The What’s Your Problem Podcast
  • December 8, 2022
  • GSD Creative

Jim McCarthy is one of those guys that just keeps popping up in your life; for the good… The first time I met him, I was recording my very first radio commercial and I had prepared a script that I was given by the brand that I was working with. And I practiced, and practiced, and practiced to memorize it! And Jim tricked me, he just got me to talking and we were just bullshitting, literally for 10 minutes! Then I said: when are we gonna start? I was waiting for him to countdown 3, 2, 1, recording. And then he said “we're done”. And I said “what do you mean?” Apparently, he was already recording the whole time that we talked and I was worried because I was cussing left and right!! Anyway, the commercial turned out great!!

Then I learned that Jim was an emcee for special events, so we started to hire him for weddings and events because he has the most incredible voice ever!!

And then one day, my car caught on fire so I drove a rental car for a month until I can car shop. So I walk into the Mercedes dealership, an lo and behold… Jim is there working in the dealership! I would've bought a car with him but I didn't go with the Mercedes. But wait there's more…

One of our long time clients who we do multiple events for, we planned had a celebration of life for her late child. And when we asked for an audio, she said she had a guy… Well guess who the guy was? Yep. It was Jim!! At this heart wrenching event, he told me he was starting a podcast and getting into the podcasting world, and I had my podcast since 2017; so that reconnected us. He was a guest on my podcast, I was a guest on his podcast; this is the second time I'm a guesting on his podcast. We hired him to do voiceovers for GSD commercials, and for some of our client needs.

I love how he is serving the middle Tennessee business community, by helping them share their story through the power of podcasting. I was honored to be invited for the second time, to share how we have shifted the GSD headquarters post COVID into a fun movement factory.

So here we go in Jim's words:

Money can always be made, time is gone for good. Being the productivity expert she is, Angela Proffitt joins us again to talk about how to make your life more efficient and productive. From Angela: “A southern gal with a potty mouth, unafraid to admit when I don’t know something, with a no-holds barred approach to always finding a way to make things happen. Being raised in a small town in Tennessee with an undercover drug detective as a father and a God-fearing woman as a momma, I was sheltered. I was unaware that there was this world of successful entrepreneurs who start their own businesses, who have control of their days, and who make a lot of money doing it. And now, I’m that person. I’m proud to be this short, little, blonde girl who has taken a hobby and turned it into an award-winning 8-figure business where now I can dedicate my time and energy to helping you do the same.”

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