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I have a new, free resource to help you take your business to the next level. It's a podcast called Weddings Unveiled. Each week on the podcast, I'll take you and other wedding and event professionals behind the scenes of the event industry for the lessons you need to grow your skills and build your business.

Episode 1: How To Monitor Guests That Have Conflicts

In our introductory episode, I tackle a tough, yet recurring challenge for anyone in the event industry – how to respond when there's interpersonal conflict between two invited guests. Together with my top communication and event consultant, Alison Burry, we discuss how to protect your clients, respect their guests and leverage your vendors to prevent conflicts from boiling over. After this episode, you will understand how to defuse a tense situation before it has an opportunity to escalate and be reminded that taking care of yourself is a great strategy for better serving clients.

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