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I’ll admit it. I’m a bit obsessive about notification hoarders. And if you’re asking yourself right now, “what is that?” Well…it’s the little red number that pops up next to applications when you’re sent a notification. I’ve travelled far and wide and I’ve seen many things. However there is nothing more disturbing than when someone has many overlooked email notifications.  

Friend, this is a safe place, and if you’re one of those, I’m here to help. This week’s episode focuses on a concept I like to call “email jail.” We’ve all been, we’ve done our time and now let’s get out!  Yes, I’ve crafted the perfect escape plan that has helped hundreds of people like yourself prioritize, be productive and avoid those pesky little notifications. Join me for this week’s episode by clicking below.

I see you, you’re amazing…now let’s rock this business world together,


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