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Let’s be honest, creating timelines is not the most fun part of being a wedding planner. It’s much better to be out getting the bride down the aisle or designing a fabulous event than to be toiling over a Word document or a spreadsheet. Sure, timelines are an essential part of the planning process to ensure our weddings go according to plan, so we have to do them. But most planners (even us who are amazing at logistics and organization) are spending more time on our timelines than is necessary, and it’s hurting our business!

Thankfully, Timeline Genius was designed for wedding planners by wedding planners to eliminate stress and save hours creating timelines.

Timeline Genius is totally customizable and easy to use. Every planner has her own unique way of doing timelines. That’s why Timeline Genius lets you totally customize your timelines. You can add and remove items and format your timelines the way you like. Answer some basic questions about your wedding, then click a button, and presto! You've got a professional, custom-made timeline. Their templates are based on the best timelines from planners across the country, and they're tailored just for you by their own new technology.

Ok, so Timeline Genius is customizable and easy to use, but you’re probably asking, “What benefits does it offer me?”

-Timeline Genius saves you precious time! Our average user completes her timeline in 30% less time than she did before. How many hours would you save this year if you spent 30% less time creating all your timelines? And if you saved that time, could you spend it doing something else that’s more valuable for your business than unnecessary timeline work? Please say “yes”

-You save stress and enjoy your job more! You don’t have to be constantly worried about making embarrassing mistakes in your timelines – like forgetting to change a name or a date, or getting your timeline items out of order. Timeline Genius automatically helps you prevent these types of mistakes, so you keep your great professional reputation with your clients.

-Your vendor contact section is created automatically! No more searching online and digging through old timelines to find vendor contact information. Timeline Genius saves all of your vendor contacts, so you can easily add them to your timelines.

-With Timeline Genius, you start your timelines with a template that’s already customized for your event. The software asks you upfront for the information about your wedding (bride and groom names, venues, ceremony date, religious tradition, travel times, and so on). Then you click a button and get a template with the correct starting information. So you won’t be spending your time replacing bride names, vendor names, incorrect dates, etc. You have the right timeline items listed, and they're all set at logical times. Yeah, it's kinda magical!

-When you shift one timeline item by some amount of time, you can automatically shift any number of other timeline items by the same amount. You’re no longer going to be changing all the times one by one. When you move the first look photos by 30 minutes, you can click a button to move all the other items too. And there won’t be any mistakes.

-You can create your wedding party timeline with the click of a button. And if you make changes to your master timeline, those changes are automatically applied to your wedding party timeline.

-You can instantly create tailored timelines for any of your vendors. Want the DJ to see a timeline that just shows his items? It’s a cinch. Think your vendors will appreciate the extra convenience you’re giving them? Probably so. Now they don’t have to dig through the whole timeline to find their items.

-You can download all of your timelines as professional PDFs and then easily email them to your clients and vendors.

-You increase your professionalism. You’re organized, and your timelines are all consistent. They look great with your logo nicely displayed at the top to make the right impression on clients. And all your timelines are in one centralized place where you can easily search through them.

When you start using Timeline Genius, you’re going to feel a confidence that comes from knowing you’re working more efficiently. Imagine breezing through your timelines in less time and impressing your clients, your vendors, and your team. Ultimately, Timeline Genius is here to help you keep elevating your professionalism and building your business.

Now you can use it too! This is the easiest, most affordable way to get a professional wedding day timeline, and I am so honored to be a Timeline Genius Ambassador. It gives me more time to work on my business, not just in my business. To see how Timeline Genius can help you and for your free trial, visit www.timelinegenius.com/angelaproffitt.

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