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I’m here to help you gain momentum with your business in 2017, and that’s why I launched my podcast, Weddings Unveiled. Each week on the podcast, I’ll take you and other wedding and event professionals behind the scenes of the event industry for the lessons you need to grow your skills and build your business.

Episode 12: More RSVPs? Oh My! How To Design Rooms To Fit All Guests and Please Brides

Nailing down accurate numbers for guest attendance can be difficult. 100 percent attendance is rare, so most people start planning for a slightly lower estimated number of attendees in mind. However, occasionally, you receive the maximum number of RSVPs. Yikes!

In today’s episode, I explain how creativity and room design can make even the trickiest guest numbers doable. Together with Alison Burry, my podcast co-host and event consultant, we talk about partnering with brides to make it all come together and how communicating those plans to all event staff and vendors makes the experience seamless. After this episode, listeners will understand the importance of flexibility, creativity, and communication in wedding planning.

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