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Welcome to Weddings Unveiled episode 70! If you're thinking, “I've missed 69 podcast?!” We've got your back: click here. This week, Minister Wes Howard and I will discuss how important your officiant is to create a successful, meaningful, and personal wedding.

In this episode, Angela and Wes Howard discuss:

  • How Wes comes up with the vows for their wedding day
  • Tips when looking for a wedding officiant
  • Do couples nowadays still ask for marriage counseling
  • Your officiant on the wedding day should bend over backwards to make it amazing

Key Takeaways:

  • You want an officiant who wants a relationship with you
  • You can do whatever you want at your wedding
  • The most important thing in a relationship is communication
  • Make each wedding personal


“You want your wedding to match your personality.” — Wes Howard


Connect with Wes:

Phone Number:  615.495.8778



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