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Podcast Episode 49: Dress to Impress, But You Might Want to do Some Research First

We’ve got a new installment of my podcast, Weddings Unveiled, where we share more professional tips and secrets for wedding planners and event designers to help grow your business. In today’s episode, we’re talking about the importance of researching the details of where you will be going, especially before deciding how to dress.

New, and even seasoned event professionals, can get into the swing of life and always dress up for meetings. While we are usually meeting indoors or at our office, occasionally we go offsite to a private home or new venue with a client. While we love to work in new spaces, we are (now) much more diligent in thinking through our outfit choices before leaving the house! Tune in to hear Alison and I “vent” about a time we didn’t do our research ahead of time.

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