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As wedding and event professionals, often our most valuable skill isn’t our ability to design a centerpiece, manage a production schedule, or decorate a room. Frequently, our most valuable asset is our resourcefulness. This week’s episode of Weddings Unveiled will help you discover how to raise your game when you’re facing the realities of the event business.

Episode 23: How To Handle Unexpected Situations

Whether it’s your first wedding or 100th wedding, every planner and day-of coordinator will encounter something unexpected in the process of putting on an event. Each time, you’ll be forced to answer the question: “How will my team and I respond?” In today’s episode, I’m again joined by my company’s lead consultant Alison Burry. We’ll share an unexpected situation that we had never previously experienced and how we got through it. We hope you’ll hear a few ideas that you and your team can use when the unexpected occurs, because it eventually will.

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