Use this Emotion Color Wheel to Enhance Your Communication

Have you noticed if you change a pattern and you don't react the way you used to, it shocks people? Why is the color wheel so important to me? It is because it has forced me to dig much deeper and really understand what feelings are– what to do with them, and how to channel feelings in different buckets to know that I'm not crazy sometimes. LOL. That's just part of it. But we're not taught in school, and no one tells us how to handle some of these emotions. When you don't have a support system and you don't have a way to cope, people tend to make decisions that could be avoided.

Below we will dive deeper on How to Use this Emotion Color Wheel to Enhance Your Communication

Go and reference the color wheel and see what is really going on. Usually we start with the 6 core emotions, you see that it has two layers to it. So the deeper you go, the more you can process your feelings and how you can handle it.

At GSD our proprietary process, The GSD Framework, consists of 4 key phases that are grounded in human psychology and optimized with employee-centric inputs.

The 4P's: People, Process, Productivity, and Profit

  1. People: when people don't see eye-to-eye, there's always two sides to every story. But if we learn not to react immediately, and if we just take a step back and realize that it is okay to not be able to 100% understand each other all the time. Then there's no reason to argue about it and we just need to learn to calm down. We're in our heads way too much, so if we're able to find our pain point and know what we need, especially in moments when we feel that we're drowning; we will be in a space where we can communicate our needs to others better.
  2. Process: if you're in a hostile and upsetting situation, potty-train your brain and create a process for yourself and your team on how to handle emotions and feelings. It is essential for businesses to have a strong framework, so our team can work in unity. And if business owners have a strong sense of emotional intelligence, most often than not team members emulate that.
  3. Productivity: get outside of your feelings, take a step back to breathe, and figure out what is going on. Because I promise you, 90% of the time whatever is going on in your head is not what's really happening. You make things up in your head. It's not productive when you get into your feelings, because then the tendency will be that our work focus will be clouded and affected.
  4. Profit: when you are more in tune with your feelings and how to handle situations, your team members will be able to fully understand your needs and help you and your business grow. Which of course creates profit.

By understanding the different colors and emotions associated with them, you can begin to see the world in a new, more positive light. This newly acquired positive outlook can then be used to create more successful relationships, both personal and professional.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or lost, try taking a look at the emotion color wheel and see if it can help you to find your way back to emotional wellbeing.


Disclaimer: GSD Creative did not create this color wheel

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