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I’m really excited to share this week’s episode of Weddings Unveiled with you. Spoiler alert: We’re discussing communication. However, this week’s lesson is not about what you say; it’s about when you should say it.

Episode 20: When To Trust The Venue & When To Follow Up

Successful partnerships are essential in any business, and that is especially true in the world of event planning. With so many venues and vendors to choose from, it is important to consider what each one is capable of and if you can rely on their consistent follow through. Covering these points from the beginning sets you up for a successful event and helps you avoid unnecessary stress. That being said, even with the most trustworthy of venues, you need to know when it’s appropriate to follow-up. In this episode, my co-host Alison and I discuss a situation when a new wedding venue didn't know what they didn't know until it was almost too late. Listen to the full episode to hear how knowing the right time to follow-up helped us avoid a major obstacle on our client’s big day.

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