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Here we go with episode 4 of my special series to share inspirational, time saving information to take your business to the next level with TECHNOLOGY! Are you excited or what?! Listen below:)

Someone once told me that teaching about technology is not only dull but also “not sexy.” Ok I get the first one…but the second? I’m 98% and a half of a cheez-it sure the second was mentioned after several beverages. But I digress.


So, can I share with you one of the scariest things I’ve ever witnessed? I was in a room, roughly 15×15, in a building that was unpredictable, dark with no windows.  Sitting across from one of my team members, I watched the twisted facial expressions, the long exhales and then I heard it…


It was faint, but the sound made a clicking noise. Over and over and over again. I asked my team member “did you hear that?” Their response: “oh yea it’s my computer!” Insert here, dramatic “jaws” theme song.


Ok, well maybe I exaggerated and it wasn’t that scary. But that day I found out that my team member hadn’t set up their tap instead of click, three finger drag, two finger tap and the cherry on top. They were tasked with moving pictures from their desktop <that’s another story> to dropbox. This was happening at a whopping speed of 1 picture per 30 seconds. That day I was able to teach “command + a, shift + direction buttons” and I set up their computer.


I still have nightmares, occasionally. And I see you slightly making fun of me. So let me ask you…has this ever happened to you?


For more terribly, awful, funny stories be sure to listen to this week’s episode and check below for our upcoming Let’s Get Tech Savvy” workshop.


I see you, you’re amazing, now let’s rock this business world together,




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