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I’m really excited to share this week’s episode of Weddings Unveiled with you. We’re going to highlight the opportunity to educate clients to ensure we can meet their expectations. Some potential clients have unrealistic expectations and it’s important to identify what is actually possible. The solution seems so simple; we must use our expertise and experiences to help clients manage their expectations for their events and over communicate.

Episode 29: How To Manage A Client’s Expectations

Clients, especially brides, sometimes have clear visions for their events, but they rely on their planners to pull together a design team to bring their ideas to life. Sometimes, this requires us to re-calibrate or adjust their expectations. In this episode of Weddings Unveiled, my lead consultant Alison and I discuss an experience where a client had great ideas, but didn’t fully consider how her outdoor venue would change when the seasons changed in time for the wedding. Listen in as we share how we handled it; we think you’ll hear a few ideas worth using if you ever run into a similar situation.

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