? Absolutely may not take as
long. Absolutely. So I mean, as part of our process with our clients, we actually go through, and we give them a questionnaire to figure out, you know, what they want to serve, you know, what, what their vision is, and then we take all of that information. And then you know, we actually calculate the amount of alcohol needed, based off of what they want to serve. And there's also a big common misconception and all depending on prices, like throughout the country, but what we see in this area specifically, is a lot of times people think that beer and wine is cheaper. This is a big myth. Big med is actually cheaper. You know, one serving of alcohol, you know, when it comes to a beer is a 112 ounce beer like four and a half 5%, which is the same as 112 ounce, or I'm sorry, a one five ounce glass of wine is the same as one and a half ounces of an 80 Proof spirit. If you take for example, you know, a brand of vodka like a hot you know, a decent mid range vodka like something like Smirnoff. Yeah, Smirnoff vodka right now, I think in Ohio anyway, it's 1499 a liter, you can get 22 and a half 22 and a half, one and a half ounce shots out of that. So close enough to round it up to 2424 24 beers in a case. Yeah, 2424 Miller Lite Bud Light Coors Light right now, I think they're all cans are 22 or 2399. And then bottles are 2599 per case. So realistically, you're Yeah, you're $10 cheaper on buying a bottle of Smirnoff vodka than you are buying a case of domestic white beer.
I've never looked at it that way. At all
kegs aren't actually cheaper either. They used to be they're not anymore. So why is that? I'm not entirely sure on the pricing model for the way that they do a lot of that stuff. You know, a lot of control states, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana is a little bit different. But a lot of them are controlled states. So like everything in the state of Ohio is every high proof spirit, above 42 Proof is all owned and regulated by the state of Ohio. So they set all the prices, everything that you see on shelves on the shelf, and the liquor stores on consignment
to do with it. In Tennessee, though, and again, if you travel and do events, and every state, and every city, even if you get into the city county is different, and their rules are different, and the venues are different. And so you all can go into venues and do what you do, like they allow you to come in. And not every place does that. But do you think that's because of the liability,
not only the liability, but also you know, so there, you know, in most states, a lot of the liquor licenses are tied to brick and mortar establishments. So it's only inside these walls that you can serve, you can't take it off the premise, you can't take it, you know, you can't just, you know, pour some I mean, now the laws have changed with COVID. And everything else, a lot of places are allowing to go stuff and whatever else with it, you know, if you operate within the eyes of the law, but you know, we go anywhere that doesn't already have a liquor license on site. So anybody that already has a liquor license on site would typically already have a staff, they have their own liability insurance, they have all of that and they're they're a full blown operating, you know, they've got they usually have catering, they usually have you know, full bar, we go to places where clients can provide all of their own alcohol, we just provide the rest of the service. So all of the portable bars and ice and cups, straws, napkins, mixers, I mean literally everything other than the alcohol because there's just no such thing as a mobile liquor license in so many different states. So the only thing that that means is we can actually just purchase the alcohol at wholesale cost and then resell it to the clients. Yeah, which ends up saving the client a ton of money. And then they're also able to take all of the leftover alcohol home at the end of the night, which if you're paying X amount of dollars for an open bar at a venue that you know has everything on site, you're not taking the extra home, they they net the difference, right? They're putting that in their pocket,
right. And I mean, there's pros and cons to everything. But one important thing to note is when you have your business and you're trying to figure out like who's your target market who's your perfect client, and right off the bat, it's like Where where's your event? And depending on where that is, then that's going to dictate if you guys go there or not. So that's just like one pre qualifying pre qualifying thing. cuz I don't know, we have some clients that are they'll have a great experience somewhere. And then they're like, oh, but they've signed a contract with someplace out like a venue. And then they're like, Oh, but I want that company and those people and you know, to do all these cool things, and then I'm like, Oh, well, they don't know, outside. You know, and they don't understand the general consumer. They're not thinking about the liability. And they're not thinking of all the things as to why it is the way that it is. Do you have people that contact you? And you're just like, I can't because we're not we can't we don't work there.
Every once in a while, a lot of times we're getting referrals from the venue's that, you know, don't have that on site already. But every once in a while, we'll get an inquiry from somebody who did either didn't know or you know, that they didn't read everything, you know, before they before they signed their contract. So they're like, Oh, you guys already have the staff on site. We can't bring in a caterer. So they, they didn't necessarily do their homework before they reached out to us on on what they were trying to do.
And, you know, it actually recently happened to us that another planner was planning a wedding and something happened, and it was destination. And then it ended up their designer contacted me, and she's like, we need somebody to come in and fix this. And she told me where it was. And then she sent me the vendor list. And she's a client of ours. So only reason we entertained, stepping in and helping just with this situation. And which normally we would not do because it just it's a big mess. But we went to the final meeting, the only meeting that I sat in with a long list of everything. I'm like, How is this happening? And this happening when this venue doesn't they don't do this like, like, you can't, it's illegal. You can't bring in all of these things. But because of the cultural differences and the different types of food and things like that wish it was more about food. But some of it was alcohol too. I'm like, No, we can't do this. This is not. They're not they're going to. But what had happened is another planner, and another state who didn't know the laws, it where I'm from, had planned some things. And it was a big effing mess. It was a big mess. And I mean, luckily, we were able to all collaborate and like get it together, you know, two weeks before the event for a wedding. But those are the types of educational things that seems so simple to us. But when we don't educate the client, we don't tell them these things. And we just go planning things. It's it's like that planner wasn't trying to do anything wrong. She just didn't know, which tells me how many weddings she's playing. Because you don't know the questions to ask. So just because somebody has like a pretty Instagram, or all these cool things like with all these drinks, and all these fancy things, like, you got to know what you're doing. Absolutely. And you and that takes experience and it takes time. So what is your what is your favorite if you had to, like give one recipe as we wrap up? Of like, this is our favorite drink? This is this is my company signature drink? Like do you have one? Like, what would it be? What's it called?
I have a really hard time picking something up that because typically like bartenders, I mean, in my personal experience and like all of my friends and everything else. Bartenders are lazy drinkers. Give me bourbon on the rocks, I will do something very, very simple or like a Kentucky mule or just something so simple. Because when I'm personally making it, like when I'm not working for somebody else, like, I just want to be simple. Like I don't want like I just want to enjoy the taste. I want to enjoy like a good bourbon or like a good. I also really, really like tequila. I really like tequila. And you know, I'll just drink tequila on the rocks with a little splash. Yeah, maybe a little bit of mineral water. You know, but other than that, I mean, I usually just keep it absolutely simple for what I'm trying to do, because I don't want to break out, you know, all the pomp and circumstance for for something that I'm just gonna I'm just gonna have one or two good drinks. And
yeah, have you done all the tequila tasting in Mexico?
I actually so I fly hot air balloons as a hobby. And what
I just wrote in my, my first hot air balloon in Egypt, it was anyway, you told a story. So it was crazy.
So I've been trying to fly them. So I've been traveling with my buddy Jordan, we've been going down to Laos and Mexico and Central Mexico, have become really good friends with some people down there. And we actually this past November had a fantastic opportunity with one of our crew members. He took us out to his family property where we actually went out to the agave fields. An incredible meal together. Just they just the whole thing was incredible. I mean, the uncle owns the property. Luis Danny's brother manages the fields and everything else. And then his cousin is the one that makes the tequila. Just super, super cool experience and they make some really good really high end tequila
and you went up and down to the hot air balloon.
Yeah, we've been flying there for we go down for the same event. Like I said, I think this was my, this this year this coming November will be my eighth year down there.
I never realized how I mean, that the weather, it really depends on the weather with the hot air balloons. Well, so I've signed up for years, you know, and all these different trips that I'm on and stuff like there's a hot air balloon because I want to get the aerial shot, right? I want it to look like a drone is soaring over the city that I'm in. And so always sign up. But then the first one that I actually got to go because the weather was always bad, and you had to give it 330 In the morning for this sun. I'm like, Oh my God, you know, you already heard me say I'm not a morning person. But this day in Egypt recently, it was like, okay, the weather is cooperating. And today is the day that I actually get to go up at a hot air balloon. But I was like, half asleep, you know, rotting there. And what what I was told was gonna be this luxury hot air balloon experience. You kind of like make things up in your head. And so what I was thinking was gonna happen. And then what actually happened. I'm like, Oh, my God. First off, the balloons are flippin huge.
You're probably yet probably what like 12 to
30 people.
Three big baskets, big basket, Big Blue.
And so we are shipped over to this island, like you like all the like a scene of Breaking Bad kinda. And then I don't mean that in a bad way. But it kind of was like just uncomfortable. So we're just like going all these vans. And there's like hundreds of people that do this, like three times a week that just go ride balloons. Yeah, it was a lot of people, then you get on these boats, these little bitty boats, and you have to be taken on a boat to this little island where all these balloons are. And it was just, it was hot. Like, it was hot. In fact, I had a viral Tiktok for doing a dance in the hot air balloon. I mean, I wasn't really like dancing that much like and it wasn't even my idea. It was someone else's idea on that. They're like, ah, let's do this. I was like, okay, and a girl freaked out. She freaked she and it we weren't even like moving. It was just I was like, we're just moving our bodies, and it's over in 13 seconds. I mean, she flipped and she was like, in another basket. I don't know it. And then I felt so sorry. But she was having a panic attack. And her husband, like another man went on there. And then her husband were like trying to talk her down. And then her kids were like her, it was a mess. It was just a mess. So it's like why did people make those decisions to go up in a balloon? If they she, she was like, I'm just afraid of heights. I mean, we weren't making the balloon do that. It wasn't us. Like it was just like the tip of the iceberg for her. And then once we started rocking back and forth, and she was like, Oh, my God, but have you encountered people like that?
I personally, I mean, everybody that I've ever flown with has always been extremely comfortable. Yeah, but I'm also not flying in a basket with 30 people. Usually, I mean, usually we're in smaller baskets, smaller balloons. So we you know, at most I mean, we'll have three, four people in the basket. So it
was not safe what we were doing. Oh, no. Oh, that was
totally safe. It was just a matter of that one person who was already uncomfortable with it in the first place. Yeah, you know that that was just a bit of a trigger for them. And like they became real uncomfortable because they're just nervous in the first place.
Yeah. And so I was just like, oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. Her husband's like, it's not your fault, blah, blah, blah. And I'm like, Oh, wow. I mean, we went from like here to here, but it was just that breaking point. And then so they decided to end like end early and like, bring it down. And I think I'm pretty sure where we landed was not at all weather, we should have landed.
Well, you know where you're going to start. You never know where you're going to land. But like
in them. I mean, these these ever. It was like, taller than me. Like one of the gods is like, do you want to ride on my back to get out of this? I was like, Yes, I don't want my feet. I mean, I'm allergic to outside pretty much. Like I can't touch any of these plates. I'm gonna break out I'm gonna edit all over. It was like a whole thing. And it was a great experience once we were up there. But then like, what a beautiful thing today like you just feel so like carefree. It's
my I was lucky enough that my aunt won a raffle. Her daughter didn't want to go with her. She took me and then come to the so the house that I told you. I actually bought it from the pilot that I went on my first balloon ride with. That's so cool, small world, just random.
Everything comes full circle. It's a great way to end. Thank you so much. Thank you for being part of this event. And I'm excited for tomorrow. Absolutely. If people want to get in touch with you and connect with you what's the best way
you can reach out to us on our premier port bartending website, which is just premier
And we'll put it in the show notes so you guys can check it out. You'll have a cool Instagram.
Thank you punch. So
if you want to go and follow along and get some drink ideas and just like fun things and your bars are cute. Oh, thank you. Like I like how y'all do all like yeah, we We're looking at all the custom stuff was really neat. Yeah, custom is good and it makes it memorable. So it's like just take a step further of like, making memories of it. It's a great story. People understand the why. Thanks so much for watching. Thanks for tuning in. And be sure to tune in next week to another episode of business unveiled by Oh, that's it for this week's episode of business unveiled. Now that you have all the tools that you need to conquer the world and GSD get shit done. Would you share this with your friends and fellow business leaders? One thing that would really really help us and help new listeners is for you to rate the show, and leave a comment and Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in and listen to business unveiled. You can check out the show notes at Angela and link up with us on social media so you can share your biggest insights and I want to know your aha moments. Until next week, remember the profitable shifts and structures you're creating in your business help you be more present in your life. So get out there and GSD



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