Top Tips for Shopping at Market
  • February 2, 2023
  • GSD Creative

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Do you remember your first time? Haha… I know what you’re thinking… that’s not what I mean. I’m talking about the first time you did something new! And what you learned from your experience. I recently traveled to the Atlanta Market to shop for a client and it brought back all the memories of the first time I went and let me tell you, I had no clue what I was doing!

So that made me think… If I am feeling overwhelmed my first time… someone else has to be feeling this way too! Ya know!?

Maybe if I shared my experience, it could help someone else when they experience market for the first time. So tune in because I’m going to share all my “Top tips for shopping at market”

And if you never plan to go to market, these tips can apply to any trip, conference, travels and more! Think outside of the box!

And oh by the way, there’s a super fun story (LIKE WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!)  about how I was followed! Yes, (YEP!) I’m talking followed through market… they thought I was a spy, make sure to listen and I’ll give you all the deets!

I’ll share insight on the communication tool we use in PHASE 1 of the GSD Framework and how I personally used it to confidently tell these undercover security people I was NOT working for another country!!!

GSD Overview:

*Avoid the unneeded stress in your life and PLAN ahead; use my TOP TIPS to plan ahead for a market, a conference or even a trip
*Save a TON of time, stress and MONEY by knowing THE right questions to ask UP FRONT to pre quality so you don’t waste your time
*How to use our GSD communication tool to stay calm under pressure, and I will show you how you can,  put it into play…. real time

Now I got ya thinking’! I hope! Read more on the blog and get my top 10 MUST have items for market or a conference so you can plan ahead and avoid the stress! 


*Tennis Shoes
*Battery Bank
*Phone stabilizer tripod
*Download the App – AmericasMart
*Physical or digital business cards
*Portable powerbank and cords
*Tape Measure


Tips & Preparation:

*Register online ahead of time
*Make sure your budget is set for wha you are shopping ofr
*Ask if vendors have:
– order minimums
– deadlines for shipping and show specials
– ALLOW photo/video in the showroom
*Make sure your phone has enough storage space to hold the photos and video that you take
*Understand the flow and directions of the buildings for example:
*B1.F17.A23 = Building 1, Floor 17
*Elevators can take FOREVER so find escalator and/or steps
*Consider booking a spa appointment in advance, especially for reflexology on your feet

If you will be going to market in Atlanta next time, reach out and let’s have a reunion (if there is TIME!!).  

Happy Shopping! Now go GSD!


I do a live last night and Instagram Live. I was like 30 minutes long telling this crazy story that happens to me and mark it yesterday in Atlanta. I wanted to post it to the grid and and then a long time and I kind of forgot, if you don't post it within 15 minutes you lose it.

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Here I go. Spending like two and a half hours writing out this beautiful story. I was like so proud of myself because I'm not a copywriter. And like put emojis and like just put a lot of heart and effort into it and like tagged people and was like very strategic. But I was like so laser focused, then I gotta post it after working on it for like two and a half hours watching it and editing it and oh, my God. And then I post it and then it like doesn't make it to the grid. And I keep looking and looking and refreshing. I'm like, it's probably my internet. Oh my gosh, I'm like, You know what, you seem to go to bed, Angela. And then when you wake up in the morning, maybe it will magically appear to be on the grid? Well, of course before I went to sleep, I Googled how long does it take for your Instagram lab to process to post on the grid. If you don't do it within 15 minutes of the lab, you've lost it. I freaking love market and I love shopping for other people and I love it's like a game. It's like a hunt and I have my process down I feel like this needs to be like a tick tock sound there's that tick tock sound that's like I'm reading off a two cups of coffee and get it at it. And it's like I can't use that sound. I don't drink coffee. I get inspiration. I had the best flip in day to day anyway, that's different with different podcasts. But I lost my train of thought I've been in three different time zones. last 72 hours. I'm not complaining, you know, I do it to myself. Unplanned things happen, right like this past week at the airport. And all this stuff has happened with flights and things being grounded. And I was in the middle of all that. I woke up the morning that I was just leaving India and my flight was just canceled and it happened twice for people who aren't like loyal to a brand and you're not a member of like a program for an airline. You should be 100% and screw all the sale fair bullshit to say $30 Like, brand loyalty is everything and status is everything. They rebooked my flight, they answered my phone call within four minutes, they gave me a $400 voucher, I get upgraded to first class all the time, their customer service is incredible. I'm forever a united fan girl. And that's why I just have gratitude towards it. And so like little things here and there. You can't get upset about it. But what really sucks I lost two full shopping days at market usually is like three buildings. They're 20 to 25 floors. 20 I'm not exaggerating, either. Every building sounds like something different. For example, building one is Christmas stuff. And by the way, you have to order that shit in January if you want it by November 1. We learned it the hard way. It was really funny. We were the very first time this is years ago in July. We're like picking out all these Christmas decorations and I had no clue how it worked right? Like I didn't know the questions to ask. So that's how I'm gonna go over Hear too, sometimes I'm like, how do we even make like how do we make it in life sometimes, but God puts the right people in our life to like, make sure that we know what we're doing or we don't get screwed, right? Build relationships with the right people just because of a gut feeling like because it feels good. It's all about how you feel, and the vibe, oh my gosh, like I met three awesome, good business owners and entrepreneurs alike. My most favorite was Ron, he mapping out cities and countries and like I'm designing a whole wall and a whole backdrop of all the countries that we were in last year and using that as inspiration to be a backdrop to some of the workshops that we're doing. If you want us to come to your city or your country, or your state or your continent, and you want to be on the board next year, reach out to us like let's GSD there's a whole circle, a whole marketing program behind it to like, bring people together and bring those gaps together. Oh my god, I keep going on tangent. Oh, my next favorite was this pot store. So there's all these little pots and like I teach like for processes. I like to use the bucket analogy, because I love the beach and I think of like a sand bucket buckets are plastic. They look a little cheap. And I mean, we're not a cheap brand. We're a luxury brand. Trend alert pots are everywhere. I mean, all kinds of really cool pies, big pots, little pots, mini pots, square pots around pots, oval pots, Diamond was a surgical shit texture, non tech colors. I went into the store, this lady saw me like, I'm psycho li over here like matching colors like looking to see if they have the colors if there's in our psychology methodology of the pots.
Y'all would guard like, the cutest things ever. They have these little saucers and they have the perfect four colors. I could just cry like the heaviest tears ever right now. Like I could fly. It was like a fly moment. Oh my god, like they're, they're perfect. So like on day one, we will go through the communication workshop, which is all about how people perceive you and then understanding how to customize the message the way they need to hear it. Oh, there's a cop. Okay. Sure. What was I saying? So then, okay, yeah, and then step two is the processes which used to be the time buckets, we're gonna go over the time buckets. But now we're gonna do Tom pots. And so it's like you're planting your pot with like, clean, good soil. If you're going to grow your soil, or grow, you've got to be good to your soil, and putting like this whole story together around anyway, I was excited. We were getting these pots for this the second like, exercise here. And then also the other takeaway thing, too, is we are printing some paper and some notepads and some little planners, because I know that like if you listen to some of my stuff, proto COVID I'm like, no paper, no paper, no paper, you're crazy newspaper. Like, let me clarify. I use paper all the time when I'm doing strategy. I mean, I've ADHD so bad, I can't sit still. I can't even drive somewhere and sister like, I gotta talk to you. I gotta get the energy out. Oh, my God. And I got a McDonald's Coke, which I never do. I'm feeling recoding like eight months, because I'm just tired. Like this will help keep me awake. If I do a podcast. I use like motor oil. Anyway, we're going to do pots, tying the story back to the psychology and then when we mix people up in groups, the colors in the pots the order will all be based on their numbers that they will be identifying in part one of the people face in GST like so excited. So then step three is productivity is all about like the wellness, like we've got these cool pedometers and like these cool lunch bags, there were so many good things at market. Good swag, like cool shit like useful shit. And in the profit piece, which is content creation, creating content, sharing your story. Using a ring light having a power bank, I have to charge my phone multiple times a day, my iCloud is full again. I'm already paying like $10 a month, you can't get any more space there, my phone quit syncing to the cloud, and then my content doesn't sync and it's just puts me behind. Anyway, we're following that framework. I was sharing it with like some of these different vendors that I met today, I put like a full blown ass marketing plan together and like two hours in drew it all out. I didn't pull it on microphones to do a legit podcast. I didn't know like how good and deep it was gonna get. But it got so good. And I'm like, no need to take my mics out, but it was just killed about. It's not about that. It's not about being perfect. It's about the moment and we were so in the moment and it was so good. There were so many good connections. Oh, and then the whole reason I'm in market is I'm shopping, I'm shopping for clients. I have my little process. These are just some tips with market. So the first thing is wear tennis shoes, dress comfortable, doesn't have time to be cute. So people like bring those wheel bag things I use those all the time but not at market like I want to walk fast. I want to move I really wanted I took my backpack yesterday which was not a good idea. And then today I just took my little private pouch which was Much better. It's like just the necessity things because you can do everything you need on your phone, I would take some business cards, but I would do like an electronical business card. And people can scan a QR code and then it can go to, you know, electronical business card. There's one that I use when I do conferences that I absolutely love. I think it's like 150 bucks a year. But it also gives me the analytics and it tells me like, what people were clicking on and what people are interested in. If you're trying to make marketing decisions, you're not blindly trying to figure out and then you can also reorder your buttons based on what people are clicking on. Because what you think is the most important may not be the most important to your consumer, and you're completely missing the mark. And if you're not looking at your Google Analytics, at least monthly to know what is happening on your site, you might want to start doing that. You can just make better decisions. There's so many rabbit hole tangents in this but there are some takeaways, a promise, a promise, a promise back to my favorite people that I met today. Okay, Dennis, Dennis the Menace. So I actually have to sit down and start organizing all this stuff for one of the clients that I was there for on Marco Polo him and a consultant that oversees things with them. And I like this is my process, I go shop, I figure out what I like, we had a vision meeting beforehand. And we've done stuff for this client for years. So they kind of know how it works. I give them ideas, I take pictures of everything. And then they all go into Dropbox. Or if everybody has apple, we share in our photo folder, there's multiple ways that you can color code it, store it, put it in another folder, a Favorites folder, or just simply tell us the number of the image and what you liked about it. And then I went back and like match the numbers to the vendor. So what I do is I take Well, first off, I start at the top floor, no, let me back up, I usually go to the vendors that I know that we're going to buy from first, and I know what floors they're on. If you've never been before, you definitely want to do all your homework, go through the vendors, and do like a Google sheet of like what building they're in. You've got your building your floor, your corridor, you got your different escalators in different elevators is the most fucking confusing thing ever. If you don't know what the hell you're doing, even with all the good signage, it's so over. Well, I mean, luckily, it's not my first rodeo. So I mean, I kind of know what I'm doing. And I still get lost. I knew I was going to do building one on the first day, I start it on the two most important floors. Then I started the very top and I worked my way to the bottom. Well, I did that yesterday. And I had to stop it for eight because they closed and even though they closed at six, I stayed till eight and I walked as many floors as I could just to get an idea of what I wanted to go to today, I work the outside and then I work the inside. Because every floor is a huge square. That is literally the size of a super Walmart or Super Target on every single floor. And there's 20 fours, it's insane. But in building one is like decor for special occasions, things like that you just you got to know where your stuff is building to is like gifting retail stores, swag China home furnishing things, rugs, tons and tons and tons and tons of furniture got some amazing designers and amazing artist and just some of the coolest shit. Then you've got the temporary booths, which a lot of those are like Shark Tank winners and or people that got exposure on Shark Tank and their sales shot up or people launching new products, which I freaking love because like I love working with startups, and like setting them their companies off on the right foot from the very bottom level going in. Because a lot of young entrepreneurs and I don't mean age, but people who don't know what they don't know when they get an entrepreneurship. I mean, there's people that retire when they're 50. And then they get into entrepreneurship and like they just very young entrepreneur, they don't they haven't had to do all of these things. And it's like a huge learning curve. My God, what was I saying? Tips back to tips for market. Okay, the directions, the directions are very important. Paying attention to your map, the app that they have is pretty friggin awesome. It'll give you directions and you can like search by vendor. A lot of times our clients, they don't know exactly what they're looking for, and they can't put their finger on it. So it's kind of like one mile like a scavenger hunt game. But again, I love it. One of our clients he's like, so all of those things are beautiful, and it looks like it would go in a luxury boutique hotel, which completely fits. But I don't know what this is. And so it was just funny. He's like, no owls. I was like, Oh, that's right. It's only bears like thank you so much for inviting me. I just get so carried away and like let's just have a forest of like ornaments that I see these things and I just loves them and it gives me oh my God, I need to get off shit. I just miss my exit. Oh, I can go this way too. I rather finish this podcast. Oh wait Murfreesboro I can still go this way. Well other tips I sit down to organize my thoughts for this one client because I had to like I only had an hour left it is I feel like I'm on like that TV show, I don't even know what this game is where you like shop for groceries or something, they hit go and you go through and like grab as many groceries as you can and run the bill up as much as you can, then whoever like at checkout, you know, and then they bagged them and take them home anyway, I feel like it's that kind of thing. It's just like a race. And some vendors have really hard stops with deadlines with free shipping and which is a major thing like, but you have to know the things to ask like,
what's the minimum order a lot of them, when you open an account, you have to have $500 minimum, you have to be a business owner to get in, you have to register, you have to pay the membership fee. You know, there's a lot of paperwork, essentially that you have to do it not anybody can just walk in there, which is going to play into my story in a moment of me being accused for working for a Chinese company capturing photo and video to sell them images of these products so that they can reproduce them and sell them on Amazon for a third of the price. I never even thought it out. I'd never even thought of small business owners and artists and designers having to deal with that shit. I didn't and I have empathy for them. But the way that they went about it, I'm just still kind of like in shock. I'm like, Is this a joke? Like, is my brother playing a joke on me? Like, are there cameras on me? And someone's gonna pop out and be like, I'm still just like, Is this real life? I'm so tired and lethargic. I'm like, is this real? Yeah, it was real right when I got to market. So I noticed so many inefficiencies don't like taking notes because I'll tell them like I'll email them or DM them eventually I'm probably will make them a video or things that they really did great since COVID. And then there's some things where they did a great job training their temporary staff. Again, there's just some real inefficiencies the way that they talk to people. Thank God I'm like Miss psychologists analyzing everything over here. The basically four different showrooms again, the showrooms are humongous. There's people every way or are my god, I gotta turn on gpsr China and the personalities and people thinking that I was there to like, be a spa for like a Chinese company or something. I guess they could look at my social media and see me dancing all over the world. But the good thing is, is I haven't been dancing in China. We don't really work in China. I think I've been there once to Macau five or six years ago, maybe first guy came up to me. I don't even have my gimbal out. It was just me and my phone. And my little backpack. I was in a company t shirt with a company water bottle had my badge which was a little confusing. It didn't have GST creative. Angela Proffitt, it had Angela Jung profit and then it had Angela Proffitt. confusing, right. So I don't know what happened there. I never use my middle name for anything. Chinese working for them. What the hell? So this first guy comes up to me in a showroom. Now all four of them are men. 50 year old plus nice suits. The first showroom, the guy comes up to me and he was like, he kind of like whispers in my ear. And he's like, Hey, you're not working for China. Aria? Did they send you here to take photos and video of our products? So you could send it back to them? And they sell them on Amazon for the third of the price. I'm like, I literally, like look around. And I'm like, is he talking to me? And I just started so I burst out laughing I said 11? And he's like, Yeah, I mean, you've been in here taking a lot of photos, photos and videos. I've been watching you like you know what you're doing? And I'm like, I don't even have my gimbal out. I don't even have my Facebook classes. I don't have any gadgets. I don't have a tripod like nothing. Like what makes people think that I'm like, Oh, do you not allow photo video? And he was like we do we do. We're just really sensitive to it. Because there's people that come in here who are not legit businesses, and we don't know how they get in, but they're being paid by Chinese companies. And I'm like, you're serious. And he was like, Yes, I'm serious. And he's like, so I just think that you should be aware of that. And he's like, the last market there was a professional photographer with his camera taking pictures and he said a lot of professionals come in here, designers with their photo and their video people and but most of the designers have a rep and they have a relationship and so somebody within the showroom knows who you are, and how much money and revenue your company brings in and that you're you know, you're not affiliated with anything bad. I was like, wow, I I didn't know any of this. I was like, that sucks that small businesses have to frickin worry about that, like, I have no idea. I'm like, but by the way, too, I'm not. I'm not videoing. Like, I'm not getting video and photo for any other purpose than sharing with my clients. And I'm Marco Polo with my clients. I'm not even videoing. And he's like, what's that? And like, oh, the number one communication app in my head. It's amazing. And it's efficient. And I showed him I'm like, Look, these are some of my clients, like, we're Marco Polo, and I made him play. I'm like, but this is my process. I'll show him everything. And I upload the pictures on my clients. I've never met them in person ever. We know each other through Marco Polo and zoom. Like, it's just we have, but we have a great relationship, because we're good communicators, and we have a common goal. He said, This guy who acted like he couldn't speak English, actually, was from China. And so they took his camera security. And then they opened him up to pull those SD cards out. When they did that he started speaking English row. Well, when he was like, you don't have the authority to open my camera like that without a warrant and take my SD cards out. The guard was like, Oh, so now you can suddenly speak English. Okay, and he shouldn't have been there. It's just crazy. To me. That was the first guy. He's like, I just don't want you to get thrown out. I'm like, Oh, my God, thank you so much for the heads up. And I guess he was just orange. Like he was more playful the way he delivered the message. And in my head, I'm thinking, have you had a son? Not that I would have been paying attention, or I would have seen it. But you had a son. Then they said like, no photo video, or the photo video is limited, or something like that. But they definitely trained them. And they definitely gave them a script. Because all four men followed the script. They did. But that's not what this is about. It's the way they delivered the message to me, based on their personality, not my personality. So then the second store I was in, a guy came up to me and definitely got more gold green. Because the way he delivered the message, he said, Excuse me, ma'am, you've been in here taking some photos and videos for a while. What is your business, I'm here for a client to do just did I'm doing some design for the restaurant. He's like, well, we'd really like for you to limit it because we've been having people come in, and they're hired by Chinese company. And then they sell the photo video and then they recreate our products and you're getting follow the script, but it was just his demeanor. The other guy said it with a smile. And he was like, Haha, you know, like, Hey, I'm like, giving you a get out of jail card because you don't know what you don't know. And then this other guy was like, these are the rules, and you need to follow them, then he kind of made me feel like I need to apologize. I'm so sorry. But I'm actually not videoing. I'm Marco Polo and my clients and nobody knows what Marco Polo is. Next workshop I would love to teach is how to use Marco Polo for communication to streamline miscommunication, because text and emails creates so much miscommunication Marcopolo you can see my face you know exactly what I mean. know exactly what I'm thinking there is no no no room for error. Okay? Now sometimes I do leave out part of the story go off on a tangent. And then my team is confused. So they get as many clarification like pass cards as they need. I think this next guy was just kind of green gold. The third guy was the best, definitely green, very reserved, very reserved. And he didn't approach me so nicely. He's very calm. But he comes right up to me. And he's like, man, before you walk into a showroom and start taking pictures and videos, you should ask the policy. I'm like, Oh, I'm not taking video. We're taking photos on Marco Polo and a client. And I'm waiting for him to say well what is Marco Polo? Is he did it was it's video texting. So it's just an efficient way for me to get my design ideas out of my head so I can show my clients give them inspiration than I do take pictures I put them into Dropbox the client goes in, marks the ones they want or gives me the numbers that they like I go back I look at my pictures. I see what place it was I see what building it was in. I see what floor it was on. I see what corridor it was in what elevator what escalator I need to take to get up to that store to be efficient, make the purchase, get the 25% off showroom or Show special get free shipping, I know that the minimum is $500 or 1000. If you have to get a full pallet, I know that we have to order by March 1 But to get it by November 1 Because the day before ask all the questions right? So you just got to learn these things the hard way. You know these are just some of the tips that why people want to pay somebody who knows what they're doing to not only get the unique designs based on personality, but you know how the relationship with the vendors I couldn't take it anymore was like okay, if you would had a son posted. I don't know if I would have seen the sun because I don't pay attention that either but at least you like Make an effort to communicate to your potential customer he like comes in at me on like all these questions. So he's like, so what do you do? What is your business? Where are you from? What is that? What does that mean? What do you mean? Like they don't tell your life story but like, aren't about to close, like I'm kind of in a hurry here. As I'm backing away, right as we're having a conversation, I'm backing away, which is a cue to you that we're done here. And I'm now exiting, like, Okay, I'm goodnight, I am walking, there's like four different floors. And I'm walking around multiple floors multiple times no
rhyme or reason, there were very specific vendors that I wanted to see. And the elevators and escalators were just like, they were all taken forever. So I've made a priority list. And usually I would go to everything on the same floor, but it was just a little haywire. And like, there's people everywhere, I was definitely paying attention. Because I'm looking for very specific things as I walk as fast as my little legs, short legs can. So I'm making a video of myself talking. And I'm walking but so I'm like looking forward and like looking left looking right at all the different things and getting ideas and inspiration and I'll see something, stop, take a picture, do a quick video Marcopolo somebody and just keep going, I don't need a lot of time, like I know exactly what I'm looking for. I know what I want when I see it. And or I get inspired. So I'll stop again, make a video and keep going. So he's down at the end of the hallway. And like leaning up against like talking on the phone, which you know, when you're like really on the phone. And then there's times where you're acting like you're on the phone, but you're not really on the phone, you're just trying to make it to the grocery store without someone stopping you and asking you your business. And so you just keep your headphones in as if you're on a phone call, you're not available for conversation to the outside world. That's usually the cue that headphones would give you. And apparently I'm not really good at cues. But I do know that one, like, especially if I have my big headphones on, like, don't talk to me, I don't want to talk to you. I got shit to do. But anyway, so that's the first time I noticed him. And I'm like, I'm having fun. I did take my little microphones with me. But after all that happened, I'm like, Oh my God, then they're gonna think I'm an undercover fucking news reporter or something. And I don't want to cause any trouble. I'm just trying to effectively and productively shot for my freaking clients. And I do love video. And I love inspiring the outside world. I mean, so many positive things to it, right? I'm on a different floor. And I'm walking down the hallway, when he comes out, right he this way. We were gym clothes, he changed clothes. And maybe this is all coincidence. And maybe he was off work. And he was going to the gym and I made eye contact with this guy more than four times. So again, thinking I'm being punked by my brother, the security video probably is like having a heyday with me. And I'm like, You know what, I'm gonna do a lab. And I'm gonna tag a Mayor Mark, and tell them like they do an excellent job training their security team. They all follow the script, but what they failed, is conveying the message the way I needed to hear it. Clearly. I'm very focused. I'm very passionate, I see something that like, inspires me, which makes me so happy. I'm so excited to share it with the client. I'm like in a fairy tale moment. And then you come up and talk to me like, how about this? My name is right here. Hi, Angela. I'm Baba. Baba from Lebanon, Tennessee. Are you a current client? What brings you in today? Some of you ordered with this before, do you? Do you have any experience with the company, this is how you write a script and you prequalify we are doing a show special it ends at midnight on Tuesday, we have free shipping with any orders over $2,500 We have a $500 minimum. And you know a few things have changed since COVID. Because we've been here for 23 years. And if you're already an existing customer and client, you know that we used to require that you do full crate packet full crates, you can now do half crates. So we are we're making it more affordable. And then we're waiving all the shipping because we have a new freight partner. And so they're educating but also telling me very quickly, this is what we do. Oh, and here's a QR code to our new catalog. Let's get your username and password and just make sure you can still log in and we did a brand refresh on the website. So I just want to log you in and make sure we can get you around on take two minutes. And then you can go around and here's the scanner and you can scan all the things that you like, I don't really have time for that right now. I actually walked around I already took pictures of everything. So can I have your email and I'm going to share the clients dropbox so he has all the images in it. Or better yet, I'll share it with you once I get with the client and then they tell me what they like and then I'll put it in a Google sheet if I put it in your order system and check the inventory and all that and then you know we can go from there. The fourth gentleman comes up to me and he says ma'am We don't allow photo and video in, in the store here. Did you take a video? Can you pull that up and show me and delete and I just bust out lab and I'm like, I'm not selling videos to China basically kind of finished his script for him, but I could tell he was either again, very gold green, very regimented, following the process, didn't crack a smile didn't make eye contact was very like matter of facts and aggressive. And he wasn't having it. I'm like, That's okay. I understand. I'm sorry that the small business owners are having this. But it would be helpful if there was like a really pretty sign. I mean, you guys have a beautiful storefront. And there could be a big sign that says, like, no photo video, because we're tired of people stealing our stuff and selling on amis, like, just let us know, but I can't buy from you. Because if I can't show my client, I'm not gonna go on your catalog and look through your 19,000 million pages catalog, like, that's where I'm at market, I'm visual, I need to see I want to see it and touch it and feel it. And I have a whole concept that I'm trying to put together for a new venue. So I need to see it in person, I'm not good with measurements. And then I go around, and I'll stand by things. So you can see like how big the lanterns are, like use my hand, I use my phone battery, you know, just so you can see how big things are and get an understanding, let's recap, take a backpack, don't make it heavy, don't put a bunch of shit in it, or take a roll bag. I like the roll bags better than have four wheels. Okay, this is what not to do. Don't take a fucking duffel bag, like this thinking you're gonna like, carry it around like don't just don't do that. The next one is get the app, get the app, look at some of the vendors products. Like for example, if you're looking for picture frames, you could search in picture frames. And we'll show you all the vendors that carry picture frames. And then wherever the building is, like make a Google Sheet, make sure you have the Google app and the sheets up on your phone. So you can like pull all this stuff up on your phone places where I built the relationships. And it was complete accident. I just stumbled upon it because I liked some of the things in the store. And then the people's energy and Bob match mine. When asked about doing like custom things and doing affiliate programs and doing partnerships and white labeling and, you know, are they open to this? I would do that. Like you just it just flows. It's just easy. And you vibe, right? Like you just know. So the third person was the scanning dentists, he and he branded himself. He's like, like Dennis the Menace. It's kind of like my last name Prophet, I have to spell it for every single thing. F is in fun, because we all want to have fun. And t is and Tom. And if you spend your time wisely, you can be present. And the payoff is fun. And if your life isn't fun, like what are you doing? We all need purpose. Then I go into preacher mode, a microphone, the client, I have now learned to ask for permission thank you as a price for making me self aware that I shouldn't just pull up a phone and video someone could ask for permission first. And I do and I mean it with all my heart. I'm like, is it okay? Can I just take your video so I can share it with my team because like I'm not going to remember how carpal tunnel so I don't want to write or it's just much faster if one guy was like, Oh, I don't really I was like it's okay, I don't want to show your face I'll video the products and then you can just talk I'm not gonna do anything with it is internal for our clients and our team so we can effectively communicate. That's it. I was like, Do you guys have tick tock used to get the Tick Tock and I'm like, oh my god, we got to do a tick tock, y'all. I did not do one tick tock at market. No one, I could go in and focus on notifications, not the only people I was talking to as my cons on Mark bolt, if you have traditional business cards I would recommend is doing a QR code that is on your phone that is marked in your favorites this at the top, you can pull it very quickly. People can scan it, and then it like has all your information there. They can save it in their contacts. There's a lot of different companies that offer that these days, it's more sustainable, it's trackable, you can get the analytics a little bit better than a business card. In my opinion. The elevators do take forever. If you want to get some steps in and really work it out. You can take the steps I would definitely either walk or like do Uber and if you do Uber when you leave, make sure you have power banks and cords photo video you need that if you have time because market does close at six. And so it's some of the places try to make a spa appointment in advance or at least for your feet reflexology and you've got to wear good tennis shoes. I love Skechers like I'm very very very specific because I've had foot surgery I've had a lot of problems with my knees my back being a gymnast. I'm not sponsored by Skechers yet, but like these like the memory, the ones that are walking all the time recap questions like you got to ask if they have a minimum do they? Do you have to purchase a whole pallet? What is the order deadline for the show sale? And what's the order deadline to place the order to get it in the time that you need it? What is shipping look like? Is it free? And and then just have a script and like Be prepared to introduce yourself as a buyer. And then if you're on the vendor side, like train your teams, like, teach them how to address uncomfortable situations. And yes, you can give them a script and they can follow it. But if they don't understand how to read the person's body language or their communication style, you can completely lose customers and lose business help you think through these things that cut I wish these types of videos existed when I was going through these things years ago, thank you for watching or listening and be sure to tune in next week for another episode of business unveiled.
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