The Unstoppable Woman Podcast

The Unstoppable Woman Podcast

I am so excited to have been a guest on the Unstoppable Woman Podcast with Amira Alvarez! In this episode we’re talking all about how to take a hobby and turn it into a successful business. Angela shares her experience of growing her company to an 8-Figure business, where she now dedicates her time and energy to help you do the same. You’ll learn the productivity strategies and tactics that any side hustler turned business owner can use to grow their revenues and Get Shit Done. Listen in to get expert knowledge and tools, including how to make time work for YOU.

What To Listen For

  • Are you busy doing the things you want to do?
  • Setting boundaries to reflect your self worth
  • The 4 P’s – People, Processes, Productivity, Profit
  • What is your vision? You have to know where you want to go
  • Learn to relinquish some control to better your business


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