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There will always be people you come in contact with who might rub you the wrong way, but how you react to them makes all the difference. In this week’s episode of my podcast, Weddings Unveiled, we talk about how to remain professional at all times, even when you want to react differently.

Episode 38: Keeping Your Cool Among Hot Tempers During Your Event

Weddings are a melting pot of personalities all coming together under a common goal of getting the event off of the ground and sailing smoothly. It’s your job to remain professional at all times, yet there will likely be instances when someone’s personality clashes with your own. In today’s episode, my lead consultant Alison and I share a story about a wedding during which one of the venue’s personnel lacked professionalism and how we handled the encounter. We hope after hearing this episode you’ll have insight into how to stay calm when others around you are not.

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Photo: Kristyn Hogan

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