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Thank you for supporting my podcast, Weddings Unveiled. I hope you’ve found the stories, tips, and lessons helpful for your wedding or event planning business. This week’s episode is about being honest with your client, even when you know it will temporarily disappoint them.

Episode 11: Honesty Is An Event Planner’s Best Quality

When clients come to us with ideas that they’re excited about, the last thing we want to do is burst their bubble. However, the truth is they hired us because we know what we’re doing. Therefore, it’s our job to be honest with them. A minor disappointment now is better than a huge disappointment later once the money has been spent.

This happened when one of my brides had a unique idea for wedding favors. They were expensive, hard-to-find, time and cost-consuming favors. As a seasoned wedding planner, I know that guests typically don’t remember to take favors, so spending a ton of money on them doesn’t make sense. Ultimately, the bride’s enthusiasm won us over and we went for it, but, as we suspected, her guests had so much fun enjoying the reception that hardly anyone remembered to take a favor home. I felt so bad giving them all back to the bride, but it’s a lesson I’ll never forget: honesty wins every time.

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