Weddings Unveiled with The Grand Estate at Cherokee Dock

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It's been such an awesome experience knowing Daniel personally and professionally. He is a wonderful, wonderful host and is literally the perfect person to help run The Estate at Cherokee Dock. He is a “we will find a way” kind of person for sure. I love his positive, enthusiastic outlook on each and every event we work on together. He is just a true joy to be around. Daniel is a perfect fit for this position since he's a blue (if you don't know what that is, or what True Colors is, check out this blog on personalities and playing to your strengths).

In this episode, Angela and Daniel Spires discuss:

  • There's so much opportunity and growth in the estate of Cherokee 
  • Everything that is included in the Cherokee Estate
  • It's a simple process to rent and use the Cherokee Estate
  • The opportunity for the overnight experience of a wedding


Key Takeaways:

  • The house is BEAUTIFUL!
  • Cherokee has lots of space
  • The nature of the property is unbelievable
  • Cherokee also caters to other events


“We've taken the guest work out of it for our clients.” — Daniel Spires


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