Types of Facebook Advertising Part 3 of 3

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Broadcasting from Las Ventanas, a Rosewood Resort

Types of Facebook Advertising
Part 3 of 3

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In case you missed our previous two episodes, we just celebrated our 200th Episode since starting the Business Unveiled Podcast and we wanted to celebrate in a super fun way! We did something a little different this time. Business Unveiled went on the road. That’s right. A road tour. As we wrap up the year 2020 and going into a New Year of 2021, what better time to celebrate than to start traveling again. In this episode we are wrapping up our series on facebook ads! You don't want to miss these top tips and secrets Aja Price, founder of Notably Gray, and I have to share!

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  • Why You Should Own Your Pixel Code & Audience
  • Resources to Gather Inspirations From
  • Ask The Right Questions before spending money on ads


Have a strategy before running ads

Expectations when running an ad on Facebook or instagram

Read Your Reports


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Aja Price is a creative strategist and savvy copywriter with a passion for empowering women to plan for marketing success and encouraging young women to pursue entrepreneurship.Aja is the Founder and Chief Strategist for Notably Gray, a digital marketing company for creatives and women in business. With over 15 years in the hospitality industry and more than eight years in nonprofit, Aja's dynamic experience includes serving large brands: Hyatt, Marriott, and Girl Scouts.

Aja's most notable work includes several program initiatives written exclusively for Girl Scouts: Promise to Vote, a non-partisan program encouraging citizens to vote, and GEMS (Girls in Engineering Math and Science,) an immersive introduction STEAM program encouraging young women to pursue STEAM careers. Both programs continue today.

In both program initiatives, Aja successfully led a team in securing funding and strategic partnerships with the League of Women Voters, the Secretary of State, University of Kentucky, Western Kentucky University, Verizon, Dow Chemical Company, LG&E, and KU.

Currently, Aja serves on the board of NAWBO Nashville, the National Association of Women Business Owners, as program chair, is an ambassador for Collective615, a coworking space for women, and is set to launch an entrepreneurial program in January of 2021 for girls grades 10-12 called Notably, Her.

Every position held has been a stepping stone to empowering women, building up the youth, creatively disrupting the industry, and leaving a legacy for the future. The name “Notably Gray” draws inspiration from Beyonce's single “I Was Here.” Leveraging experience to empower women and youth in leaving a notable footprint.

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We're so excited to be at one of our favorite places shooting. I don't know if this is the final series but wrapping up our series on Facebook advertising at last Ventana. So we'll talk a little bit more about that later. But I know Angela is excited to dive right in I am because we have some secret things to share with you today about Facebook ads, which also includes Instagram ads.Continue Reading

And we're gonna talk about owning your pixel code and your audience, and how to read your reports. So you can make sure that you're getting the ROI return on investment for what you are spending on Facebook and Instagram advertising, then my favorite will actually I think it went to your favorite. We're gonna talk about expectations, like can you just run an ad and then make money overnight? Because I know you have heard that before, if you're in the sales funnels world at all, but that's not the truth. Okay, so first, we're gonna start off by talking about owning your pixel and your audience. And I have a story for you all. So many years ago, when Facebook advertising first came out, and I was partnering with another industry expert in the luxury travel wedding conference market, we were doing webinars together and coaching people who want wanted to be in the luxury space. And it was a lot of fun. And it worked out really well until so my job. So my job was to find someone who was really good at Facebook advertising, I did not know at the time. And Asha was company notably great didn't exist yet. And so this was many years ago, like I said, but I met this guy. He was a friend of a friend who we always I feel like when we do stuff, our own businesses, we always get referrals from friends. And
someone who we knew out at the street around the corner.
Yeah, like we don't Google that shit. But I mean, it was a personal referral. And the guy did a great job. He he did his job. He ran Facebook ads, he drove traffic for people to sign up to our webinar. And we would meet the threshold, which at the time was over five 500 people and to me at the time, I mean, that's a lot of flippin people. And so my business partner at the time, who in true colors is very green, much like oranges, very green. I'm very orange. And she started asking this gentleman some questions. Well, he really didn't want to answer. And as we looked more into it, and again, I didn't really know what I was doing or did. I wasn't armed with the appropriate know how, with the appropriate things to ask this gentleman. And so me and my business partner ended up not moving forward with doing what we were doing because she didn't like that he wouldn't answer the questions. Well made little orange over here. I'm like, we're getting leads. People are coming to the webinar. We're getting business like what's the problem? And then I met and we started to Look into some stuff. And she's like, why, like just asking me questions about like, the pixel code and the audience. And I didn't I, I didn't know what she's talking about. So I asked this gentleman, and he gave me some roundabout answer. I think people think sometimes I'm a dumb blonde. And I am not well educated on some things. But there are some things that I'm really good at. And what I'm really good at is sniffing out a bullshitter and a liar. And that's exactly what he was doing. And I let him have it. I'm like, show me this and show me this. And where's this coming from? I mean, are you telling me what to say? And he was like, Oh, well, actually, I can transfer your audience to your own pixel code, because he was running ads under his own pixel code, meaning I didn't own the audience. And it was building up his pixel code, which guess what people, you have to start somewhere. And now I blink my eyes, and it's half of a decade. And we've been building up that pixel code over and over. So that's like the first thing like you really need to own your audience, which Asha will give you the back end of this, I'm just telling you from my orange story side, and then my account, it was looking at our, we have a credit card that's just for ads. And there was something not right on there. And again, this gentleman was running ads out of my account, once he moved over our audience, and we took ownership or started like my own pixel code. So my accountant noticed some charges that weren't from my Facebook ID. And so then I questioned her about that. And he said, Oh, my gosh, I managed so many different accounts, I'm so sorry, a credit card from your credit card was accidentally charged from another client, and I'm like, you're either on drugs, or you're just flat out not paying attention, or you're flat out lying to me. And you know what, this is the end of our relationship. And that's the end of the story. So let's talk about the importance of a pixel code Asha.
Yes, so just kind of, as Angela had just mentioned, pixel code is really, really, really important. And to be completely transparent and honest, it's like the basis of advertising. So if it is not placed, then things are just not gonna work. If it is misplaced, or placed incorrectly, things are not gonna work. And what Angela just described is what I like to call just like, slimy. And in, a lot of advertisers will do this, they will take your pixel code or take their pixel code, place it on all of your websites, your landing pages, all of these different things, but very high level. The issue with this is that you don't own your pixel code, which means you really don't own the audiences that are created from there, you're not really able to go back and retarget some of the customer behavior that that pixel code has built up, because it is not something you own. So it's just really slimy. And I hate it. And I know a lot of advertisers to do that. And anytime I come across one, I'm just like, it just this is this is not best practices. So best practices, when you're starting out. Or if you are an experienced business owner, and you have a whole team working with you. Or if you outsource, just make sure first and foremost, triple quadruple check and make sure that you own your pixel code. I can like we could have a whole other podcast with all of our clients who has his background we've gone into and we're like, oh, you don't own your stuff. Like literally, we could have a whole other podcast for that. And I hate when I discover that because I'm like, this is just really shitty, I don't know how to basically,
and I'm really passionate about it, and I get real heated and like I start sweating. And I need extra deodorant because like, it's happened to me and I felt so stupid slash vulnerable slash like
an idiot. Essentially, your pixel code is treated as like, you know, a good friend, right? Or baby honestly, like, care for it, nurture it, really, truly nurture it, and just don't give it out freely. It is a piece of data that is respected to your business. So I would treat it as any other important business item, you know, put a passcode on it.
This is one way that you can know if you own your pixel code. So if someone's going to run ads for you, you invite them to your business manager, they don't invite you. So that's how you know.
Yes, and for you solopreneurs or new entrepreneurs that are just starting out. basically creating your own code and just making sure that you own it. I was start that from the very beginning. And as you grow, if you want to outsource that piece, as Angela mentioned, use in an invitation to the advertiser to work on your account, don't have them do it the other way around. Because things get messy, things get gray, and we don't like that hairy, sweaty, all of those, those non fun things. So yes, that's the importance of a pixel code, essentially, just continuing on what we talked about the last two days, it tracks your customer behavior. And it allows you to retarget customers and create messages at a time and at a point when they need to see them. So you can drive sales.
So can you give us just one example for someone who's new in terms of building an audience on Facebook? What's like one example? So we are at a luxury resort las ventanas? in Cabo, Mexico? Let's just take them for example, if they wanted to build an audience, what are some of the things that they would want to do?
It's a great question. Again, I always feel like I keep saying the same answer. But first off, creating a strategic plan. And I will always go back to this because I really just really dislike when people run ads without a strategy. It's a waste of money. And there's nothing more that aggravates me in doing that. So first and foremost, is strategic plan. The second thing, if we happen to be at this beautiful resort, and they had no audience, no one here, I honestly wouldn't be that mad because we would be here. But obviously, they're a resort, and they have to make money and Jeff sells. So if they did not have an audience, then I would go back to the strategic plan. For example, let's say if their idol clientele are outside of Mexico, and in the United States, for travel and tourism, some influencers, really big corporations, as far as corporate sales, I would start there targeting those specific audiences to drive them here. Again, playing around with the messages as far as the selling points of this beautiful location, honestly, I think that they could just post an image and be all good. But that's where I would start. And I would get them into an email campaign, I would nurture that I would let them know what's going on here in Mexico, I would let them know any special events they have up and coming. I know when we first got here, this time, we were we were notified that there was some changes to the restaurant as far as like an upgrade and some different things that they're doing. We saw that they are doing some different things to the beat. So just like keeping you know your potential client up to date with what you're doing. So you're you're always Top of Mind is the best thing that I can say for that.
Top of Mind, just remember top of mind, because we're going to loop back around to talk about expectations in a moment. So that wraps up pixel and audience and why you should own it. So when you have your pixel setup and you run your first ad reporting, talk to us about CPC CP, you know, all those acronyms that when I first got into this world, I'm like Bo, they could have been order. The other thing is a BM bowel movement, bridesmaids, like, there's just all these different acronyms that you should actually just probably remember like a few. So know, I used to put it into my timelines and some of the people that works with us. Yeah, who are in the medical industry. They're like, why do you have BM and GM? So General Manager, but it also stands for groomsmen. It's just funny, like you never know where people's minds are. But talk to us a little bit about reporting. And one more story about you never know where people's minds are, is the other day, I was talking to a team member and I said something about Yeah, I've got that meet that, that weekend, or it's meat season. I said, I can't do that event because it's me that kicks off meat season, or we just wrapped up doing a digital conference for Kido influencer. And it's all about me. So she was like, is Ken doing something for meat season like what's meat season? And that's the season and I'm like, No, no, no, like gymnastics meets like as a gymnast, and my niece is a gymnast, and I'm like, trying to make all her meets and we just busted out laughing. So you never know where people's minds are. Okay, so back to the reporting, reporting. What are the things to look at on a report?
I love this question. It gets me excited. Okay, so it depends. And don't you love when people say that? So it honestly depends. So for example, and these are two just very high level things that it depends on. So let's say your creative is a video, well, you're not going to look at video views on an image, right? Because you don't need to it's an image, it's still image, you don't need to look at video views for a still image. So video views are important when you are running a creative that has a video. There is a bunch of different metrics, a lot of people will look at cost per click, which is typically ran with like, traffic ads. Yes, traffic ads. And basically, it depends on what you're optimizing your ad for is the best thing that I can say. So let's say for example, if you are wanting to run a traffic ad to get landing page views, as opposed to link clicks, there are certain metrics are more important than others, I am going to spend time talking about the most important metric, I think, and that I look for are several things. So let's say if you are running, and this is such a loaded question, I'm sorry, I'm trying to break it down. Okay, so several things. And I'm gonna be real quick and be very concise as much as I can. If this is a cold audience, very top of funnel, the most important metrics, in my opinion are going to be your cost per click, because you do want to know how how much you're paying to get a cold lead in, right. Another thing would be the Ctr. So the click through rate, and that is a good gauge of the engagement. As far as who you're running your audience to, that's very top of the funnel very much to a cold audience. Probably CTR click through rate would be the most important to me, because I want to know, at first interaction, how people are resonating with my message. So for top of the funnel, this is their first interaction with your brand, look at CTR, which is the click through rate. Perfect. So when we get to the middle of the funnel, bottom of the funnel, and when I say that we are just essentially talking about the different places that your potential audience members are in there in your customer journey, trying to be very concise about the variable should I use here. So when we talk about customer journey, you have people who are very top of funnel very cold, middle of funnel there, they've engaged somewhat with your brand and bottom of the funnel, these are hot, hot, hot, hot, hot tamales, hot leads. And so when we talk about that, and let's say for example, if you're running an ad, selling something, and I'm going to talk about selling and making money off of Facebook briefly, because I know that that's why we're all here, right. But when we are talking about selling something, probably the most important. metrics are going to be our OAS, which is a return on adspend. It's going to be any website purchases that you are tracking. Again, I do glance at the click through rate for these two, because essentially, if your ad is not engaging, then people are not going to buy from you. So if you are specifically running an ad with the intention of making money, and not just like a brand awareness, ad or touch ad or anything like that, you want to look at the return on adspend. So some really good numbers, this is what you don't want, you don't want anything in the negative, I'm just giving a very high level. If it isn't a negative, it means that you are losing money, it means that you are I don't want to say wasting, but it means that you are spending more money that you're getting in. If it is very positive. I know you've heard, or you may have heard, I don't want to assume. But you may have heard people say oh, I got three times the amount on my return on adspend. Or I get eight times the amount on my return on adspend basically adds three times the dollar amount that you put in. We've run some ads like that, and they've been a lot of fun. So return on adspend ROI S is exactly what it is called in the ads manager. website purchases are very important. click through rate, which is a gauge of like the engagement that you're getting on the ad, and you want to look for something over 1% if it is really under 1%, then you want to consider changing up the creative and the copy. I could get way deeper. But I'm gonna stop right here. Is that good? Okay.
I just wanted you all know from the high level and this is why I outsource because I don't want to know any of this. I really don't want to know.
Oh hell yeah.
Oh, yeah. Yes.
Which I'm like, what does that mean? Exactly? And it's like, will you spend $1, we made $5 and you spend $1. So really, your profit is $4. You know, that kind of thing. The numbers are a little bit bigger, but just to keep it real easy. Okay, so the next thing is I want to talk about we'll say the expectations for last, let's tell Let them in on a little secret, which as I said, I was just said, it's not a secret, it's a secret to me, because it's really effing hard to find. Okay? So to me, it's like they're cute. They're trying to keep a secret from us. But there's this library on Facebook, where you can do these things we share with them,
yes, resources that I love. So, if you absolutely geek out on ads, or even if you just want to be in the know, with the top performing ads across all different types of industries, the first and foremost, best hands down resource that I found exclusively from Facebook, is called the Facebook ads library. I don't know the URL, but just type into Google Facebook, ads, library, but market, keep it. And what it allows you to do, it allows you to type in your competitors type in people who are doing something similar within your industry, even if you want to know like, who's doing what and a whole completely different genre, you can do all of that you can look up, literally anyone like big celebrities who may be potentially running ads, you can see what they're saying, movie, I mean, there's so many things that you can do a lot of fun. So I would definitely encourage you to check that out if you need just kind of some kind of inspiration as a place to get started. And you can see what your competitors are doing. Another resource that I love, and this is a third party resource. It's kind of weird. It's called Harry Hill,
Mary mill, and
hay mill in Angela, I will have to give Angela the exact spelling after this initial point get below. But essentially, every single day, I get an email delivered to me from Perry mill. And it is letting me know the best top performing top performing ads that are running that day. So it has been from things like obviously going from Banana Republic. I mean, it's some of them are really large brands, but some of them are smaller brands to
me last night, the comic strip.
And I really like looking at that because they have like sourced all this information. They have pulled together the data. And they're letting us know like, hey, these are the top performing ads for today. I really like looking at that because again, a source of inspiration, and especially for the creative, especially for the creative in Makati. And it's always nice to see like how different types of ads are resonating with different audiences. So Mark
does good enough. is the secret sauce, you guys sort of favorite question. It's okay.
And I'm gonna stop and I'm gonna be funny about some crisis. I mean, can you just start overnight and I mean our conferences next week and just trust me landing page to sell the tickets out. I mean, we only have 200 more tickets and you know, it starts in like five days. So just throw an ad up and throw some creative up and oh, you need a video just use stock footage because I don't have time to do video and and you just have tickets?
Absolutely not.
There are people and there are advertisers that will do that. But we are not those people. No,
we are not.
A train wreck dumpster fire all of the above mixed.
I heard that on tik tok.
It's a dumpster fire. disaster. Yeah, we also like we want to educate our clients to set them up for long term success. So let's say like if if you don't have a pixel code, you don't have ads. But in business manager, you don't even have the coding set up on on your on your website. You don't even have a landing page talking about the tickets with one CTA with one call to action. There's so much that goes on behind the scenes to prepare for a positive outcome. And so let's just talk about the expectations. And you know, I'm not knocking I'm not being mean, I'm not being rude to those potential clients who like say that, and most of the time, like there are existing clients and they haven't formerly been wanting to get into Facebook and it really wasn't the right reason. I mean, we needed to get their CRM fixed correctly, we need to get the workflows and the sequences and the the nurture funnels, like there's a lot that really needs to be set up behind the scenes again for long term growth like we're not just Looking for like, wham, bam, Thank you, ma'am. One time thing like this is a long term commitment, or it should be a long term commitment. And so just some expectations to know that go on behind the scenes. Can you share? Like, what can someone expect when they're going to come in? and work with notably gray? Or what is something that if people are going to work with, like, what are the expectations going into throwing up an ad,
throwing up an ad, I just love that we do not that we don't do that. Everything is well thought out. And I do kind of want to rewind back and kind of get your insight on this too. But when we think about some of those larger brands, who are doing incredible things who are doing really well, who we see in this is important now purposely saying this, who we see everywhere we're like, then I just see this person here. And then I just see this person here. Let's go back to the concept of exposure, which I know that Angela loves this. And so the reason why I go back to the concept of exposure, that is essentially what advertising is, it is a way a paid form a paid version of a way to expose your brand that is forced, first and foremost, our intention. I know a lot of different people have, you know, their own beliefs as far as advertising. But our intention is exposure, not not only an exposure and paid advertising, but really taking the strategic plan that you've already mapped out for your own personal business goals. And using Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising as a way to help magnify that. That's That's
what she said,
So that's kind of like my, my brief TED talk on how I feel about social media advertising. Now, if you catch me after a vodka tonic, I'd be like, we're not doing any of this. But I think we just need to go back to the concept of why do we continue to see these brands everywhere? What are they doing that we're not doing? And how can we do something similar, and it goes back to exposure? And so getting really clear that paid advertising is not when people come to us and they say, Oh, I want you to sell our tickets, or I want you to, you know, sell this product, whatever, whatever it is, they're really talking about the in in term goal, right? And it's like, okay, you just talked about what you want done like 10 years ahead, or maybe two years ahead. But let's rewind back and start from like, the first day like, what do we need to do the first day, the first day out of the gate, especially. There's just so many, there's so many things to this. And a lot of people will say, Well, this is my favorite. Well, such and such, my friend did this. And they were able to make two grand overnight and did a lot of there's so many layers to this. And there's so many factors. Another thing that I always like to educate our clients on is something that I like to call your level of influence, which is incredibly important. Beyonce can go out and literally sell anything, she could probably sell a piece of dirt. And people will purchase it. And not because it's a piece of dirt because they purchasing it from Beyonce. So this rock,
this rock right here held open beyond these doors. The whole
point is is like when you have a certain level of influence. You already have an audience who is who's who essentially are your raving fans, which we go back to exposure, everyone knows who a Beyonce is. So if I had to say as far as expectations, I know, it's been a consistent theme out of the last three podcasts. As far as having a strategic plan. We don't work with anyone unless they have a strategic plan. Or we have to do it and we help and we help them through that. So that's that's first and foremost. And then the second thing is kind of like assessing like the level of influence like where is the client right now? Where do they want to go? And then probably that final piece is creating a strategic plan specifically for advertising and marketing to help magnify what might help magnify their business goals and what they want to do so
and I would highly, highly suggest or have you consider doing it a an honest way and authentic way. Recently, I was listening to this book about I'm not going to tell you guys who it was but he worked for a very large very well known brand and And the book is called trust me online. He's a master Meteor media manipulator Say that three times master media manipulator, Master media manipulator master media manipulator, this kind of heart anyway. So I listened to the book like it a whole day. And I already knew some of the things like, it's just really sad and sick how, especially in the US, I mean, I guess all over the world, people do this, but the links that people go to, to expose someone like in an in a negative light, you know, you hear this thing like, oh, all PR is good PR. No, I don't agree with that whatsoever. There are things that can absolutely ruin your brand, if you don't care for it, like it's a newborn baby. And it's that fragile. And you have to look at who you're partnering with who you're doing affiliate marketing with, there's so many things that you have to be aware of, and ask more questions. You have to ask more questions. And if you don't know the questions to ask, and you're trying to partner with someone, or run an ad with someone or do a promo with someone, please reach out to us like we were just flat out tell you, like, ask these questions. Look at this, look at this, look at this, and educate yourself. But you know, we didn't become educated we didn't go to college for this. This isn't it didn't exist when when it's college. And so we are we we do invest heavily in setting aside time, every single year to invest and further educate us so that we can become leaders and thought leaders in the advertising space in the marketing space for the hospitality industry. And really, these questions and this strategy, it doesn't matter what industry you're in it, it follows suit across the board for any industry you're in, we just have a lot of experience in the hospitality industry. But it doesn't really matter what your product is, what your service is, it's still the same strategy, it's still the same process. So as we close out, if you don't want to do these things, I'll just put this link below to our company. But if you really actually do want to learn and then potentially hire someone to bring them in house for you. I'll just company does consulting for that as well. And then there's a group where she goes in and teaches you how to do some of these things. And even if you're already doing it kind of like I was I thought I was already doing it. I wasn't doing it right. And I wasn't asking the right questions. So just make sure that you're asking the right questions. I can't even imagine if I had been this far down the road seven, eight years in. And then I was still working with that gentleman and I went back and I'm like, You mean to tell me I've spent over how much money in ADS over a half a million dollars, and I don't own any of my stuff, we're gonna have problem we're gonna fight. Like, that's not cool. So tell them about gray collective and where can they go to learn more?
Yes, so we're sending all the information to Angela. And so it'll be in the show notes. So you'll be able to find that. But yes, the gray collective, it is an entrepreneurial community, especially geared towards women in business, specifically for creatives in the hospitality industry. But the content is something that does span across all industries. Again, that's just our background. It's just typically who we work with. So we do honestly talk more than just Facebook advertising. That is the basis of our community. We we show you how to build the foundation. And not only that, we walk through live and on video, how to set up an ad properly, how to map out your customer journey, how to tie in your customer journey and ensure that it's in alignment with your strategic business plan. So it really does come full circle. As I mentioned today, it's not just all about Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising portion is just a resource, honestly to help magnify everything else that you're doing. And so we get really clear in the community on what is it exactly that we're wanting to offer? And how are we going to do that? So yes, that's a great collective, we do have an onboarding for every new member. It is a free five day intensive so you got to be prepared for it because it is a lot of walkthrough and, and good foundational work to be done. But we do have walkthrough videos with you guiding you through the way and how long the lead magnet that we set aside but it's called foundations at Facebook, which is very appropriate. So all of that information will be put in the show notes below. Just sign up and we'll we'll get you started. We'll also
link loss Antonis if you happen to be in Cabo, and you need a place to stay, because it's gorgeous, gorgeous here. Any takeaways to tell them about las ventanas other than the people and the customer service and the level of detail, and the cleanliness and the level of detail, the level of detail, the level of detail.
You said anything other than that, that's to me, I can't I can't say anything. And yes, I have so much to say about this property. Honestly, I went on and on and on last night about it, but I don't purpose. And this one is absolutely beautiful. But besides that, everything looks like it is in made, which is just like chipping me out. I love it. There's so much love that you feel just from the actual structure that we're sitting on and the actual resort. But then there's actual, so much love from the people who passion who just helped us throughout the day and check in just to see like how we're doing if we're enjoying our stay. And that level of attention and detail and care, you just don't get everywhere. So very excited to be here.
You tell we're all about customer service. We're all about customer service, and your experience. So check out the show notes. Thanks so much for coming along and traveling with us to Cabo. And you'll be we'll let you know we'll keep you posted on where we're gonna be going live again. And we'll probably be having people submit their questions and we'll be answering their questions, which will be really fun. And be sure to tune in next week for another episode of business unveiled. That's it for this week's episode of business unveiled. Now that you have all the tools that you need to conquer the world and GSD get shit done. Would you share this with your friends and fellow business leaders? One thing that would really really help us and help new listeners is for you to rate the show. And leave a comment and Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in and listen to business unveiled. You can check out the show notes at Angela slash podcast and link up with us on social media so you can share your biggest insights. And I want to know your aha moments. Until next week, remember the profitable shifts and structures you're creating in your business. help you be more present in your life.


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