Volume 2: 47 Tips to Planning a Wedding is Here!

Let me just begin by saying, there are WAY more than 47 tips to planning a wedding. But we’ll continue here, in Volume 2 of 47 Tips to Planning a Wedding I’ll share with you, exactly how to plan a successful wedding. With over 16 years of experience in the Events Industry, I have learned many things.

Always come prepared (thank you Girl Scouts) because you will be asked for some sort of obscure object. You know, the things that never seem to exist until you get married. Be CLEAR on your timeline. Over-communicate and never assume anything.

And if you don’t use a timeline – I need to know your superhero powers! These steps and methodologies that I have integrated into my business have been a saving grace. I hope you find as much reassurance, confidence and a roadmap of sorts in planning your next successful wedding!

Ready to see these tips? Yes show me!

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