Types of Facebook Advertising Part 2 of 3

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Types of Facebook Advertising
Part 2 of 3

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In case you missed our previous episode, it was our 200th Episode since starting Business Unveiled and we wanted to celebrate in a super fun way! We did something a little different this time… Business Unveiled is going on the road. That’s right. A road tour. As we wrap up the year 2020, a global pandemic and welcome 2021 what better time to celebrate than to start traveling again. In this episode I sit down with Aja Price, founder of Notably Gray to continue chatting about our top Facebook Advertising tips!

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  • Hire an expert with proven strategies and case studies to back it up
  • How to create a great lead magnet with a hook
  • Using Different copy and creative for your ads


Testing Equals Your Strategy

Providing Real Value is Key

Know Who You are Talking To


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Aja Price is a creative strategist and savvy copywriter with a passion for empowering women to plan for marketing success and encouraging young women to pursue entrepreneurship.Aja is the Founder and Chief Strategist for Notably Gray, a digital marketing company for creatives and women in business. With over 15 years in the hospitality industry and more than eight years in nonprofit, Aja's dynamic experience includes serving large brands: Hyatt, Marriott, and Girl Scouts.

Aja's most notable work includes several program initiatives written exclusively for Girl Scouts: Promise to Vote, a non-partisan program encouraging citizens to vote, and GEMS (Girls in Engineering Math and Science,) an immersive introduction STEAM program encouraging young women to pursue STEAM careers. Both programs continue today.

In both program initiatives, Aja successfully led a team in securing funding and strategic partnerships with the League of Women Voters, the Secretary of State, University of Kentucky, Western Kentucky University, Verizon, Dow Chemical Company, LG&E, and KU.

Currently, Aja serves on the board of NAWBO Nashville, the National Association of Women Business Owners, as program chair, is an ambassador for Collective615, a coworking space for women, and is set to launch an entrepreneurial program in January of 2021 for girls grades 10-12 called Notably, Her.

Every position held has been a stepping stone to empowering women, building up the youth, creatively disrupting the industry, and leaving a legacy for the future. The name “Notably Gray” draws inspiration from Beyonce's single “I Was Here.” Leveraging experience to empower women and youth in leaving a notable footprint.

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We're back for another episode of business unveiled Good morning live from the cave in Cabo Mexico. And we are so excited to bring you another episode of what do I do with Facebook ads, 01:27  the latest and the down and dirty on Facebook advertising for your business. We are going to open up this episode with telling you about the Kate, which is a Thompson property. It's a boutique hotel. The view is beautiful. We were just 01:47 there. And we 01:49 saw these things called sea otters sea lions. And they knew the sounds.Continue Reading

 02:01 But they stuck. It was a beautiful picture, I'll share some B roll from that trip I actually got on a boat I completely drugged myself out because I get so much in sickness and the boat ride was very, very short. But it was like super freakin wavy. But we did it and 02:19 no one got sick I didn't 02:22 was we saw these rocks that were so beautiful. 02:27 Oh my god like snow. 02:30 And Angela thought that they were snow. And I couldn't understand why she was so adamant about taking these pictures because I knew that it was bird shit. 02:40 And they were beautiful pelicans at the top of these rocks. And then she burst in my bubble, it's totally changed my perspective of the way the rocks look.  02:51 There's still a pretty 02:54 I didn't feel the need to go climb them and do a tick tock dance. Let's just say that much. Okay, so let's kick it off. We're gonna kick this episode off with a story. And we're continuing the episode from previous episode talking about Facebook advertising. And so the very first time that I believe we ran an ad together, and let's just we'll each share our perspective. 03:26 Alrighty, so the very first time we ran an ad with one of the consultants that we were working with, you guys, I don't even know remember the exact strategy. But essentially, it was running ads to primarily in a national crowds to build up your fan base, and essentially sell to them, which seems fairly simple enough. But hindsight, the ad was not targeted, targeted to that it it targeted it enough. And so with that came a lot of I guess, unwanted direct messages, a lot of unwanted, like, inappropriate comments, and a lot of images of genitals that we that we've received. But the best thing about this is that this is still when I was in the early stages of working with Angela and so we weren't, you know, like we are now very open and transparent. And then I still had a nine to five. So I was at my nine to five. And I was on my lunch break and I was pulling up, you know, just checking on the ads. And then I see all of these messages in her inbox. And they're like, pigs, and they're like, hey, and I'm over here were dying freaking out like having a minor panic attack because I'm like, Oh my goodness, I hope she doesn't see this. Like, you know, I don't know how to fix this. We immediately turn it off. But later, I'm actually way later maybe yesterday is when I found out that while this was going on, I didn't know on my end, something else that was going on, on the heart end. And I just found that out yesterday, that was one of the very first big ads that I ran with one of the consultants, strategies that we worked with, which I would never run anybody else's strategy, I will always run my own. 05:25 So here's what happened on my end. So I have a meeting with a physician, a radiologist, and his wife at his home. And it was, they offered to cook like a lunch, a late lunch, early dinner and drink wine, while I showed them how to use Hootsuite for their business, which again, this was this was a long time ago. And so we eat and normally like, I don't do this with clients, but like, they were so adamant that, you know, I come over to their home, and we eat together, whatever. And so we're sitting out on this beautiful swing, they have a beautiful backyard, super lush green water ponds with beautiful fish, and then very serene, I open my computer, I log into Hootsuite. And so I have I believe at the time six platforms across my computer screen. And now as I'm logging in, I'm not looking at my screen, I'm looking at his wife talking to his wife like this. And then when the computer screen comes up, he says, oh, Angela, what is that? And it was pics, all across all my platforms, on social media. And I literally just have to laugh at this point. And I'm like, my account got hacked. 06:54 I don't know what to tell you. 06:55 But let me check somebody real quick from from my team, because 07:00 we had to change our passwords. I don't get really embarrassed very easily. I just, you know, laugh it off. I'm super clumsy, I was really embarrassed. So the point of the story is, don't use other people's strategies, you got to test your own, test your own data, or hire an expert who knows what they're doing. And experts, like I just said, Don't use other experts strategies, which now we're learning that the world of Facebook ads and digital marketing, marketing, half the people don't know what they're doing, and they don't really care. So that is another reason that we have learned to do some of this stuff ourselves, do it internally, and really learn it so that we can help other people that we actually care about. And we don't want these things to happen to so. Okay. So moving on. Let's talk about the first thing is you know, not everyone has an email list. And so having an email list versus having an email list, strategy is two different things. So an email lists when I first started an email list, I used MailChimp, I got banned, they thought I was lying to them about where my contacts came from whatever. So I didn't really care for it for a few years. Then I use my ama and then I got introduced Infusionsoft, which we call confusion soft. And it's been almost a decade since we've been in bed with them. Yay. So it is a great CRM, it's very robust. You can do a lot of different things with it. So for example, if you're shopping on a website, or you're on a website, you'll notice a pop up asking you for your name, your email, you give me something, I'll give you something type thing. And there's some mistakes that we really see people make. So for example, I was looking at someone's website yesterday, they had asked me to review it one of our coaching clients, and she had the pop up. She wasn't really giving anything of value. And she was just saying like, join my newsletter. Well, why why would I want to join your newsletter? You want to make it fun? Like our community, GST leaders, GST over here, get shit done. So why would people join our email list? Well, we're providing value. So we're letting them know either weekly or monthly, what they can expect from us, which typically from us is some type of a productivity tip and a podcast. So then she was just asking for email which best practices really is you want to get first name last name, but I know the more information you ask for the less likely someone is to fill it out. But we really try to get first name, last name and the email because we want to personalize it like we're all individual people. And we want to talk to individual people through our email lists. We're not talking to 1000s people at once, it's one on one here. And so to personalize things, you really want to make that available. You can also give away a lead magnet through a pop up box, if someone's going to join your email list, I believe one that we've had before is like the top 10 Video Tips like things to do, which sometimes I can't even follow my own top 10 rules because like we're a little blown out, but you know, the sun's really effing bright right now. But that's okay. You do what you do to make it happen. So that's all on the front end of gathering emails. But on the back end, and the strategy part, if you don't have an email list, this is where Asha comes in. 10:40 Yes, and that is such a great question. This is one that we hear all the time, especially like, when some of our clients or even some of the, you know, solopreneurs, people who are just really getting started, they're wondering, Well, how do I grow my client base. So one of the one of the resources, that's the best way I can say that, to us is Facebook advertising. And so just continuing on in the different types of objectives that you can run, one of the things that I would consider for building an email list is a campaign that runs alongside of a brand awareness campaign, which is called a traffic one. And so as Angela mentioned, there's all kinds of things that need to happen on the back end, as far as making sure your landing page or your website, or wherever you are directing them to it has one clear call to action, asking for the first name, their last name and their email address, and then having something that's so enticing, that they want to download it immediately. So I don't know if we want to roll into a lead magnet and what are considered great lead magnets, good lead magnets, how long do they need to be we get these questions a lot, how colorful and beautiful they need to be. I am personally not a designer. Okay? at all, my brain is wired differently from Angela's, which is what I love about that. And so, essentially, my real assignments for a great lead magnet is just providing all kinds of good value. There's multiple strategies over this, some people say, hey, provide so much to where they feel like they need you immediately, they need all of your services immediately. And then there's others that say, hey, like, just provide a simple one sheet. But either or I think is fine. The most important thing is that whether it's 30 pages or one page, you want to make sure that whatever you are putting in this lead magnet packs a lot of value. So some of the platforms that we use to create leads in our Canva. I know that Angela uses a platform called picto chart, I believe pictou chart. I mean, there's so many there iBooks Author, which I think is going away. 12:58 I think it's going way actually do not say that. And if you don't have a Mac then that won't work. Any type of software that has like a design component design element is really honestly great. I like Canva, because it's easy. I am not a designer, so they have all kinds of templates there. But if you are one that likes to design, and that is just your passion. I know a lot of people use Adobe Photoshop, things like that. And let's get a little bit more into the guts of copy and creative. And it's so funny because some of the clients that I work with, they're over 50 and or 55. And some of the older clients that I work with, when I say copy, they're like a copy machine, like a Xerox copy machine. And I'm like, No, I don't know where this word started. I don't I don't know who started it. But copy in our world means words, text and words, copy that goes along with an ad copy that goes along on your website, copy that goes on your landing page, there are so many different types of copy to understand. And there is a difference between. Copy that you want to make sales and convert into dollars that copies a little bit different than ad copy to entice someone to actually click that box and give you their information. And some of you might, instead of emails the big thing now is just get their effin phone number, so you can put them into a texting campaign. So you really have to know your audience and who you're speaking to, again, a lot of our audience members that are over 50 they probably don't answer their text messages as quickly as they would their email because that's just their generation. So you want to consider your audience in what's best going to resonate with them. Then you have the copy and then you have the creative, which brings me to the different types of Facebook ads. But before we talk about that Can you give us some insight on bad copy bad creative things that you've seen in your experience? Because I know you've seen a lot. So what are some knows to do in copying and creative? And then what are some things that you would want to do when creating copy for your ad and your landing page? And the creative? I just want to 15:24 rewind back just a little bit. rolling back the time, what is it rolling back the time anyways, a share song. So I want to kind of elaborate on copy in general, copy is basically a really fancy word for sales writing. And so there's all as Angela mentioned, there's all different types of copy. Professionally, we say there's long form copy, there's short form, copy, there's conversational copy, there's formal copy. So there's sales copy, like there's all different kinds of copy. When we talk about, you know, obviously, the length is very, you can understand that very easily. But when we talk about the different tones we want to convey is when we start to talk about what is this going to be a conversation or one is this going to be more formal. And honestly, all of that really depends on your audience. So if you've been consistently posting organically, and you've given your brand, a voice, which goes back to what do we say, having a strategic plan, this all comes back full circle. So when you map out your strategic plan, and you start to build your brand voice, that is going to be the catalyst or the beginning or starting point for your copy and using Facebook advertising. So just an example. A lot of people say oh, just keep it short. I say test it, that's our biggest thing, test it. If your audience is used to seeing long form copy from you, let's definitely test the long form copy. If it's something that, you know, you want to convey the message really quickly, let's test a short form copy. I will say strategically, there are some things that we do and I'll touch really quickly on this. But as far as like when you're about to run it, and you're about to set up your Facebook ads, some things that you absolutely cannot do in the actual copy is over promise. And so when we talk about over promising saying things like, if you download this lead magnet, you will, you're guaranteed to make a million dollars. These are big, no no's with Facebook advertising. They will not kick you out, but they won't approve your ads. So just being cognizant of your verbiage, and not over promising, and anything that has the word Facebook, so if you're using a URL that has the word Facebook, or if you are using copy that uses the word Facebook, just be aware that it is trademark. So learned our lesson. learned that lesson with that that is a big no no. But I will give you a little nugget as far as a strategy that we use as far as copy. So anytime we are running an ad to a cold audience, we typically like to use some form of long copy. And we like to do that because we'd like to tell a story, especially for someone who has never interacted with our brand. And so when it comes back to retargeting, that same person who we've already made an introduction with, then we'll use something that's shorter form. That's just a basic strategy that we like to do as far as running it to a cold audience and then retargeting them with an ad later. But honestly, the best answer that I have for this question and and is probably already gonna know this, but just testing that just testing, I cannot tell you what is going to work for your audience. But I can tell you, if you are consistently posting organically, I think that that is a great starting point to kind of look at your analytics and see what type of content is already resonating with your audience. And go ahead and put that out as far as a Facebook ad. 19:02 So going more on the creative side using a picture of like, if you were gonna run an ad for me a picture of myself a picture of other people a stock image, should we create something or should we allow Facebook to choose what ads so for example, like when I was just says testing, you can also not only test copy, you can test the images. And let me just let you out on a little secret. What you think people are going to click on. They're not going to click on it. Because 19:41 that happened to me 19:44 a lot and we had bids going, like contest going and I always lost. So I don't involve myself in the contest anymore. And you just should allow the professionals To do their job, because that's why you're investing in them, you don't need to understand, you don't need to be in control. You don't need to understand all the itty bitty little tidbits of pieces that goes on because you're not going if you don't do it every day, there's no need for you to understand. So if you have a heart attack, or  your husband has a heart attack, or your wife has a heart attack, or your mom or your dad or your sister or your brother or your dog, like, you don't take a person or a pet into a veterinarian or a hospital, and you're like, Oh, my gosh, you're having a heart attack, and you sit there and ask the cardiologists will tell me every tool you're going to use and what type of stun is that? And how does the balloon blow up? And does it have to be within 90 seconds, or someone's gonna die? Like, you don't need to understand all that. The bottom line is they're professionals. They are well taught, well experience, most of them in the doctor world, they like went to school for that. But Facebook offers a lot of classes, a lot of certificates, a lot of things and let me tell you, you have to keep up. This stuff changes every single week, one day, we'll do an episode just sharing with them, like, between some of the clients that we share for various purposes. But they'll reach out and be like, Oh, my God, Facebook, change this, oh, my God, Instagram changed this, Oh, my God. And all of a sudden their problem is our problem, because they sometimes don't listen to what we say, because they want to do it their way, in any circumstance, when you hire an expert take their lead based on experience, instead of trying to do it your way. And so on the creative side, can you share with us some of the your experiences and what what works? What doesn't work? like creating pictures and cam Canva versus a stock image? What have you seen work? Well? 21:56 Well, I think it's funny, I think a lot of people knock stock images, but stock images, they work well, people are familiar with them, especially some of the stock images that actually have people in them, they do fairly better than ones that don't, as far as your own individual original content, I've seen that do well to a lot of one thing that I can 100% absolutely saying is that images that have texts overlay over them, especially if it's more than like 20% of the image, they don't do well. A lot of it has to do with Facebook can't really read what's on the image. It's not something that typically resonates with people, it's not something that would be, you know, a showstopper unless you have like an incredibly funny joke. And that's as the text. So that's one thing that I've seen just kind of not do as well. A lot of people will do videos, videos do really well, making sure your videos are no more if you can in 30 seconds. So we've had clients, right wanting to run videos to like 10 minute videos upwards and plus. And honestly, in the world that we are today, no one really has time to sit down and watch a 10 minute plus video unless it is crazy, wild good. As far as scrolling images, we've seen carousels those do incredibly well. Especially those are best for if you have like a retail store, and or brick and mortar and you're you're scrolling through and you're you're offering some type of product, those types of ads do very well. But honestly, I come back to it isn't all about testing. But a little nugget, if you are a newer business owner, or if you're just new to Facebook advertising or even if you have a team of experienced Facebook professionals, encourage them to try the dynamic creative. So this is a button that you can click right within the Facebook Ads Manager platform. And essentially, like while we're sitting here, and we're telling you hey, we're going to go in, we're going to test this, we're going to look at the data that does  that. We do this every single day, we are always constantly looking at ads. So the reason why I like this button is because it's going to do all the work for you. And you don't have to go in and kind of figure out what's going on what what type of creative and when we say creative, we specifically mean the visual. So whether that's an image and whether that's a video, whether that's a carousel, whatever that looks like, the copy is the cells writing, but the dynamic creative portion is going to do all the work for you. I 100% love it at the end is going to tell you, hey, this headline worked the best Hey, this caption works the best. And when we say work the best we mean it is converting it's it's prompting people to take action on your ad. So just making sure you're going back and looking at that data. So you actually know, and we're out school. So we keep up with all of those things in the Google Sheet in the cloud. We keep everything in our Google Drive. There we go and We were just at school about that. So just making sure you're tracking in like taking note, I would not encourage on paper, I wouldn't carry a Google Sheet or an Excel document if you have Microsoft. But yeah, so that's really honestly the the main feedback that I have about the types of creative and copy. 25:21 So someone that's listening if they are currently running Facebook ads with a company, and this is what really shocked me, when, back in this year, this one year in 2020. And a lot of my friends who are entrepreneurs, they let a lot of their marketing team go their sales team go. It was it was an unfortunate time for some people, but it also opened up doors for other opportunities to grow. And one of the things that I will say is when some of my friends came to me, and they said, Can you teach me how to do this? Like, I know, you know how to do this, can you teach me how to do videos, so I can run ads? Okay, a few of them did not even know their password to get into Facebook, they didn't know their password to get into business manager, they did not know. I'm like, don't you get weekly reports, or every other week, you at least need to be looking at your numbers and your return on investment, your ad spend up against what your goals are, you've got to be looking at your reports at the bare minimum every other week. And you've got to ask questions, and what just really got under my skin for one of my friends, she owns multiple locations. And she was looking to open another location to expand. And I said, well, let's look at your analytics before we just start throwing money out there to see what your audience has been interacting with. And then so I'll ask some pre qualifying questions and do the the front part and help with the design part. And then notably, great oz this company will come in and they actually set it up and babysit it and run it and and tweak it every single day. It's like breastfeeding a baby. But anyway, it is it is it's like you have to feed it or let's use the analogy of a plant like not a succulent, you have to water the plant. You can't just set it, let it go. Because then you're just wasting money. You're wasting money. 27:24 In the lead magnet we have this is not a set it and forget it Turkey, but you just put in the oven and you don't you don't do anything else with it. No, you have to continuously watch it. 27:37 Yeah, continuously. And so when I asked her, I'm like, well, let's pull up your analytics, I'm sure that there's a pixel code, which there was a pixel code. But I go into Google Analytics to look it up so that we could make some informed decisions about how to spend her marketing budget for her new location. And there were no analytics. And then she's like, Oh, well, let me just text the girl. And she's like, Oh, you never asked for that? What? What? Just because I didn't ask for it. 28:08 Like, that's like going 28:10 to a foster Michelin rated restaurant. And they don't bring you silverware to eat your food, or they don't bring you a steak knife to cut your steak. Like, 28:23 I have to ask for it. 28:24 Are you kidding me? I'm still just like, it just it makes me hot thinking about it. It's unfortunate that some of these larger companies, they're like, if you don't ask for it, they're not going to do it. So make sure that you are asking for reports, make sure that you understand how to read them. There's only a few small things that you need to be looking at in your analytics and in your reporting. And we're going to talk about that on the next podcast. Can you explain to anyone that's listening? How does Instagram play into running ads? and business manager? 29:02 Yes, so we get a lot of clients who just asked specifically for Instagram ads. And even even if you're not one of our clients, and you're just like, Hey, I don't really want to run Instagram, or I don't really want to run Facebook ads, I just really want to focus on Instagram. We'll just be mindful that Facebook has bought Instagram. So Facebook owns Instagram. And the best way I can tell you as far as running ads specifically for Instagram, I would highly highly, highly encourage you to run those ads through the Facebook business manager and not running it directly from the organic platform. The main reason being when you run it from the organic platform or the native platform, you're not able to target as detailed and you're not able to reach your ideal audience as much as you can. Through the Facebook Business Manager app, now saying that logistically, you're like, Well, how do I do that? How do I set it up? When you're in Facebook Business Manager, Facebook gives you the opportunity or ask you like, Hey, where do you want your ads shown? placement is what it's called. There are different types of placement opportunities, but you will specifically select Instagram and uncheck all of the different placement locations for your ad. So then you select Instagram, and then you're good to go. It sounds bizarre, you got to do all you got to do. You got it? Right, right. But we do show our group in the Greg collective, how to do all of these different steps, how to uncheck check, making sure you're selecting the right placement, all those different fun things. But if you're a listener, and you're like, Hey, I'm gonna pause this real quick and try and go and do it. That's exactly how you would do it, just making sure you change the placement location of your ad, specifically to Instagram. And then you'll not only be able to see those insights on Instagram, but you'll be able to see them through Facebook as well. 31:07 You got to get good at making sure that you're hooking people. So because we talked about that in our last podcast, so I'm taking notes, you guys. Yes, I have a little list on my note that's backed up in iCloud. So the things that come up, we make sure that we are covering them. Which before we go into the hook, there is one more little thing like yeah, just one more little thing. Just one more thing. Um, in the next podcast, should we tell them about like, the secret library? Well, it's kind of a secret to me, because it's really hard to find. Okay. So that's why I think Facebook wants it to be a secret 31:50 resources that Facebook puts out that people do not know about. Yeah, and I'm psycho crazy. And I love finding them and sharing them 31:56 sharing. She's so nice about sharing them. So then they're not a secret. Okay, the hook. What's the hook, 32:02 when we talk about hook hooks, those are more related to copy. So the cells writing. And visually,  it can be it can come across visually, but essentially, it is something that is so enticing that people just have to stop. So the hook is kind of like, if I had to compare it to a dining experience. It's like the appetizer, right? Like, you just need a little something right before dinner. And it's just like the perfect amount, right before you're about to enjoy your entree, right? So when they first come across your ad, they need a little something that brings them in, but then the rest of your copy should make them say so hooks that we prefer the main entree. Yeah. Did you like that analogy? Okay, so some examples being Hey, Have we met before dot dot dot? I literally just ran this ad. And it was one of the craziest, wildly popular ads. And we were like, What are you talking about? I've never seen you in my life. So then they go on, they read the story. And I mean, things like that. Just one liners that are very simple. Questions work really, really, really, really well. If you want to use a great hook. A question one question one, one question works really well, if you'd like to open up with a joke. Yeah, with a joke. Those work really well to like, hey, you're what is some jokes? Your mama is your mama jokes. You've never heard of your mama jokes. Some people use them anyways, it doesn't matter. Any type of joke works? Well a question. Just be creative, be different. Just know that whatever you do, keep in mind that there are hundreds and 1000s of people running ads, in addition to you. So what are you going to do? Can you give us just one example of how you make your ads stand out as a company? Yes, I love this question. Okay, so I'm going to tell you about an ad that I just ran. And I told Angela about it the other day, I was super, super, super excited about it. So we are running an ad where we're specifically targeting brick and mortars locations. And there is a whole strategic piece behind it. I'm not going to get all into that, because it's like the nitty gritty, but very high level, it was an ad that was ran to a group of women entrepreneurs. So we essentially targeted those locations that we knew that women entrepreneurs hang out at. And so our hook was, Have we met before, question mark. And we and we have. And so we go on to tell the story. And it's like, Hey, if you're seeing this ad, then we literally were in the same place. Like a couple of days ago. Here's exactly where we were we were either at this location called x location, right between eighth and 12th street like I mean, it's really crazy. And so it was really funny. It was a really popular ad. And whenever very well and Some of the the women who we actually met there, they reached out to us and they were like, Oh my gosh, this is crazy. This is the most. This is the most targeted ad that we've ever seen. And so we did that, you know, kind of like as a little joke, but also to again, we are always Testing, testing, testing, one thing that you can definitely rest assure is that we do not do anything on our client accounts without first testing it on our own. So we're very excited about that. That's probably something that we'll start incorporating into others. But that is honestly the most fun ad that we've ran in a long time and the most one of the best high performing ones that we've run. 35:42 Okay, one last thing, can you just like run an ad for me? And then like, I'll make money, like while I'm sleeping, like how much money can I make while I'm sleeping overnight, just running an ad in a day. We'll cover that at our next location or our next podcast because it actually is kind of lengthy.  Something that I'm very passionate about, because I want to really get into the education component behind Facebook advertising. The very short answer to Angela's question is no, we are not just going to run a Facebook ad and you wake up and you have a million dollars in your bank account. That does happen for some people. There are a lot of factors that go into this are many layers. I could speak speak and speak for days on this because I am very passionate about it. And the bottom line is we're going to get real, real real about expectations like social media advertising, because that is what is healthy and that is what is needed for a strategic business plan. Okay, so 36:45 as we wrap up, will you let everyone know your experience at the Cape but Thompson as I pan 36:52 Welcome to the mysterious Thompson hotel. We have a beautiful 150 ish this view is just incredible. It is beautiful. A lot of things that we've heard here from our friends in Cabo, Mexico, there's these little sea urchins. This has been my most favorite story. ageless is painting to those black rocks that we're talking about. So apparently these little sea urchins live on there. And if you get too close and touch them, then they'll latch out a like a Purana and stick. Yeah, going back to this incredible view. It is absolutely beautiful as far as some of the amenities that they have salt water pools to very nice upscale restaurants that we have dining on siders, villas here. There's residents that actually live here and very famous for their french toast. We've had an amazing time here at the Thompson. And one thing that I've really enjoyed about this property as well, each property has a dedicated Somalia. Have you noticed that and I just think that like as far as experience and dining, it just really like kind of sets the mood and sets the tone. A lot of the team here at the Thompson they're just very well versed in their craft, and they're very passionate about what they do. So we really enjoyed being here on to the next point to the next one to the next to the next. 38:24 That's it for this week's episode of business unveiled. Now that you have all the tools that you need to conquer the world and GST, get shit done. Would you share this with your friends and fellow business leaders? One thing that would really really help us and help new listeners is for you to rate the show. And leave a comment and Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in and listen to business unveiled. You can check out the show notes at Angela slash podcast and link up with us on social media so you can share your biggest insights. And I want to know your aha moments. Until next week, remember, the profitable shifts and structures you're creating and your business help you be more present in your life. So get out there and GSD!


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