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Nothing has the potential to affect your plans for an event or wedding like being improperly staffed. Whether it’s an event with activities spread across four locations or a centrally-located wedding requiring you to flip the room in under 40 minutes, you need the right people with you on-site to deliver a great experience to your client and their guests. On this week’s episode of Weddings Unveiled, I’ll take you behind the scenes of a past event so you can learn to maximize your team and create a great experience.

Episode 6: Be Prepared If The Weather Report Fails You

What do you do when the forecast predicts sun, but you get rain instead? On today’s podcast, I am joined by Alison Burry, an event consultant on my team, to address how to handle wacky weather. Listen in to hear how we remedied a situation where an outdoor reception venue flooded the night before a wedding. We’ll offer tips to help you be prepared come rain or shine – from setting up early and preparing a solid backup plan to becoming familiar with the area and having a list of local vendors who can offer advice in a pinch.

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