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I’m excited to share this week’s episode of Weddings Unveiled as I’ll be discussing a basic yet important rule for any event in a new venue. I’m confident this simple tip will help you and your team improve the quality of your events.

Episode 25: The #1 Rule for Events at a New Venue

The wedding and event industry is a lucrative business. As a result, new hotels, restaurants or clubs are opening up their space to host weddings and private events. This means you’ll likely have clients booking venues that you’ve never seen or worked in before. It’s a great opportunity to discover new spaces for future clients. However, it can also cause headaches for you and your timeline unless you follow the most important rule of using a venue for the first time. Require your team and vendors to visit the venue at least once prior to the weekend or day of the event. Working in a new venue for the first time without a site visit is like hoping to fall in love on a blind date; it’s possible, but far from likely. Listen to this episode as Alison and I share a story illustrating the importance of site visits.

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