Unapologetically Abundant Podcast – How to Create a Profitable Business with Ease

Unapologetically Abundant Podcast – How to Create a Profitable Business with Ease

I am so excited to have been a guest on the Unapologetically Abundant Podcast with Petia Kolibova! See the highlights below!

On this episode:

  • I knew only one way of life – school, marriage, etc
  • I asked for help and joined SCORE
  • I have done lots of internships
  • I get up daily excited because I help someone
  • My parents gave me the foundation of how to treat people

The power of 4 P to make your business profitable with ease:

  • People – your team, process to customize the message
    I use personality test for my team members
    Who you will attract into your life is who you are
    We get to hire people who are not like us to fill the gaps
  • Processes – all your documents get to be paperless
    You get to back everything up in one cloud
    Setting up process so all is organize will save you so much time
  • Productivity
    Telling people right away how can you help them
    Link to schedule time
    Using – Marco Polo, Calendly, Loom as productivity tools
    Build a library for your clients
    Time block everything so you can be fully present to the task on hand
    Set expectations
  • Profitability
    I hired business manager, I leaned on my accountant
    We ripped the bandaid and went from 250 clients to 30 and are more profitable
    Pay yourself and know your numbers

Last thing that’s on my heart:

Surround yourself with the right people and get involved with the community


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