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I have a new episode of Weddings Unveiled for you, and this week I’m discussing a simple principle I now recognize is the sign of all real professionals in the event industry – a standard process for new clients. Allow me to take you behind the scenes for a lesson I know will grow your skills and build your business.

Episode 26: How to Communicate and Stick to Your Process with New Clients

Did you know that even the pushiest, pickiest, most high maintenance or micromanaging clients want to let go of control? They really do. However, they’re looking for something to remove their fear of something going wrong. This is where your standard process for communication comes into play. When you have a standard, consistent process you use with clients, it helps establish trust. It also provides helpful boundaries. In this episode, my lead consultant Alison and I will share how to communicate and stick to your process so new clients get a great experience (even if they’re ignoring the process themselves).

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