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In this week’s episode of my podcast, Weddings Unveiled, my lead consultant Alison Burry and I discuss something you’ve likely overlooked a time or two while planning: Creating a seamless plan for families and guests at the wedding. We hope after you hear this story, you’ll remember that every detail counts in the end.

Episode 39: The One Wedding Component That Often Goes Overlooked

There are so many things to consider when planning an event, from vendors to photos to transportation of the bride and groom. And although you’ve most likely thought everything through, sometimes one missed detail sends the whole thing into a tailspin. In this episode, we share a story about a wedding in which we didn’t have a solid plan for where the family would go for pre-wedding pictures. It resulted in more than 30 of them crowding the area where we were setting up for the wedding, making them believe we needed their insight on the setup (Between us, we didn’t need their help!). After this episode, we hope you can avoid any similar situations and come out stress free on the other side!

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